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Now that IS cause for a FIST BUMP..good news at long last^ Fist Bump Moments..

Not sure about ya’ll ; but my spirit has tired of hearing ONLY bad news. Why come good news doesn’t cover the front pages of newspapers? In light of all the awful, shocking! news..don’t we need to read/see news that warms our hearts from time 2 time? How about more often than not? Doesn’t sell papers nor fuel reality shows though..So this spot will be reserved for the many ‘fist bump moments’ ..they don’t get half the attention(our attention..) that they deserve>

**I woke UP this morning with several ‘fist bump’ topics on my mind..Trying to figure out which was the best to properly get this category opened..I had no intention of making it personal..And then epiphany! Why the heck not? It is after all my style to make things; personal. In a world filled with images & beliefs! that collecting material objects & wealth matters more than things that warm the heart..I refuse! to live that type of life. And so with that said I recently got FABULOUS news..It couldn’t be more personal. Hang onto your hats & wigs here I go>

~~It is official! My eldest son will receive his Doctorate, yep PHD(on a FULL academic fellowship), May 2, 2014..Not quite sure if even my penned words can fully capture the thoughts in my head & certainly my heart. But I’m going to try with all my might to break this down..This is the way I see IT>

What a journey, an awesome ride its been..From inside the womb YOU changed my life. Instantly. And since then? Your positive  words/your presence/your essence/your helping hand to the generation behind you/Your scholastic outreach to people of color/Your research in higher education/Your LOVE..has touched, changed, helped!, others and now? You’ll change the world progressively>

For all the times you were told what you couldn’t DO/For all the financial sacrifice over the years!/For all the times you watched friends marry &  have children/For all the times you wondered the many IFs you stopped at your Masters/For all the times you had NO family to talk to for guidance who already had their PHD/For all the times you just wanted to be doing other things besides studying/For all the times you traveled to places for research ..D.C., Cali, Ireland, South Africa, Chile, etc..and longed to be HOME/For all the times you missed your family yet couldn’t afford to get over-emotional about it/For all the times you faced the bitter cold in Michigan winters..YOU SURVIVED, you did IT..and your Momma couldn’t be any more prouder of you than I am and will always BE. I knew , always knew, you would do it..>

Forever humble & always keeping it REAL you’ve managed to do it all..Total well-rounded person..When next I see you I’ve got the worlds biggest hug, tons of kisses on your cheeks, heck of a lot of big kool-aid smiles, plenty of uncontrollable tears of joy and a FIST BUMP reserved just for son & Momma. GO Christopher & GO BLUE(I’m bringing my gold/blue pompoms!)



>the Fiscal Cliff deal< Breakdown of what it means*DPCHALLENGE*PostADay

*Can’t resist the urge any longer to make my own political commentary on what just happened in D.C..The Fiscal Cliff disaster was diverted; BUT what does that mean in layman terms for you and I?

>In my heart of hearts I think it means WE didn’t get half as much as WE deserved..Why? Because a bunch of grown men are acting like children and can’t play well together in the sand box..There was cursing! that went on and more than likely emotional ‘Boner probably broke down into tears at some point. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall during these sessions. Lest WE forget these folks are “civil servants” which means they work for US and are only in their LOFTY positions because of the moolah! that “common working folks”  pay in taxes..which funds their salaries and LIFElong health benefits. (yep, not bad for as little as a 4 yr gig, huh? ) Well, I think at this point we all know what should’ve happened or been gained; from the deals that were on the table. And should’ve happened LONG before time wound down 2 the very last minute..Question is. Does anyone out there really think IT was something that was UNdecided till the last minute as it was reported? (and highly advertised..) I do NOT think so. My opinion? I’ll save that for the follow UP after posting what the fiscal cliff deal results mean to us:

Here is the breakdown:

>I think this is about as good as it was going to get..given the circumstances President Obama is having to work with. This is hardly as good as it could’ve been or should’ve been. I think , however, this was hammered out and deals dealt between the parties, LONG before it was announced. I, for one, am truly sick N tyeeeeed  of the Hollywood staged smoke N mirrors dance that comes from D.C. Do they think we’re all that gullible? I don’t want entertainment coming out of  D.C. I want positive results. I want the people I voted for , whose jobs depend on MY and your vote!, to do their dang JOB. I don’t feel fighting should be allowed during these sessions. And certainly not cursing each other out. WTH? is that about??? That isn’t professional nor does it show self discipline. I personally feeeeel if  one  can’t maintain professional conduct they should toss them OUT..they lose their say/vote..and then move forward. Too much time is wasted with all the in-fighting. DON’T THEY REALIZE WE ARE ALL WATCHING THEM? DON’T THEY CARE THAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING? HOW ABOUT THE FACT THAT A COUNTRY FULL OF PEOPLE DEPEND ON THEM TO GET THINGS DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER? *exhaling* I feeeeel so much better now that I got that off my chest. Am I content with this deal? I guess so…because I know it could’ve been a whole lot LESS gained.  However, the fight is far from over. Yep! In a couple months it will be more of the same ..BUT hopefully next round we’ll get a little bit more out of the deal.