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WE are highly visual people. Think about how many ways you’re stimulated or motivated by visual stimuli. And usually the prettier the better to grab your attention…Even when we hear a story in our minds we attach a image to it; that is our own imagination at work….>>

In that same regard , or I feel it should be considered as such, don’t pretty words rule over ugly words/phrases? I’ve come to feel & recognize they do..in monumental proportions. Digging deeper because this topic really matters to me. Ready? Hold onto your hats,caps, wigs & weaves because here I go..>>

I’ve been known to say, & I mean it!..that one can hurt me more with funky words; than slapping me. NOT that I’ve ever been hit or slapped; but IF someone amps UP yelling foul words it scares me . Instantly has my entire body on alert. I’ve got rabbit in me! I’ll run without looking back to ask “Why in the heck are we running??!” Which goes to say if someone starts going off with nasty, foul words on a consistent basis?  I leave skid marks; poof! & won’t see ya later! I’m just saying…>

I say all of this to say, yep, I’m getting there…Think of the impact your words can have on a person. Let me take that one step further; think of how our words can impact a child. Ever wonder how someone feels when someone calls them ugly? How about all the retarded people who call people fat to their face? I recently heard a person who has a beautiful face! & personality  down herself because she’s overweight…my entire being cringed to hear that she felt that way. Still amazes me how we can visually perceive ourselves; so differently than others see us. >>

I’m known also for saying mean what you say, & say what you mean…I just don’t “get” sarcasm. Honestly..it goes right over my head! Know why? Because it doesn’t make ANY sense to me; and I think in terms of logic most times. (though I’m trying to ease up on that..constant work in progress I am) But why not just say what is in one’s heart & mind?? The way I look at it; sarcasm is just a way to  say something shiiiitty ; with a smile on one’s face. And then & added oh! I was just kidding..Pfft, I think not. What I think about people who say unnecessary shiiiiitty things? I think words can hurt people very much with  no good reason. I think people who say shiiiitty things to others; feel like crap on the inside….I think children are encouraged more & built UP with pretty words /images/environments. IF enough ugly words are said to a child; said child can begin to believe that those words are TRUE. And when we have the power to say pretty words; why waste time or breath with purposely saying ugly ones? There IS a time & place to say funky things & it is not the majority of the time..However IF one finds that they feel the opposite is their truth? Mayhaps you need to re-evaluate how you’re living/BEing….Least thats the way I see it in my world…>>

The more cognizant I become over the power of words(verbally & written); I find myself saying & feeling! more positive..Never forget to also say(& think) good, pretty words about oneself matters. Greatly. Matter of fact that is where it all begins..Within Self. If a person feels ugly on the inside; they’re bound to let ugly words flow off their tongue to others. So on this day let our focus be on saying pretty words to others..And mean the words . The impact on those people will be beautiful. Painting a pretty picture , right? Good. PRETTY rules over UGLY..Stay UPlifted & blessed till I read/write y’all again.  4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)