In Cancun recently for my eldest son’s wedding amongst ALOT of intellectuals and highly degreed folks ; I engaged in many highly interesting conversations .. One such afternoon I found myself in a chat with married and single folks and topic of wedding proposals arose .. One married guy, who will remain un-named, who I hadn’t met prior position was that ALL marriages are initiated by a woman giving a man the ultimatum of marriage or nothing .. First of all, I dislike using the term , AlL, second of all I’ve been proposed to and married (though not as many times as proposals ) and not once did I have to give an ultimatum . Thirdly , and most important in my book, since childhood I’ve been raised to believe , and I do strongly , that a man knows early ON if he wants to marry said woman or NOT.. I am of the belief that though I feeeel the woman sets the pace for said relationship , from the onset, I will not marry anyone that has to be forced .. To heck with an ultimatum !! However , I’m always interested in hearing guys unfiltered , unapologetic actual true relationship tips and or feelings on any given topic .. So, let’s rap.. And ladies feel free to speak your 2 cents worth also! I know I’m old school but have things really changed that much in relationships from backintheday??