^About Berna’s Vibe..The Way I See IT^

**This has been a dream I dreamt many moons ago finally come to fruition! On a long “list” of things I said I was going TO DO/Didn’t make time TO DO/Requested by friends N loved ones TO DO/yet didn’t have a clue where to begin..I’ve got sooo many ideas/dreams/visions/goals swirling around in my head sometimes I’ve got to delete some of them to make way for new ones!  My mind is ever moving and rarely a moment when I can honestly say that “nothing” is on my mind..Blessed with a very creative imagination with a combined gift for gab and a life long love affair with penning my thoughts with word manipulation that can best be described as..liquid love(the liquid is the pen  ink flowing  onto  paper N these days thats converted to keystrokes onto a keyboard) Its my sincere desire to motivate N inspire N teach using verbs/pronouns/nouns/adverbs to express my inner-most thoughts N life experiences..What a journey I’ve had! In earnest I feeeeel compelled to touch others in a positive manner with my words that hopefully can impact them for the moment as they read “me”…ultimate goal would be to impact for a lifetime. I’d like to invite you to take a peek into my mind*my heart*my spirit*my soul~Welcome to Berna’s Vibe..The Way I See IT~

30 thoughts on “^About Berna’s Vibe..The Way I See IT^”

  1. Hey Berna, I have nominated you for the “Best Moment Award”. No pressure to formally accept but you can read all about it at http://mishunderstood.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/best-moments/
    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. ‘Impact them for the moment’ I like that…

  3. I would to hear your thoughts on this. http://youtu.be/MVxVa3D11n4 Please take your time, I am working on a story related to this.

    • Hey Volcano! Always good to see you pop in. Will do that for sure; soon as time permits later this evening. I’m sure, as with anything you mention, that it will be interesting

      • Mainly wanting to know how the Christians allowed such brutality, and continued to allow it to go on? More pointedly, how could they live with themselves knowing they had a part( even a silent part) in this?

        • Fair enough question..But I need a timeframe. Are you referring to now? Or yester-years? Or Biblical years? More than likely I need to watch the youtube clip you’ve provided for a reference, right? Either way I should have time to watch it in about an hour..I hope. If not it will be later; but you’ve got my curiosity peaked. I will for sure watch it & I’ll give it my best shot to answer. Do keep in mind I can only give my opinion; for I can’t answer for all Christians. Pretty broad question you’ve posed..

          • White man in the 1940’s. He believes if he had a little more of something then he could change things. What he is looking for is courage but he thinks that it social standing, money, influence, etc. So as he stands in the midst of this lynch mob, knowing he is powerless to affect the outcome. What do you think he feels? Can you see the faces in the crowd that would choose to be elsewhere?

          • Here it is, The Puppy We Killed

            • Headed to view your clip now; its been a very busy weekend..Will respond asap after..Somehow I’ve got a feeling its going to blow my hair back though, lol

    • That was a heavy, very heavy video to watch. I didn’t know what to anticipate; nor did you warn me..Much as I’d like to forget pictures like the ones I just watched; I won’t ever forget standing behind & for totally overcoming ‘the struggle’ . Yep, the Civil Rights struggle…I’ve been so busy I waited until I had proper time/attention to give the youtube clip you posted…For some reason I thought it was going to be longer. Instead it was very DEEP…let me gather my thoughts & respond fully in a little bit…But I will.

      • I wrote “The Puppy we Killed” after watching the”Strange Fruit” video. The man telling the story had remorse from the first moment they grabbed the victim,

        • Ahhhh ok …I’m going to visit your blog site this evening..Am I correct in assuming that is where I can read what you wrote? My curiosity is peaked, very much so, after watching the video..

    • When you check back in dont forget I would like to see the finished piece you’re writing ..if you plan on sharing

  4. You wrote it very well: your mind is always busy and you have so many dreams…… I feel the same way =)

  5. So happy you are reaching for your dreams by writing your blog 🙂 dreams always change and evolve and make room for more dreams! I feel similar to you in that my mind is always busy so blogging is a great way to release that creative energy!

  6. Nice to meet you, Berna. Looking forward to reading your posts!

    • **Pleasure to meet you also Sanctified Brother..Dig that nic btw. Love your enthusiam N your pleasant sincere vibe..I look very much forward to reading more of your thoughts as well. Doing alot today in & out on this end.(ya’ll know how it is trying to do TONS of things on the weekend) but later on tonight I’m going to stop back by and read more of your page.

  7. Berna, I am glad you are moving forward with your dreams. I am sure your positive attitude can touch a lot of people. Keep on keeping on… Cheers.

  8. BernasVibe said:

    **WOW I’ve got to make sure you noticed that I noticed you stopped by@Bupe Rose!..I’m honored that you took time to do so AND I just read your profile ..N having read it its not small wonder that God led me to read YOUR blog site. How very much in common you and I have(smile) I do very much feel warmth when I pop in to read your page and I shall return over N over again. I learned last night how to add links to my page of blog sites I read here and yours is listed. Until we meet virtually again stay lifted N blessed

  9. I can empathize. And I will enjoy following a blog of someone I know. My journaling and poetry days have long since suffered from neglect and I fear many thoughts and memories are lost. Hopefully I will get back to it one day. So be encouraged and stay focused.

    • BernasVibe said:

      *You’d be surprised how much comes back when one begins to let the words flow poetically again..I had also neglected to make time to express myself through verse/prose for many years..As much as I love letting my thoughts flow in that manner! Sometimes life and other obligations can get in the way of things that truly make our spirit shine..And when a door opens that one does find time? Its come flooding back in unstoppable waves. I’m certain you’ll find a way to find time to get back to it and I look forward to reading it..

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