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^Online DATING Sites..Love is a keystroke away or Losers-R-US?^

As always I’ve got something to say ..I’m not a good fence-rider at all; I usually tilt one way or another on just about any & everything under the sun. Literally…Want to know what my thoughts are on the prospect of looking for love online? This is the way I see IT>

I’ve wondered what type of person uses an online dating site..Wouldn’t they have to be desperate? Don’t they have enough social skills to meet & connect with someone in the offline real world? Haven’t we all heard the horrific horror stories from online encounters?>

How would you know IF a person was being honest on an online dating site? What motivates a person to resort to seeking love online? All of these questions and more come to mind…One would think with all of the potential scams that online dating would be declining. Yet, recent statistics show the number of people participating is climbing. Its at an all time high according to current stats=40 million folks in the U.S. have used online dating sites/140 million folks in China have used online dating sites./The Porn Industry blames its $74 million decline on online dating sites/Average length of courtship prior to marriage from online dating is 18.5 months. Average length of courtship prior to marriage from offline dating is 42 months/20% of single people have dated someone they met online/20% of newly committed people in relationships met on an online dating site…>

I recall after my divorce I said I’d never consider an online dating site..I’ve evolved in leaps & bound since then & have now learned to not utter the phrase” I’ll never do….” again. Life has a way of making us eat our words sometimes or better yet to re-think things. After all there are 2 sides to every coin, right? I’m  hardly desperate but I am highly selective(some call it picky) I think there is a difference between being picky vs. selective. I know what I want/what I need/my worth/my flaws/my weaknesses/my strengths/my best attributes/all that I have to offer a mate/and what I deserve in a man..>

Here comes the PUNCHline and if you’d  pre-guessed my opinion on this topic; it will blow your hair back>

I’m considered , and I totally agree!, to be an otherwise intelligent person..So why would I NOT contemplate broadening my love horizons by dating online?!? After much deliberation that is my new conclusion I’m quickly arriving at..surprise you?  More than sure it will surprise most of the people who know me well also! Theres more>

The flip side of my thoughts of online dating sites. A side B ..(anyone out there remember 45 records??? ) Get with the program and try to keep UP>

Its been said & proven one can meet a total freak!/killer/rapist/pervert!/selfish/UGLY/morally corrupt/& spiritually bankrupt person..on an online dating site. BUT can’t the same also be said for people we meet in offline circumstances? Remember backintheday when singles met & linked UP at clubs? AND, mind you, couldn’t even hear each other talk over the music?? Which setting IS a good place for singles to meet these days? Is Church the only place to meet a potential lifemate? The grocery market? Library?(can’t talk in there!..though I’ve tried hard to whisper..and discovered I don’t know how to whisper) What place these days affords those of us with oh-so-busy schedules to link up for potential love relationships?>

Well from my window seat and soon to be on the market..with my schedule?  IF I don’t get PROactive in the love game; I’ll be single for far longer than I have any intention of being..I refuse! Or at this rate & pace & selection-available-per-my-present-surroundings?!? I’ll soon either a. Be a Nun(lawd! even saying that is weirding me out. b. Lose my natural born mind from hormonal overdose c. adopt a child that needs a home to release all the love I have inside(awwww, honestly, that thought just entered my mind..BUT the idea was instantly reduced down to adopting  a puppy instead) So given the aforementioned options; I’ve thought of a few benefits of possibly  giving an online dating site a try>

#1 . Background checks are easy enough to have run for any or offline. If a potential meet had an issue with this; they just saved me the money of doing the background check.

#2. I have a high appreciation for a brother who can express himself in written form. And if he can write poetry? Major bonus. Communicating online would give me a chance to see how he or if he can write his thoughts out..Communication is a must in any relationship. Least if he can write it out; if we work out, he can write his thoughts on paper to me. By any means necessary

#3. With the loaded schedule I’ve got this mode of meeting my potential “the one” would really broaden my horizons. It would also allow us to communicate around both of our schedules. Talk about convenient!  Win-win situation until we decide on a meet & greet in person. (is that what they even call it ?)

I know people who have tried the online dating scene ..there are pro’s & con’s just as there are to dating offline. I also know people who  have married who met online & seem happy. Truth be told its not something I’ll be jumping into tomorrow or even next week. But I’ve come a long way to even considering it…and for me? Thats truly a progressiveness to thinking outside the box. I don’t think these days a woman can sit & wait for love to knock on her door. Seems far smarter to put myself in the ballpark if I want to play ball..and I DO. (those words have a beautiful ring to them…)

Anyone out there have an online dating experience worth sharing?