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Memories of being 50 years YOUNG* Thanks y’all for being part of my journey..

Waving y’all! Quick break in a VERY busy day..It IS my 51st bday..Wooooohooooo!!! Extremely humbled by the amazing amount of Bday calls, texts, emails, ecards, gifts ..Blown my hair back & as I reflect on this year past? Flew far faster than I anticipated it would..Yet as I count off the goals I accomplished this year? Almost completed all of them..Progresssive year indeed..What was most important to me? Living IN the moment; and making those I consider dear feel as special as they are to me. Nothing more special to me than time spent & enjoyed! I learn & I yearn to learn even more. Thanks to all who have added to my journey. Thanks to all who taught me lessons I’d not have learned had you not entered my world. Most of all thanks be to my God for allowing me to learn the lessons a tad bit quicker..Embarking on a new adventure as we speak; and I am READY. Be back asap to share ..Till then live, love , laugh! Have a fun & safe 4th. 4ever sincere & still standing, Berna(the 1 & Only)

6 thoughts on “Memories of being 50 years YOUNG* Thanks y’all for being part of my journey..

    1. Waving X !!!! In about a week I’m going to have an entire NEW experience/adventure to write about..Never a dull moment on this end..Always dig seeing you’ve stopped by…Been turbo busy but stopping by your spot this weekend. Thanks for the Bday wishes …I am still pushing open new doors. Hugs!


    1. Waving Bupe! It has been a minute since I came by your way & exhaled..Will stop by this evening for sure..Thanks for the Bday wishes..Full and very beautiful day


    1. Welcome enidannpr! Thanks for the re-blog..Life really is great. 50s? Finally learning to stop to smell the roses. Honestly, this is the perfect age for a multitude of reasons


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