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*Wish IT* Dream IT*Do IT* BE Innovative..

>WISH it..

iJust think of how very different communication would be if..Leonard Kleinrock hadn’t wished something wild & NEW? A novel idea that NO one before him put down on paper. Folks probably thought he was crazy to even think of it. Folks probably told him it couldn’t be done in a million years! And yet look  at how the Internet has grown from 1961 to 2013..It all began  with a wish in the head of Kleinrock. A wish that has changed the entire WORLD. It began when he penned ‘Information Flow in Communication Nets’ in 1961..Even I’d not yet been born! But from the wish of Kleinrock that is when the Internet was born. WOW. Aren’t you glad he dared to wish & dream? >

>DREAM it..

What IF Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t dreamed? I’m more than sure folks that he had LOST his mind ; when he first introduced his idea. Think of how very different our lives would be without our cell phones?!? OMG I feel naked if I even think of walking out the front door without mine..Most days if I know where nothing else IS; I know where my cell phone is. Far more that I, we, do on cell phones than just talk. But aren’t we all thankful Bell acted on his dream? What IF he had let his doubts overshadow his vision? (or all of the naysayers doubts) When I think of such things from that makes me THINK & reflect on wishes/ideas/dreams that I have>

To be driven & motivated to do anything..isn’t always easy. Some of us just thrive on creativity! Even something as simple as creating a blog site/with one’s own ideas; and to keep it going isn’t always as SIMPLE as it looks. But I’m in a phase of life that I strongly believe; nothing is impossible. If we can dream IT; it can be done. Wishes DO come true..There are things that can be accomplished withOUT a set of directions to do so. Folks that are afraid of failure; are human. Those that dare to push past those fears become..innovators.>

Many that have accomplished giving life to their dreams; failed many times before it came to fruition! One only has to google up such folks as Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, even Karl Benz..the list goes on & on. But one of the beautiful things in this life; is the chance for 2nd chances. The opportunities to live one’s dreams these days is limitless..but one first has to believe in their own capabilities. WE only get one shot at this life..Live IT. Wish IT. Dream IT. Do IT.>

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>BE encouraged N spread the feeling..

**…I was going to write this morning about tomorrow’s election..About how excited I am for it to be

OVER and the last ballot counted..So I can do my own special victory dance and yet its Monday

morning and I really do NOT want to start off the week amping myself UP to a frustrated state. And

though I might start off calm its gotten to be such a personal topic for me I just can’t this morning. If

you have ever had butterflies in your tummy in anticipation of something multiply that times 1000

and that is what is going on inside me as I look forward to tomorrow..Just can’t explain it any other

way. So anywayz moving along an outstanding brother I know in Cali  made a gentle(he’s known me 25 yrs & knows I’m sensitive)

suggestion yesterday that mayhaps I should shorten my commentary. When I blog. When I talk. When I free flow creatively in my poetry

expressions. Hmmmm He said he loves reading what I’ve written but he hates reading! I adore

positive critiques..and I’m already working on brevity. I am after all still a work in progress. And I’ll

work on being briefer in my commentaries..but I can’t promise to make my poetry briefer. Its ONE

  of the rare times in my life that I feel totally uninhibited by what I say or feel..and when I release it

from my mind to pen(or keyboard) I can’t nor won’t control it.

Having said that I know that alot of us need UPlifting words of encouragement..some of us more

than others. Its been said that even smiling at someone can brighten their day…Its my belief that

positive things are rare things these days. From the stories we hear on the News to the themes I see

coming out in movies & songs. I hate to sound like a collection of cliches..but I seriously think the

world needs more LOVE and positiveee things in it. When did things become so dark??? IF I see

one more vampire movie released I think I’ll scream! IF I hear one more song on the radio about

love & the woman is talking about accepting being the 2nd or 3rd woman in a man’s life I’ll scream!

When did all of this become acceptable in our society?? What we need to realize, and what I’ve

realized for ME personally, is that anything we intake(whether its what we eat, hear or see) that it

negative has an impact on US. Period. If one is serious about being in a state of happiness..they

must limit negative intake. Depression is a serious issue in our country. I can’t tell you how many

people I’ve run across in my life time that are taking some form of medicine for depression. And

they can’t get OFF the meds for fear of their behavior if they don’t…thats serious folks. Me

personally? I don’t care to intake any medicine for anything. Its a personal thing…I don’t want to

have to be dependent on anything that isn’t natural. Or that if I don’t take it can make me behave

differently. Many of my loved ones know I gave up drinking socially for that very reason almost 9

yrs ago.(also diet pepsi, which I love!) And I’m working on giving up coffee..been slipping with that

lately though. What I am hooked on now is sending positive vibes with my words…Whether its

from my lips. Or my fingertips..I recently told someone if I can’t say anything positive to them

…then I’ll be silent! Hmmm well anyone who knows me already knows its a rare moment when I’m

silent. Ask my Mom…Ask my Daddy..Ask my sons/friends/coworkers..thats another thing I’m

working on. But the point here IS(yep, I’m getting there..) Its tough these days with SO much

darkness going on around us to remain positive N encouraged. Lately people ask me alllll the time

how do YOU stay so upbeat N positive? Real talk..truth IS I work on it every , single day! No lie..I

have to. Because if I don’t than I can get caught UP in all the negativity being constantly N

consistently uttered out in this life. And I refuse to do that..any longer. This past 2 yrs I made a

promise to myself to DO better and to BE a better person. To reach the max of what my purpose in

this lifetime is. To reach the max of what I was created to BE…My God Given Purpose. And I am on

serious, and I mean serious mission to achieve IT. And I know to other people it sounds crazy. But I

do NOT care. And thats why I can remain positive even though I am not yet at the point I set out to

reach when I first left home at almost 20 yrs of age(thats a long time ago folks..) But the goooood

news IS I know I am on track to get there! I can feeeel it. Its like a momentum built up in me that I

can’t nor will I stop…and I want to share the feeling. I wish I could bottle it up and give it away. But

thats not possible. All I can do is share it with one of my God given words. Spoken or

written. Light spreads. Positive words spread and lift people UP. We alll need that. I neeeed that. I

find myself at this phase of life cringing when I’m around people who speak negativity on a

consistent basis. It brings me DOWN. And it took a long, long time for me to come to that

realization. We have to grow to know ourselves..which is something I’m watching my sons do now.

Learning themselves..and I’m trying to teach them and more importantly SHOW them how to do

that…Ever had a person tell you to stay UPlifted or be encouraged N yet they seem miserable????

Isn’t the best way to show someone anything  by actually demonstrating IT? Living it. Doing it.

Being it..And that is what I think a big part of what life is about for us as humans.

We are put here to be a reflection, a mirror image, of God’s LOVE. Spreading positive messages

when possible. Because we must realize that just as words can make someone’s day; words can

also bring someone DOWN. This has become so important to me these days. In the past 365 days I

can count on ONE  hand how many days I experienced that I just felt in a BAD moooood. And that

being factual is nothing short of a MIRACLE. I used to have alot of back2back bad mooood days.

I’ve experienced days N experiences sooo dark that when I even think about them now it can bring

me to tears…literally. But I’m still standing. And I feeeeel so alive and looking forward to the future

with the apprehension of a small child; yet with lifes’  experiences of a grown woman.  I can’t

explain it any other way. And I’ve come to the realization that my God given purpose is to spread

my inner joy, my inner glow, my inner new found FIRE with words and actions. I’m a

loved child of God and not shamed to say it.Nor more importantly am I any longer afraid to reach

higher to be IT. And thats such a very big accomplishment for me. If this can happen to me; it can

certainly happen to ANYONE. Thats the positive message I’d like to leave you with to start this week

off. Be encouraged. Stay uplifted..we must also help each other be encouraged and to always look

for the sunny side UP. Its my belief that this feeling/message can spread like wildfire…

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*I made FREEdom count I VOTED early this morning..

Today I felt as if I’d explode if I went a day longer without voting. I just wanted N neeeeded to get it done N over

with. I’d awakened at O’dark thirty, was already showered N dressed for Mass N alll amped UP..Plus the 2 cups of

coffee I had made me feel like I could literally run to the library to vote..but..instead I tried to patiently wait for

my Mom to get ready. We were going to head to Mass after I voted. Now I don’t know why things happen to me that

are ripe for recanting in a story but I swear anything you read from my fingertips..truly happened. So anywayz I

was standing in line outside of the library. As I said I was all amped UP and kept trying to peek over the heads in

front of me to see if the line was moving. It wasn’t. I kept mentally attempting to will the line to move cause I

didn’t want my Mom to have to wait on me. But I reallly reallly wanted to vote N get my “I voted” sticker. Done

deal-cast my vote-cause I am sure the line will be even longer during the week after I get off work. So as I was

standing there all of a sudden behind me I keep  hearing the name of the “other guy that I’d NOT vote for if he was

the only one on the ballot” Over and over this woman kept saying his name. And LOUD. People started rubber

necking trying to see exactly who this was. I could hear her saying”I am going to buy a so & so shirt just like

Susie’s!” “I  can’t wait till so & so wins this election!” and etc etc yada yada. Well I began to feel as if I was hearing

“the other guy’s name moreeee than I’d heard it on the boob tube” And I was sick N tired of hearing it. It took

every ounce of my Christian bearing & physical being not to turn around and say would you shut UP pleaseeeee.

But a. I didn’t want to lose my temper on my way to church! b. I didn’t want to get booted out of the line for

causing a disturbance(as IF her mouth wasn’t one) c. I don’t know how to fight N I didn’t know how sane she

was..So I just started humming to over ride her big mouth. I can’t tell you right now what the heck I was

humming. But I was secretly wishing I had my Iphone headset and I’d have plugged in to my tunes. And then the

line began to move..faster and faster and faster. I could finally see the door of the library. I began to feel

butterflies in my tummy. I could no longer hear the  loud woman’s voice behind me. My entire focus was on the

library door. And a guy kept coming out saying 4 more can come in..etc..I was next in line! I was praying for the

minutes to hurry up so my Mom wasn’t waiting forever. I began to get prepared and took out my license and my

voter card. I was ready! 2nd time in my life I’d get to VOTE for President Barack Obama. 2nd time in my lifetime

I’d voted early for a brother. 2nd time in my life I felt as if  my life depended on this single VOTE. I could see a

woman coming out of the library. A Sista. And she had Obama buttons allll across the front of her shirt . I didn’t

think that was allowed at a polling place. But boy was I glad to see her! I almost ran up to her & hugged her. She

nodded and smiled. And I nodded and shot her a big koooolaid grin. I had my sample ballot gripped in one hand. I

had my purse slung over my shoulder . I had my license and voter card in my other hand. I was ready. And

then..the woman who was behind me said something. Was like a mosquito buzzing around my ear that I just

wanted to SWAT. I was tired of her yapping. And she said LOUDLY I can’t believeeeee they let her in the building

with allll those Obama buttons on. I mean she was LOUD. The entire line of people froze. The Sista froze. I froze. For

a split second I think that Sista thought about clocking that woman. But we locked eyes and I shook my head.

Wasn’t worth it. And this was no little Sista either she’d have probably laid that woman out flat! She smiled at me

again and rolled her eyes at the woman & left. It was my turn to go in..yeaaaaaaaa. I was feeling all flushed and

eager. I wanted to sprint to my voting booth but there were other people in front of me. Slowwww people. Fast

forward..I walked towards the exit doors after voting and got my **I made freeeedom count I voted sticker!* How

such a small piece of paper could bring me such JOY. My vote was cast. My vote would be counted. There was a

record amount of early voters yesterday(even higher than 2008) and I’m sure there was today also. I was ONE of

them. Made me feel like I’d done something for my sons future, my parents future, my future and YOURS. And

even if your voting experience isn’t as “storytellable”(a Bernaism…a word created by Berna) I do hope you enjoy

voting even half as much as I did..Save yourself some time N have your sample ballot filled out prior to heading to

the polls. Takes 2 mins to fill the form out from your sample ballot. Takes far longer N holds the line up with people

who haven’t even read the ballot. We can’t afford to lose  this one. Lets make  our guy the 45th President!