~~~~Lyrical Lovers Poetry Lounge~~~~

micblackwomanyoung>This is finally the official intro of poetry to my blog..I’m excited for this is truly one of the loves of my life; since long ago. Also this is the informal intro of my poetic-word-meshing new partner@ Kedo. His poetry wow’s me! And we link up very well 2gether lyrically..long awaited & well worth the wait. Until he has learned to navigate the site I’ll text his poems for him..the format will be ; He=Kedo She=Berna. Eventually I’m hopeful we’ll actually do live spoken word venues. Another long awaited dream of mine is soon coming 2 fruition. We’ll be participating here in what is called a ‘write -off’..which means we’ll respond to each others pieces. For anyone else out there who wishes to share your own lyrics(poems) please, please! feel free to drop a post(or email) and I’ll be more than happy to publish it here. Iron sharpens iron and I’ve been able to raise the bar for myself poetically; when I rise to meet a partner’s words. I love a great challenge!  

Really want to hear your innermost thoughts so talk to me..

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