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BEST MOMENT AWARD ~N~ My 7 Nominees>>

..~~Some of the BEST moments in life are the ones you cannot tell anyone about…~~

I was nominated for the BEST MOMENT award..Woooo hoooo..As a new blogger its awesome to be read & appreciated by fellow bloggers..My list of over 130 blog spots on WordPress is an amazing list..Chocked full of people I’d never met before I joined WordPress almost a year ago..(with the exception of the person who introduced me to WordPress..) It is with pride I’ll display my BEST MOMENT award logo on my page & sincere thanks to ‘mishunderstood’ for the nomination.Also many thanks for making me feel so VERY special when I recently joined the Fabulous 50s group! I’ll first list my nominees & then the rules of this award(I changed the 15 nominees to 7..Choosing 7 was tough! But 7 is after all a lucky number..) Well actually first check out the link to ‘mishunderstood’s’ blog spot; she always has something positive to read or look at(pictures) on her blog.

My first nominee is one of the very first blog spots I became hooked ON..He uses humor , wit, and a ton of intelligence to share insightful/POLITICAL, and current events from our country to all over the world..He keeps us abreast of important matters; while also making us smile..Even when it’s not good NEWS. The one & ONLY , List of X.

This next nominee is tied for my #1 fave WordPress blog..He IS always in touch with anything there is to know or read about affairs in D.C..and all political matters of great concern. He researches and lays the FACTS out and always has interesting comments from his loyal audience..He also shares my loyalty in following & supporting our POTUS@ President Barack Obama..And the pictures on his blog site are always a pleasure to see..He’s a true OBAMACRAT through & through! He’s included ALOT of facts/stories about Black History that I personally feel every American could benefit from reading..


When I want my spiritual fix on WordPress this is my go-to spot! She’s my Sista & my church sister; and she’s the one who introduced me to WordPress..Relentless, hard-working, and the QUEEN of multi-tasking..*round of applause* and Yay!

I stumbled across this next blog site because it was Freshly Pressed months ago..A story about her beautiful daughter’s smile! There is always something joyful, beautiful , insightful to read on her blog spot..Hails from Africa and she has a heart of GOLD. So very glad I can call her ‘friend’..

Her name says it ALL..She IS an AWAKE Black Woman..A TON of insight on her blog spot! I’ve yet to read all of it, yet, when I’m reading there I almost always learn something NEW..She’s also included many, many links on her page to other blog sites that are positive & cultural.

This next blog spot spreads a positive message..I always have a warm & fuzzy feeling after reading and sharing comments on his page..

This blog spot is one of the most recent I’ve added to my faves list..I’ve enjoyed interacting with her on both of our spots..Yet another blog spot that I get that nice warm & fuzzy feeling after reading there.

** The rules are as follows for all nominees; including myself(I’ll list my two lists of 7 following the rules) Nominees should do the following(if you wish)=
1. Copy and post the BEST MOMENTS logo on your blog page. (You’ll see mine freshly posted in my side bar)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you…

3. State 7 things about yourself…

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers

5. Name 7 moments you experienced that are dear to your heart..

*** Here are my 2 lists**

7 Things About Myself=

1. I’m a TRUE Cancer in almost every sense of the word..With the exception of the moody part..Thankfully I grew out of that as I grew older/matured/evolved..Born under a water sign I absolutely LOVE the water! Imaginative/intuitive/loyal/loving/nurturing/emotional/& protective are some of the positive traits of a Cancer..

2. My favorite saying that I try hard to live by? LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.

3. Not many people I’ve met and/or friended in my entire lifetime; that I’m not still good friends with. Including both of my X’s & my X inlaws..My Xmominlaw still calls me daughter & even cross-country we speak often. I treat people as I want to be treated. What you see is what you get..IF I don’t care for ‘ya? I won’t spend time around you. There aren’t many people I can’t find at least one nice thing to say about them..

4. I am an admitted NEAT freak! I can’t think clearly in cluttered or dirty environments…

5. I absolutely LOVE talking to people! Not too many places I go(even the library..though I try to whisper) that someone doesn’t speak to me. This I feel has allowed me to meet people of ALL backgrounds/cultures/ IT

6. I hated liver as a child. I STILL hate it as an adult. Exclamation mark. Period.

7. If I break bread with a person it means I consider them a friend..Meal times were always special times when I was growing up. And for me? It still is.

7 Moments I Hold Dear in my Heart=

1. The moment I held each of my 3 sons in my arms moments after they were born..NOTHING in my life tops that.

2. The first time my Daddy told me he was proud of ME.

3. The moment I realized as a young woman; that my Momma was always going to be my best friend.

4. The moment my now ex husband told me he couldn’t see his life without me in it..And is one of the reasons we’re still good friends till this day. (even cross-country)

5. The moments I watched my sons graduate from high school/graduate school/and soon we’ll watch our first family PhD graduate. It’s so very nice to be a part of such progression..

6. Being able to help host a 50th wedding anniversary dinner/party for my parents last year…Their LOVE has been an amazing thing to see/watch all of my life

7. When I stood on a California spoken word stage at 45 yrs old with knees & nerves shaking to perform a tribute I’d written to Black Women…Some of the beautiful moments in life are the ones we think we don’t have the nerve to DO; but we do it anyway!

**BONUS BEST MOMENT** Don’t want to mess up the lucky 7 roll, BUT , I’ve got to add this..When my best friend of 30yrs plus stood in front of all at my 50th Bday bash this past July & recited a poem she’d written in honor of our friendship. I didn’t even know she wrote poetry..Amazing after 30 yrs can still learn new things about those in our lives..Truly a moment to be cherished I won’t ever, ever 4get..Mad love & regard Lizzard!!!

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>Hurts SO Good…<

My Daddy made a comment this past Thursday & the impact of it hit me immediately…He said only twice in my life was he SO proud (& relieved! ) of me “making a potty” (Lolll don’t laugh that is the nicest way I can say it..) The first time was my first ever boo-boo when I came home from the hospital as an infant. Second time was this past Thursday when I finally! post-surgery had a bowel movement..I can’t quite EXPRESS how funky a feeling it is to not be able to crap for 5 days..On top of dealing with seering physical pain being constipated was the cherry on TOP..And with waves of gas(from air inserted inside me for surgery…) hitting me enough to wind me; my entire focus by Thursday was to have a bowel movement. I prayed to God/I begged the toilet-seat God/I did a potty hand-dance(can’t move the rest of me yet in quick fashion..) I downed glassafterglass of prune juice/I drank gallons of water/I walked laps inside my parent’s home/I downed stool softners at the prescribed intervals..And when it finally happened?!? OMG all was finally right with the World again. Yay! everything works again post-surgery…Now let the laughter return!!! But that was an entire different matter..>>

Anyone who knows me well knows I truly LOVE laughing..I have a very, very serious diligent side of me; and that part of my personality is “The Logical Analytical ” side of me..However, the majority of the time I can quickly burst into laughter from things people say. I also crack myself up sometimes! Lolll My preference is to be around folks who are funny or have a healthy sense of humor. My ideal “The One” could be a comedian; I’d be in my own little heaven! So imagine my shock when I finally laughed Thursday evening and it HURT like HELL..Or least that is what Hell must feel like. OMG It took hours for my body to get over that pain..>>

I could very well be the new poster child for laugh till your sides hurt..Because my sides ACHE and hurt for hours after laughing right now..Now? I find myself trying to hold/support my tummy when I can’t resist laughing..That is about as fruitless as trying to squeeze an elephant through the head of a needle..I just can’t NOT laugh when ..ish is funny. So I’ve just decided to let it hurt. And due to the situation it hurts SO good..Never thought I’d ever feel or say that; about anything. One thing I’ve learned at 50? Do not ever use the word never>>

I think many of us find ourselves in situations where we have HAD to laugh so as not to cry..I think many of us have resorted to humor & laughter to get through some really horrific stuff..Without laughter I think life would dull , boring and full of sad depressing moments..I don’t want to live a Life sans laughter..So even though it hurts like H E L L for now; I know it won’t be long before it no longer physically hurts..Did y’all know laughing is good for the soul & spirit? Laughter increases endorphins that are released by your brain. Laughter is a fabulous form of stress relief & even works to stimulate circulation and aid in muscle relaxation…It has even been said that laughter can cause the body to produce its own painkillers..Whoa! that’s deep. And since I just ran out of my prescribed pain meds???! I just might dial UP one of my funny pals so they can make me LAUGH…Thats a wrap for now until I read/write y’all again..Stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & Only) I’m taking a POLL on laughter. Can U name a time it hurt you to laugh? (but you did it anyway..) Or has there been a time in your life that laughter stopped you from crying?

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**Psychographic Profile: West Coast Men VS East Coast Men**

My very first request-sort of challenge-dare to write a piece on a certain topic..Stemming from a comment I made on a fellow blogger’s page(and she has an awesome site here@NottakenNotavailable; which is listed on my faves list) Here is my best foot forward in meeting that challenge. Y’all  ready ? Get set. Diving in feet first…>

Disclaimer: Feeling a need to first give a shout OUT to all my Cali friends..Love & miss y’all!(xoxoxoxoxox) To my new East Coast friends mad regard & appreciation for y’all as well..You’ve made my transition far easier than I ever anticipated. But as I am nearing leaving my dating hiatus; there are a few highly discernible differences I’ve noticed in MEN from Coast 2 Coast..Best as I can I’ll be fair to both coasts. Lets rap>

Style of Dress: It’s no secret that I adore Cali; and I’m sure I always will. But without a doubt the MEN here; outdress those on the West Coast. Mayhaps its because shorts/T’s/sandals can be worn majority of the year on the West Coast(beautiful weather & NO rainy season) ; is the reason even business dress is more relaxed than the East Coast. And while I still highly appreciate seeing a ‘fyne brother wearing the heck! out of a nice pair of jeans & a T..there is NO substitute for a well dressed brother in a suit.(or shirt & tie)  OMG talk about a work of pure art. Moving quickly off that topic before I digress..>

Personality Characteristics: Though I’ve only lived on the East Coast for just shy of 2 years,  yikes time flew!, I think a fair sum UP of the personality types of men is true to the known stereotypes. West Coast men are far MORE laid back, free-flowing, casual, peaceful, healthier!  & liberal in their beliefs. Having said that I also personally found men on  the West Coast to also be more; consistent in every way. Which I dig ! and is mandatory in my book. And though its been said Southern men follow the unspoken & spoken rules of a gentleman; I’ve found that case to be much more true for brothers I met/knew/friended/married on the West Coast.  I could be wrong; but my sense of people is usually true to a T. East Coast men appear to stick to their stereotypical qualities such as unfriendly, prim, stressed the hell OUT(need to take a chill pill for real…a natural one of course ) ,UPtight, and conservative in their views & dress. And I know those sound like funky qualities but I mean them in a respectful way..Sorry guys if nothing else I’m going to keep it real & call it the way I see IT. Lets move off this topic before I piss off the male friends I’ve got here. ‘Lubs’ y’all I do!..>

Attitudes/Behaviors:I don’t even know where to start with this topic; the differences are MAJOR. Personally? I don’t think East Coast men dance enough! Nor laugh enough..maybe the stereotype , which I’ve found to be true, about West Coasters being happier cause they dance, dance, dance and laugh ALOT. My first girls & only girls night out dancing here? OMG I’ve never EVA in all of my life experienced anything like it. Perhaps its the place we chose. Perhaps its because the large majority of guys there were much younger. Perhaps they just didn’t know how to dance! I’m trying to think of any excuse for it..BUT there we were a group of very attractive women wanting to dance with MEN. And yet? The majority of the time we danced as a group or with one another..I mean wtH? And one of my friends said thats the NORM here. I looked at her like she’d just spoke Greek to me..I thought and you still come out to dance? Might as well just invite the girls over & dance at home. And then!? Slowly guys started coming onto the dance floor just standing there; watching. I felt like a go-go dancer entertaining them. As IF. I love dancing; I mean I really LOVE to dance. And even if I have to IMPORT a man from the West Coast to marry ; there will be dancing and lots of it in my relationship. Never knew that was something to add to my ‘must-have-in-a-mate-list’. Jeeez and here I thought ALL brothers could dance…Can’t they? LOLLL Well they have up till I moved to this coast! There is something to be said about a man who can move on the dance floor..Enough said. Moving right along >

**I’m not finished yet..Truth hurts sometimes but here it is..**

I’ll be gentle BUT..My #1 pet peeve is ..When a person says something stand by your WORD. Say what you mean & mean what you say. I don’t know how to translate the language of I-might-if-I-think-I-can-and-if-I-run-into-scheduling-conflicts-I-will-let-U-know-after-the-fact. Nope! that doesn’t work for me. It might fly once or twice with me; but 3rd time around? You get tossed back into the pond with the rest of the fish. With the invention of cell phones/texts/emails there is NO reason a person can’t connect to re-schedule or cancel..I know cause I’ve done it. Cares less if you have to send a smoke signal or a message in a bottle..I must say this wasn’t ever an issue on the West Coast.>

Final Word: This piece was all in fun based on some true facts. I’m a great observer; probably because I’m a half-glass full type of person. I don’t miss much..All in all I’m pleased to say I’ve made several outstanding male friends here. Which is saying alot considering the short time I’ve lived here…One stands out among all the rest. Almost instantly became a trusted friend, confidant,  & mentor. Stays true to his word; every single time. And even juggling a schedule full of many balls IN the air; not once has he disappointed me in promised projects or ventures.  But then again he’s not originally from the East Coast…Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only)

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*******For the LADIES eyes only…********

Guys IF ya’ll peek in at this topic; don’t say I didn’t warn you! I’m on ONE tonight about a topic only a woman would understand…Ya’ll ready for this? I feel a *rant* coming on…so buckle up & hold onto to your hats & wigs..

Alright now you’ve been warned twice..This is for grown folks only so cover your kids eyes(hopefully ya’ll censor what your kids view on the Net…) and if you’re sensitive to sensitive female *issues*; you might want to click off now. I’m a woman and LOVE being a woman. I’m the true epitome of feminity…and yep, pink is my fave color! Nonetheless, having said that; there are a couple things about being a woman I could do withOUT. Ya’ll ready? Here I go here is the first & probably most sensitive of topics>

IF there is a woman out there that enjoys having a time of the month; also known as a “period”..Please stand UP. I’d like to see U in the flesh. Because in ALL of my days on earth; I’ve yet to meet ONE woman who likes having a period. Even on a good day! Even without cramps, bloating, mood swings from hell, headaches,backaches!!!!, more bloating, tender breasts,more cramps, and irregularity so one never knows when its going to make its monthly appearance..omit all of that and I’m still willing to bet there isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t rather NOT having to have a period. And I mean sans a pregnancy. Having said that…

Of those women out there who would rather NOT have a period…Wouldn’t it be great to turn the tables for just one little month?!? I think , in all fairness, that MEN should have to have ONE period in their lifetime. Just one..and while I understand the biological process of both sexes..IF there were anything I could change it would be that. I love men, with all of my heart and every ounce of my BEING, but I sincerely think they’d be able to empathize with women more if they could just experience it. Once! Don’t you just hate when someone says ‘I know what you’re going through?’ And you know they don’t! But you want to be polite ; so you just smile & nod your head? Well, that is one thing a man SHOULD be able to know what it is to go through. They walk around alllll month long with no worries about a *surprise visitor* No worries about what to wear due to bloating & discomfort. No worries due to any monthly biological process. And while I simply adore being a woman I just don’t think that’s fair..I’m not a violent person, by far. Never even used physical discipline for our sons..but as sure as I sit here tonight IF I could throttle EVE..I would. OMG what was she thinking?!? And to add insult to injury>

When is IT going to end? Lawd! I’ll be 50 yrs old in July and there apparently is NO end in sight..UNreal. The true insult IS we have to wait an entire year, 1 whole year, for it to truly be OVER. Are you kidding me? For a few months not even a tiny cramp; no nothing. I’m dancing on the table top! And then all of a sudden , out of the blue, bam! Cramps so bad I feel as if I’m going to deliver a baby. Which is highly impossible because I’m not doing what it takes to make one..I thought this crap was supposed to get easier? My doctor told me it could get worse due to how young I started & could be the reason its taking SO long to STOP forever. *slapping forehead* Isn’t that the opposite of the way it should be? WHO made these rules? I daresay it was a woman thats for sure…And why are there pills for a man to get an erection? And NO pill for women to make their period STOP; when they no longer want to have children? I don’t get it…pharmaceutical companies are losing out on a gold mine!

Can anyone tell me WHY the breastfeeding in public issue has become an ISSUE? How many men would like to have to feed their baby in non-sanitary public bathroom?! Because that is the bottom line for what happens when Mom is out & about and her baby gets hungry…not every woman wants to use the TORTURE machine(I know because I used one years ago..) otherwise known as a breast pump. And its been statistically proven breast -fed babies are healthier; why aren’t we promoting it instead of demoting it? All because men can’t handle their libido anytime they see bared breasts? Use some discipline for heaven’s sake like the rest of us have NO choice but to do..Men being able to decide what a woman can or can’t do with her own body=Something is clearly wrong with that sentence. Which leads me to the next and last topic>

Disclaimer = This topic is all in good fun…But I have thought of these topics and wondered the whys…If it weren’t a man’s world would things be different? And how so? That is another topic for another time..Moving right along>

The bottom line IS..Until men can have a monthly period. Until men can carry a baby for 9 months. Until men have to go through the many ups & downs women experience biologically(most of us do this gracefully..) ;I do not feel men should have the right to say what women can /can’t do with their bodies. No one has that right..and IF the shoe were on the other foot..I feel it would be a NON-issue. For the guys that wound up reading this; don’t ya’ll have to honestly admit that also?Btw fellas I have mad regard and love for ya’ll, mwah & hugs! Thanks for being such good sports..though had U heeded my warning you’d not have read this post. Is it curiosity that killed the cat? lol! Wait , check the picture out below before answering that..

Until I write/read ya’ll again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only) 🙂

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~~Can U Name That Tune? ~~Whats Your Theme Song? …

>>All day long! I couldn’t get this off my mind..Itched 2 write the idea down yet had such a non-stop busy day that I couldn’t find the time..IF you don’t have a theme song in mind for yourself; then put your thinking cap ON and..think of 1. Going to dig up the video clip or lyrics from mine(yep! I’ve got my very own theme song..) and then I’ll give this “topic” the time/attention it deserves..

*When *IS*THE*LAST*TIME*YOU*TOOTED*YOUR*OWN*HORN?* Hmmmm, well IF you don’t do it everyonceinagreatwhile; how will you teach your special ‘the ONE’ to do it properly? Ready? Get set…Really ready? I am..

*Anyone out there realize that just as we can be our own worst enemies(used to be my own..); we can also be our best form of advertisement? Otherwise known as branding..One has to feel good about themselves from the INside out; in order to attract the same. Or least that is the way I see IT. Took me a very long time to get “it”..we truly are what we eat . Same difference as we project what we feel on the inside & without a doubt attract mirror images of self.

^Sounds like a simple enough formula, right? Yet , for some of us took many moons to truly master it. And now that I’m here; there is no turning back..Being here feels fabulous. Fits. I’ve worked hard to get here and survived alot of ‘ish! to earn a Masters in life…still working on getting my PHD in it>

Getting back to the topic at hand behind all of that..Personal theme songs. Remember the movies from backintheday? The ones when the main character walked into the screen shot; you knew they were coming because of the music. Every  single time it was time for their grand entrance into the scene; the same song was played. Their theme has an awesome way of serving so many purposes. I personally don’t do much without music in my background..Poetess that I am music is a form of poetry set to tunes; so of course I’d love it. And when I’m not listening to music? I’m vibing to my own tune in my thoughts…

Which leads me to the introduction of my very own theme song…At least for the time being until my status changes from ‘single’ & almost ready to date 2 attached/involved/in love with my ‘the one’..This song perfectly captures my essence/my desires/my vibe. Could hardly believe it when I discovered it a couple months ago. I’ve played the vinyl off of it, lol. Well, I would’ve if records were still sold instead of other words I like this song. Alot. Just fits. To a T. So without further delay here is my theme song..Have ya’ll picked one for yourselves yet? Well when you do , let your hair down, post it here so we can all check it out. Until then listen in and enjoy mine…and oh until I write /read ya’ll again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the one & only)

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^Etch-A-Sketch-Moment=When you see something or someone tells you a story with a vivid mental image you would rather forget – you wish you could “erase” the image by shaking your head like erasing an etch-a-sketch. Frequently accompanied by shaking your head back and forth while you say it. Can also be referred to =As That Awkward Moment..Figured it was time to lighten things up for a minute. Especially since I had an awkward moment today and just can’t resist sharing it. If we can’t laugh in this life journey; we won’t make it very far..not happily anyway. Oh, by the way I don’t drink but this image was just too cute to not use it. For those that don’t recall backintheday when we could be entertained by a little truly can miss out on what you never had! Let that sink in for a minute and get ready to laugh..

>>Ever had someone ask you if you’re mad at them? And you’re really not; you just don’t care to be in their company/share the same personal space as them/and hope to not ever have to carry on a conversation with them(because their constant  negativity is SO draining you just can’t bear IT) I can only think of 2(two)  people I’ve ever met in my entire life(and I know alot of people from coast2coast & overseas) that fall into this category. And this topic came up today, briefly, and to kick this subject matter off this is how I really feeeeel about it(after all never said I was perfect & they did ask…) >>

Have ya’ll ever had an etch-a-sketch-moment or an awkward moment; and when you thought of it afterwards you just fell out laughing? Lol! I laugh sometimes right smack during the middle of it..And if the following hasn’t ever happened to you; then have a good laugh on me reading this. Because it has happened to me a couple times and I played it off as best as I possibly could…>

Now this realization ,without a doubt,  falls into an etch-a-sketch-moment, UGH! >>

That awkward moment when push really hard on a door, and then look at the handle and it says pull…<I’ve done this too..then I look around to see if anyone else saw me doing it, jeeeeeez>

A true etch-a-sketch-moment? When I realized the etch-a-sketch and I share the same birth year. Dang! & WOW  ’63 sure was an awesome year..wooooo hooooo

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>>WHY are MEN so CLUELESS?!?>>

Before anyone out there gets all UPtight..this post is ALL in fun. It is a direct piggy-back female version to Opinionated Man’s blog post called ‘Women are Crazy’. I thought it would be cool, challenging and FUN to also poke fun at a couple things about MEN..Going to try my best to match his wit/skills. ~

>Mayhaps the best way to open the door to this topic wide right out the gate is to begin with the..Remote Control. I’ll keep it simple guys so there should be NO issue with understanding the message. I took a vote from as many women as I could gather up and the general consensus is this= Ya’ll can HAVE total control over the T.V. remote control;  as long as you agree to ALWAYS put the toilet seat down. Deal? Alright, cool moving right along…

>Now here is a whopper. WE women voted unanimously  on this one= We’ll serve you breakfast in bed every morning/run your bath water/have dinner cooked when you get home from work/get UP in the middle of the night to get you a glass of water/never “claim” to have a headache when you wake us UP in the middle of the night for some loving, etc etc yada long as you NEVER take issue with the few times we might ask you to pick up our feminine products. Don’t me on this one, NO ONE in the store will think its  yours! Deal? Alright cool lets move on I’m just getting started..

>This is sans a GPS system or mapquest..Alright guys we figured it out. WE know when you know that we’re lost! We also will let ya’ll fake the funk for a while driving around and around in circles..We’ll also act as if we didn’t see the same streets and buildings already the first 3 times we passed them. Ok? But it might be nice, every once in a while, if you just admit it and say, “Know what baby;  I have NO clue where we are or how to get where we’re going!” And then just stop to ask someone else for directions. *slapping forehead* Enough said, moving right along…

>Guys? Please stop believing dubious relationship tips your guy friends are passing along to you. Every woman deserves to be treated /trusted based on her OWN merit. Same as you wish to be regarded/treated/respected…ya’ll having fun yet? There is more…

>When your woman says ‘Lets talk baby’ for the love of God don’t trip! It doesn’t mean she is dumping you(unless you know you’ve been messing UP badly…) ..what it means it she wants your undivided attention to talk about something that is important to her. Keep in mind women get oxytocin from having deeeeep , meaningful talks with you.(also from nursing babies & sex) Whereas men mainly get the same from having sex! Don’t believe me? Google it… So just relax/LISTEN/ and things will go smoothly so you can get back to  your fave T.V. show. Agreed? I’m almost finished now…

>Guys? There is NO reason to start an argument or worse LIE to go hang with your guy friends. Matter of fact a mature, self confident , self assured woman..knows you NEED your male-bonding time. So go have a good time; you deserve it. Grown folks need their own space sometimes..its normal..but to lie about it or start an argument over foolishness is a deal-breaker. Gets negative amount of brownie points in my world. Honesty still counts with some of us

>A few “nevers”= NEVER call your woman a Bi_ch! I don’t care if she is acting like one; don’t call her out of her name with this word. It is one of the worst things a man can call a woman. And IF she acts like this on a consistent basis..then perhaps you need to re-evaluate what type of woman you’re attracted to. There is no need for such ugliness…Also NEVER ask your woman if she’s gained a few pounds. Do NOT make any comment even close to , fat. Now she might very well be blowing up weight wise..but a wise man won’t tell her that. Oh! if she is acting cranky; never, EVER, even on a bad day say that its cause she is on her period..let her say it. But you better not . Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’ll..Alright, here comes my last one…

>Last but not least..stop saying we don’t value your opinion. We do! Most of us anyway..we’d not be with YOU if we didn’t respect you/adore you/need you/desire you/love you. Which includes respecting your male perspective..there is nothing more comforting to a woman than to hear her man’s honest opinion. Why? Because we know he has our best interest at heart and has our back…At the end of the day WE can’t live without ya’ll. Man and WOman weren’t  meant to live without love. And that takes 2. Love is what makes us thrive and flourish..and everyone, wants to be loved. The beautiful thing about a relationship is when it works! And it takes 2 people who accept each other with  flaws/faults..none of us are perfect. Love is worth putting up with a few minor issues..or least that is the way I see it. Until I write/read ya’ll again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)

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******If YOU came with instructions what would your label read?******

…Ever wonder what instructions you’d come with IF people came with a label? Do you think that might make getting to know a person easier? Or would it take away from the beautiful process of getting to know someone? How about IF we came with a warning label? I’ve got quite a list in mind for instructions/warnings I’d come with..One has to know themselves pretty well to do this exercise..Be honest; but have fun with it!

>My label would read= Handle with care; contents are special!  Give tons of affection and LOVE, love , love required for maximum usage. No batteries required; but sincerity/trust/communication are mandatory. Product will yield tenfold in return. Keep near water;i.e. the beach! for product’s full potential and results will be beautiful, serene, and full of laughter and warmth.> My warning label would read=IF you don’t feel like talking or listening to product talk(product even talks with their hands in animated & energetic fashion when wound UP) do NOT push the ON  button! And last but not least & highly important; owner MUST keep their own batteries re-charged..product is highly, highly energetic and full of life! If owner doesn’t require batteries for charging; eat your wheaties & vitamins… !

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>STOP the Presses! AARP eligible AT 50??!? Ugh, aargh!, & NO WAY..

**With THAT sentiment being said , by me, and felt! here I go with my latest discovery..ready? Get set, here i GO!

~I’m getting to the crux of it just trying to set the background up 1st for this line of thought..~

Yep, I’m knocking on the door of becoming 50 years old..and I’m ready! Or so I thought. And then yesterday a good friend of mine was sweeeet enough to let me in on something I had NO clue about..Ready to hear it? And what my response was/IS?…

Well I was having a fabulous chat with a really good friend of mine yesterday..Array of topics but mainly how excited I am about MY upcoming 50th birthday party in July. How I’m going to have a BEAUTIFUL pink & silver cake! Ohhh and I want disco lights; maybe even a strobe light. Anyone out there remember how FUN disco dances used to be? Got an awesome DJ lined up and just putting the finishing touches on my virtual save-the-date announcements ..and then while I’m allll caught UP yapping about this my friend says(I guess he thought it was FUNNY) oh yea, now you’ll be able to be an AARP member! I was still going on and on about my party! Thought I heard him say something about AARP but..and then he said it again. Yapping, laughing, and then WHAT DID YOU SAY? And as he began to say it again I said STOP, wait..and then I fell out laughing. He said NO I’m serious you’ll be eligible at 50 for it. I said, ” I most certainly will NOT be! You have to be 65 or older to be eligible for that.” And then my USED to be gooooood friend said, ” Ok, Ms Google Queen google IT.” And that is exactly what I did…OMFG

*Sigh* I couldn’t google fast enough! Images kept popping UP and I kept searching..I’m a speeeed reader..But I could NOT find not one thing that would dispute that AARP eligibility begins at FIFTY. But, but when did THAT come about??? And what person in their right mind changes the eligibility age?? WAS IT ALWAYS 50 AND NO BODY TOLD ME??? I had a cazillion questions! all at once..I was flustered and HOT all of a sudden(thank YOU  Eve for peri-menopausal symptoms I’ve got to deal with) And then, I was suddenly irked with my friends over 50 yrs of age! HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME THIS? Wait, I’m not even a grandmother yet! How in the heckkkk can I be eligible for AARP? I can stilllll DO soooo many things! Does this mean I can’t be FLY anymore??!  I can stilll do the splits! I can stilll do a handstand, front forward flip(not a pretty sight when I last tried a backward flip) , somersault, cartwheel, I can stillll RUN(for a little while..more of a fast walk into a full jog and then I run for a little bit), I can still bend & touch my toes! Yeaaaaaaa. I can still dance , and dance and danceeeeeee, I don’t take nor have to take ANY medications..HOW CAN I BE AARP eligible???? Here I was laughing it OFF and my friend thought my response was simply HILARIOUS..but my shock was/is sincere. Was I so caught UP living that I somehow missed this news flash? Was there a memo I missed? I kid ya’ll NOT if ONE thing comes here with MY name on it and the words AARP membership form; I will tear it UP. No, I’m going to burn IT. I refuse! I am not ready for that..Did they start this to get more members or what??? Whats next? 40! OMG I am still trying to wrap my mind around this. I was SO happy about making it to 50..and now this!

**Just like anything else in my life journey, as I’m sure anyone else’s out there , yep! I’ll deal with this reality. It IS what it IS. It is NOT going to stop me from being FLY. Not going to lose my vibe just because I’m AARP eligible..Jeeeez my fingers don’t even want to type that LOL..My birthday party is coming UP and I’m going to party like there is NO tomorrow. I’m elated about making it to 50! My 3 beautiful Black Prince sons are all flying in for my party. A host of other family/friends; and they love me for me as i AM..And because they love ME no one in my world will EVER again mention AARP to me again..Not till I’m good and ready for it!  Until I write/read ya’ll again stay UPlifted & blessed. And as always count your blessings 2day and everyday. 4ever sincere, Berna(the one & ONLY)

>NO matter what age you are, or what your circumstances are, YOU are special!, and YOU have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who YOU are, has meaning~ Quote from Barbara De Angelis<

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*Does this sum you UP? Or someone U know? DP CHALLENGE*PostADay

**Referred 2 as pseudo- science zodiac signs can nonetheless be spot ON in how they describe our characteristics and behavior patterns. I’ve often been known to say , I’m born under a water sign, to put emphasis on how much I enjoy “all things near or in the water” . Though I do know there is NO scientific proven research to make horoscopes legitimate..Having said ALL of that I ran across a zodiac blog site that has me pegged almost to a T! I thought it would be fun to list a couple of things referring to my sign..Lighten things UP for a minute before I blog on politics. Yep, I can get deep , intense, very analytical, and serious when need be.  So first things case you want to size yourself UP using the site(have fun for a minute!) the site is… it sums you up to a T please do come back and post the results here…Would be fun to see if the young lady whose site it is was spot ON for other signs as with my sign. I’m a Cancer. Born on the 4th of July..true firecracker ! And if there are any other Cancer’s out there reading this “wave your hands in the air IF this is accurate about you as well”..I’ll narrate with the pictures to point out the few differences.

^This is SO very much me. 2 a T..

^The only thing I do not agree with here is..I am NOT a whiner. Least I don’t think I am!

^THIS is very true..I’ve been my worst critic for a very long time, till recently. Translation I push myself very , very hard. Was awfully nice though to read this tidbit of insight; especially the last part.

^THIS is very true..I call my “gut instinct” my “vibes” and they’re extremely strong N almost never, ever wrong..

^Even though on the outside I appear high maintenance; my needs are very, very simple. And this is true to a T

^I could ADD alot more 2 the sexiness of a Cancer, BUT, I’m keeping this G-rated..Use your imagination and multiply that times infinity! Moving right along…

^THIS is ME to a T..Alot of good characteristics, with a tiny splash of bad. Who wants to be perfect anyway?!? Not me for that would make me boring..

^I loved reading this! Can totally CO-sign because this is me..Had alot of fun with this post and I’m hopeful you peeked at the website and did also@your own zodiac sign. Till I read/write ya’ll tomorrow evening stay UPlifted N blessed. 4ever sincere Berna(the 1 N only)