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U Talk 2 Much?!?

Its NO secret..I talk alot. I love talking/vibing with people. I am after all a people-loving-social-butterfly..And that isn’t self-professed..That is factual. Nevertheless, while its known that I talk alot..what is that in comparison TO? Folks who don’t talk alot? Folks who do not talk; enough? Whats the gauge? And whose to say which is the norm@ Those who talk too much? OR Those that talk less or not enough? Should I talk less? (Truth B told I’ve been working on brevity for a couple years now…) OR should other folks talk more? Is there such a thing as a Right or Wrong way regarding this topic?  Yep, once again my questions have questions & with good reason…>>

Question of the Day= Is it cool to size another person UP according to our own personal set of standards? AKA(also known as..) judging? Or should we just allow folks to B who they are , otherwise known as @ Live N Let Live…? ***The answer to that question is NO, its not a cool thing to do! But, as humans we do it all the time. As IF we have a right! to project what we feel is “the” way to B or act on another; is acceptable. Why is it that WE feel the need to exert our pompousNESS on other folks? I get UNsolicited running commentary quite often(2 often..) on how much I talk ..and oh! you really love talking don’t you? Or do you ever get tired of talking? My answers? Yep, I talk alot. Yep, I love! talking to people/vibing/interacting/learning about different cultures/learning what makes a person tick/learning about things, stuff! that matters to another person. Yep, sometimes I tire of talking and there is but ONE specific event in my life I don’t do much talking. But, I’ve not had the pleasure of partaking in far too long…On the flip side of that I’ve got but one question to ask. Sort of..What happened to tolerance? Is that not the IN thing anymore?>>

I’m also a people observer..I observe people when they’ve NO clue I’m doing it; they usually thinking cause I’m talking I’m not paying attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. What I’ve observed is more usual than not folks who accept the least; require the most acceptance from others themselves. Trip on that for a minute! & let that sink in…I won’t go too much deeper because y’all probably have already run into those kind of folks. Truly ironic; but it is what it is>>

I wonder if anyone ever told Oprah she talked too much …Backintheday before she became a filthy rich talk show Diva & innovator..Bet IF they did she didn’t give a hot dayum about what they felt; why? Because she knew she had a gift for gab & a dream!; and she was on a mission. A mission to be all she could B & was meant to B. I think Oprah knew long before she made it BIG; what her gift was. But what IF she’d let others judgement of her..change her? The list is very long how many people she’s touched in a positive manner; probably in the thousands. Maybe more…I’ll take that one step further..President Barack Obama might not have made it to the White House without Oprah’s backing..And what a shame that would’ve been! >>

I say all of this to say..IF theres something YOU like doing; that isn’t hurting anyone else; do IT. No one has the right, even though they’ll speculate to your face & behind your back, to tell you what you do to much of OR not enough of. Its simply not their business. Even if they take it upon themselves to act like it IS. Mayhaps they need to micro-manage their OWN lives. Real talk for real..Personally? I gives less than a care (and I sincerely mean this..) about other folks speculations on how much I talk(or anything for that matter) The ONLY expert on Bernadette IS my God. And 2nd to that is lil ole me. And I’m still learning about me(yep, even at almost 50) ; so how in the heck can another person KNOW whats right for me? They simply can’t know..So? I take it all with a grain of salt. And? I limit(seriously..) salt intake in my personal diet. So for all the talkers & gift -for-gabbers out there? Sending y’all a very BIG virtual high 5! (and that includes on my black hand boomers out there remember that phrase 🙂  ) And for all of US…next time we open our mouths to tell someone about something they do? Think FIRST..Is it productive? Is it a positive critique? Is it a necessary critique? Is it progressive for that person? Or is lack of understanding, acceptance & tolerance? Then? Look in the mirror & figure out what you need to change FIRST.  Me? I’ll be somewhere, talking about something!, to someONE..and loving every minute of IT.  Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only) Do YOU as only U can do*