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I’m READY for Hillary! Get Ready..Get Set…NO doubt she will run

I’ve seen this bumper sticker more and more these days..There are a couple of things I’m very sure of.. No doubt in my mind Hillary will run for President in 2016..No doubt in my mind she’ll win the Democratic nomination. Hands down there isn’t anyone even remotely close in the rear-view mirror..One of the things I hate though is the coy approach..Say you’re going to run already! Jeez.. Over two million supporters and 50,000 grassroots donors rallying for a potential Hillary run..Having said all of this I’m still very much an Obama cheerleader & supporter(both elections) ..But I’m also very ready to see a woman run for & become POTUS in 2016. Had enough of the suspense/hints/foreplay though..It is time! Are you ready for Hillary?

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>Presidential Hopefuls ? > 2016 Sneak Peek


If you’re not already tracking & researching candidates for the next Presidential Election; you’re LATE. Or least that is the way I see it..This is a brief list of the folks I feel are going to attempt to become the next POTUS.

HILLARY CLINTON..No doubt in my mind Hillary is going to make a run for it..She knows she had a HUGE following of women when she last ran..Her ego was far too big to accept an invite to become V.P. by President Obama..Hillary longs to BE the POTUS..She was the backbone behind Bill when he was in office; and she won’t stop until she tries one more time to be the ‘Head Mofo in Charge’. Mark my words she IS going to run in 2016>>

JOE BIDEN..Old as he is; Joe might decide to take the plunge one more time for old times sake! I don’t think he stands a chance; but I also never anticipated the 3 ring-circus that landed Bush in the White House either..Just hope folks are paying more attention these days. *sigh*>>

CORY BOOKER..His speech at the DNC wasn’t as awesome as when Obama blew the world’s socks off with his; BUT he IS gaining attention & recognition..Don’t count him out; regardless of whether he says he isn’t going to run or not. He WILL run soon..More than likely he’ll test the waters in 2016>>

ELIZABETH WARREN..She just might want it after a taste of being in the spotlight..Her work on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is no small achievement..Not sure if its enough to call for a run for the White House though..But there is a remote possibility..I’ve seen stranger things happen in recent years regarding our Presidential Elections! >>

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA..I think he likes the idea of being the 1st Latino President..Even though he isn’t yet saying he’ll run; I think he will. Anyone want to bet on IT?>>

DEVAL PATRICK..Another one that says he won’t run in 2016..Close friend of Obama & I personally think he WILL run..Many folks have said they wouldn’t run; ended up running for past presidential elections..Time will tell</strong>>>

ANDREW CUOMO..Might be a long shot; but I think he will run…His chances are weak in my opinion…But I said that about the last Bush that ran. Twice! So who knows..>>

MICHELLE OBAMA..Personally? I think she is too far devoted to Motherhood to run..BUT I’d LOVE to see her make a run for it..How awesome to see her win on the heels of her husband’s double terms! Little chance she’ll run though; but I’m a dreamer…>>

Y’all ready for 2016 Presidential Election yet?