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Quote by Former President Barack Obama@”You Can Be Completely Right & You  Are Going To Have To Engage Folks Who Disagree With You..”


Alright y’all I’m back and here are my thoughts on the matter…70 million! Americans chose the 1st Black president in our Nations’ history of 232 years–

MANY  thought that would shatter racial barriers..Many of us , like moi, had renewed! HOPE in our country, pride in finally seeing someone who looked like US in the White House..A certain someone who had lived a life closer to average working folks lives than any other president prior to him..He wasn’t born rich like his predecessors …

Yet? Many of us knew race was STILL an issue for a country built ON the very backs of African slaves; slaves who did NOT come here voluntarily! Even knowing that vile history I was still horrified and shocked! at the wave of seething hatred Obama faced and even more so at the amount! of racists bursting out of the closet during and after the Frump campaign …RACE  will continue to be a huge issue in our country until WE discuss it honestly..

WE must stop describing people as Black, White, Latino, Jewish; otherwise it will always matter! WE must stop feeding into and repeating stereotypes. WE must grow a pair of cajones(figuratively..) and not allow racist jokes to be told in our midst..It isn’t a laughing matter and never was..WE must try to learn of other cultures and to respect others rights to cultivate their own cultural beliefs/practices. Live and let live I say! WE must show/feel the same respect for others as we wish to be treated..I don’t claim to have all the answers, by far to anything..But it is my sincere belief WE must start somewhere….Not discussing it & tip toeing around it isn’t making it go away

THIS division is growing larger and more lethal daily–It Must Stop Now Before Implosion..Welcome and look forward to y’all chiming IN..And? Happy New Year!!! WE can make our country better 2Gether


  1. Well said young lady….and with all the craziness going on some people still don’t think there is a problem. The office of President needs to be above pettiness and not involved in this twitter mess. All it does is encourage idiots to act out.

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