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Politically INcorrect * Verbalization*

Reeking of vulnerability & dripping sincerity
Not seeking to don Harry’s cloak of invisibility
Fully present in the moment..
Head first I plunge into my cerebral mental state
Where everything is light in actual weight
Yet heavy


Reflections of a time now so very far backintheday
Least a generation back when to ‘talk’ meant to say
Words voice to voice
Now there’s a choice
But at what cost?
Something has been lost
Inflections don’t get injected
Body language missed..Neglected
Not to mention the lack of social skills
Society seems not to care what it kills..
These days


Coincidentally what I do the best
My gift from God, yep , I’m blessed
Is verbalize
I realize
It might be a fading fad
*sigh* I find that sad

But I persist!
Just can’t resist
the urge to be who i BE
Preferred mode of communication?
Speak with me & to ME


Nothing can replace staring into another’s eyes
Peering deep into their soul as their brows rise
My need to connect with others is strong
I simply refuse to believe that’s wrong
Going along with status quo just ‘ain’t my style
Following my vibe without a script nor backup file
Call me old-fashioned if you like..I truly care less

Real talk for real~

I know everything that IS; isn’t always for the best
Text queen that I am ..ahhh I love it so in a pinch, I really do!
So dang convenient time wise; yet
Nothing easily gained comes for free..this I know 2 be true
I guess if verbalizing indeed has become passé
I’d much rather be told that face to face

Nothing will ever replace
Or take the place

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^ “Can I?” by Kedo *beck N call* Answered by Berna “U can..IF”^

~Can I? by Kedo..He said>

Can I fall IN love with you?

Without knowing the pain love brings..

Can I love you forever?

And still enjoy the spring

Can I hold you for a lifetime

And still miss you each day

Can I look into your eyes

And no(know) your playground is where I’m supposed to play

Can I love you and no(know) you’ll always love me

Or would it be like everything else in LIFE

Lead me to an apple that didn’t have a tree..

~U Can..IF by Berna..She said>

U can..IF u let things BE..let yourself go

Love is meant 2 just BE and to flow..

It isn’t full of what U want guaranteed

There is no certainty..indeed no special key

U have 2 feeeel love within the confines of ur heart

That is something you’ve questioned from the start

U said you’re not sure if U can love one 4 life

The difference IS I crave 2 be someone’s lifelong wife..

I love 4ever~It is my way

That’s the only way I’ll play

For keeps N for real

Gamble it ALL is the deal

U can’t dare 2 have it all

IF you’re 2 afraid 2 fall..