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Coming out about having cANcer

>>Talking about having cancer doesn’t get easier …One just gets used to it .>>


Once I was able to wrap my brain around being diagnosed with cancer ; I felt an irresistible urge to share my journey with my family and closest friends .

My main hope in sharing was to provide cancer prevention tips to my loved ones & collect insight from others as well . Also I’ve discovered the more I talk (& learn ) about cancer , the less scary the topic is for me to cope with . After all hearing the words @You’ve got cancer ; is something the majority of us fear ‼️

Any tips you’d care to share with others for coping with having cancer ?

*Let’s rap !

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*A Problem Shared Is A Problem Lessened?”..Is Venting Good For The Ventee?

We all need a good vent every now and then..Some of us more than others..Having done my fair share of venting, I’ve got wagon loads of compassion for those in need of a good vent..But what about the flip side of the coin? Does the ventee walk away with a warm , fuzzy after-glow? Or is it normal for the ventee to often feel like an emotional bag of bricks was just laid on their shoulders??

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>>Body Image>>When Is It Good Enough? It’s A Woman Thing ..

First, a few facts>>

Body image is the way that someone perceives their body and assumes others perceive them. This image is often affected by family, friends, social pressure and the media

People who are unhappy with their bodies and don’t seek healthy nutrition information may develop eating disorders..Eating disorders are unhealthy relationships with food that may include fasting, constant dieting, or bingeing and purging

Body image is closely linked to self-esteem<

Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape..Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media

58% of college-age girls feel pressured to be a certain weight..58%!

Studies show that the more reality television a young girl watches, the more likely she is to find appearance important

More than 1/3 of the people who admit to “normal dieting” , will merge into pathological dieting..Roughly, 1/4 of those will suffer from a partial or full-on eating disorder

In a survey, more than 40% of women and about 20% of men agreed they would consider cosmetic surgery in the future..The stats remain relatively constant across gender, age, marital status and race..WOW

Students, especially women, who consume more mainstream media, place a greater importance on sexiness and overall appearance than those who do not consume as much

95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25

Only 10% of people suffering from an eating disorder will seek professional help

Only 4% of women globally consider themselves beautiful..

This topic has become personal for me as of late..First, time in my life(at 51 yrs of age no less!) I’ve realized I’ve got body image issues..Even though I’ve clawed and fought my way back from becoming overweight post-surgery & in full-blown menopause; it still isn’t enough. Even getting back into my pre-surgery sized clothes isn’t enough.. Mind you I was almost scared into keeping fibroids versus gaining weight..Who would rather risk possibly gaining Cancer over gaining a few pounds????? From the list above I’ve done it ALL with the exception of purging & cosmetic surgery..But I’m forever going on meatless week stints, gave up all juices/carbonated drinks, skipping meals, squeezing in speed walks in lieu of leisure week lunches, biking, treadmilling, weight lifting, and of course my beloved weekly raw veggie smoothie detox drinks(which I’ll probably drink for the rest of my life..

So just this weekend I found myself giving solicited advice to my bestie about losing weight..And out of my mouth came the words@ “Don’t diet. Diets don’t work for us, because we wind up feeling deprived & fall off.. Just adjust your lifestyle little by little & eating habits in increments & exercise more..Start slowly on the green raw veggie drink..” When I got home I realized I was telling her something I wasn’t practicing! I wanted her to start off in a healthy manner; yet when I want to quick drop pounds I dang near starve myself..I’m always hungry! Stomach growls seem normal..Today I caught myself trying to climb 2- 3 stairs at once(butt lifting exercise) while on my cell & almost fell..Not cool!

I decided to reach out in honesty ..Calling out all/any woman reading this..WE have got to stop this never-ending cycle of pushing for the perfect body image..I can’t imagine how this life-long behavior would’ve impacted the daughter I always yearned for , yet never birthed..Thankfully , I can sincerely say this wasn’t taught to me by my own Mom..She taught me always to love me for ME..Yet, even with constant & consistent positive reinforcement from parents/significant others/countless passerbys/friends? Still find myself pushing for something more..It was somewhat comforting to read the above statistics; for a moment. I’m not ALONE in this struggle for the perfect body. It is deeper than just being vain..But when does it stop??? When is good enough(& healthy!) , enough??

IF one can’t be honest with self in their 50s; probably won’t ever be! Naked truth exposed feels pretty liberating & hopefully admitting it can lead to positive change..Anyone out there that can relate & would like to share?

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How Safe Are We From Ebola in The United States?

I don’t know about y’all; but I’m a little more anxious about the U.S. Ebola situation as the days progress..Can’t lie I wasn’t thrilled to hear about the two American Ebola patients arriving on U.S. soil this summer..Even more unsettling was the first case of Ebola that showed up in Dallas this week..Dissemination of factual news/information can reduce hype, anxiety and reduce the spread of a disease like Ebola..IF it gets to that point..As with so many life instances a little knowledge can save our lives and provide us with peace of mind..So here are the facts I’ve picked up about Ebola>>

Is it possible for this disease to spread in the United States? Of course it is..Anyone who says it isn’t possible just isn’t being honest(or doesn’t know any better)..However, more than just the odds indicate it will probably not become a pandemic in the U.S. There ARE reasons ebola has spread so quickly in Western Africa…Life there is very different than life here..Culture, hygiene practices, customs(including washing the dead before burial; which btw has been a leading method for ebola to spread..) & the fact most can’t afford hospital care..All of that together perpetuated the rapid spread of the virus>>

Ebola Fast Facts

Ebola is not brand new..The first human outbreaks occurred in 1976..The virus is named after the Ebola River, where it was first recognized. There are 5 different strains ..All but one of the strains can cause illness in humans & animals(the 5th strain only affects animals)

Ebola is extremely infectious but NOT extremely contagious..An infinitesimillay small amount can cause illness..Because it isn’t transmitted via air, it is only considered moderately contagious

Humans can be infected by other humans IF they come in contact with body fluids from an infected person or contaminated objects from infected persons..Humans can also be exposed to the virus, by butchering infects animals…

Typically, symptoms appear 8 to 10 days after exposure, but incubation period can span 2 to 21 days…

Ebola is NOT transmissible if someone is asymptomatic or once one has recovered..BUT, the virus has been found in semen for up to 3 months…

According to the World Health Organization: The fatality rate can be up to 90%.

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Do YOU really know what Obamacare means for YOU? Believe it or not; even though it’s a TON of pages long Obamacare really isn’t difficult to grasp..One of my biggest pet peeves? People making a definitive opinion about something without doing the research..It is as simple as READING and there are a cazillion ways to get insight these days. Simply said? It can take time to sift through the rumors & myths..Here are a few you shouldn’t be so quick to believe>>

QUICK STAT=In every State and for the FIRST time ever, insurance companies are required to publicly justify their actions if they want to raise rates by 10 percent or more and more states have the authority to reject unreasonable premium increases.>>

Obamacare is causing workers’ spouses to lose their health coverage.FACT..Now that the myth about companies being forced to slash workers’ hours has been solidified, Obamacare opponents are onto a slightly modified version of the doomsday predictions about the health law’s impact on the business sector. After shipping company UPS announced that it would drop its employees’ spouses from its insurance coverage — specifically citing the health law — critics jumped on the news as evidence that Obamacare will be catastrophic for workers.

UPS cited increased costs under the health law to justify the move, but health insurance experts are skeptical that’s really the primary reason that the company decided to save money by eliminating spousal benefits. Instead, as an editorial from Bloomberg suggested, UPS is likely “using the health-care law as a smokescreen for cutting costs it wanted to cut anyway.”

It makes sense that companies would be looking to trim their health costs, and shifting spousal coverage is one way to do it. But the media coverage of UPS’ move has largely left out the fact that Obamacare actually makes it much easier for the company to consider the move in the first place. Thanks to the health reform law, the spouses of UPS employees won’t be left out in the cold without any options to get insurance. They’ll be able to get it through their own employers — who will now be required to provide it — or through Obamacare’s new state-level insurance marketplaces.

Health reform will NOT lead to a government takeover of health care
One independent group actually called this myth the “LIE of the year.” The Affordable Care Act puts people, not health insurance companies or government, in charge of health care. The new law strengthens the existing employer-based health insurance market while making the market fair for consumers by implementing landmark consumer protections. Families and individuals that don’t have access to affordable coverage can receive tax credits to help them purchase coverage in the private health insurance market. There is no government-sponsored, public, or “single payer” plan in the law.

Employers will not stop offering insurance to their workers when the law is implemented...
Independent analyses conducted by the RAND Corporation, Urban Institute, the Congressional Budget Office and Mercer, have found that employers will continue to offer health coverage to their workers. Economists agree that employers offer health insurance to help attract and retain the most talented employees and employers will continue to seek out top talent. Further, when health reform was enacted in Massachusetts more than five years ago, the percent of businesses offering insurance in Massachusetts increased.

QUICK STAT..Thanks in part to new tools and resources provided by the Affordable Care Act, health care fraud prevention and enforcement efforts recovered nearly $4.1 billion in taxpayer dollars in Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 and $10.7 billion over the last three years.

Health insurance reform will NOT use your tax dollars to fund abortions.
The health insurance reform legislation maintains the status quo of no federal funding for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the woman is endangered. A federal judge recently wrote “the express language of the [Affordable Care Act] does not provide for taxpayer funded abortion. That is a fact and it is clear on its face.

Businesses will NOT suffer under health reform..
Health insurance reform lowers costs for American businesses – especially small businesses – who are struggling to remain profitable and competitive under the status quo. The independent Congressional Budget Office confirmed that the bill would lower health insurance premiums for the same insurance plan by up to 4 percent for small businesses and 3 percent for large businesses, and estimates indicate that reform could save businesses $2,000 per person in health costs.

QUICK STAT. MORE Americans have access to free preventive services:

In 2011, approximately 54 million Americans had their prevention coverage improve in their private health insurance plans. And an estimated 32.5 million people with Medicare have received one or more free preventive service.

NEW progressive benefits for WOMEN..Preventive Benefits: All new health plans must now cover preventive services ranging from mammograms to FDA-approved birth control to vaccinations for your child, WITHOUT making you pay a copay or deductible.

5 Important Numbers on Health Reform..

54 million Americans have coverage for preventive services free of cost.

Insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing such as copays or deductibles.

34.1 million people with Medicare who used a free preventive service.

The new health reform law eliminated any deductible or copay for many preventive services or for a new Annual Wellness Visit. In 2012 alone, an estimated 34.1 million seniors received one or more free preventive services.

6.3 million seniors have saved $6.1 billion on their prescription drugs.

Senior who hit the gap in Medicare’s prescription drug coverage, often called the ‘donut hole’ now receive 50 percent discounts on covered brand name drugs. The new health reform law will provide additional savings each year until the coverage gap is closed in 2020.

3.1 million more young adults have health insurance through their parent’s plan.

Under the law, most young adults who can’t get coverage through their jobs can stay on their parents’ plans until age 26.

12,800,000 consumers received $1.1 billion in rebates

Insurance companies that don’t spend at least 80 percent of its customers’ premium dollars on health care are required to provide rebates to policy holders. In 2012, the first year this rule was implemented, 12.8 million consumers received $1.1 billion in rebates.

** I can’t find not one of the new benefits of OBAMACARE that won’t impact me or someone in my family immediately..I’ve done my homework and due diligence..Have you read UP on how health care reform will impact your family?

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>50 Hours POST Remarkable Robot Assisted Radical Hysterectomy

UPdate 9/29/2013..This is the last post on this very personal topic..This past week I had my FINAL post op appointment..Yay! Upon physical exam all internal stitches are healing properly..Almost completely..My blood pressure is that of a 20something year old..WOW..Only menopause symptoms I’m having are raging hot flashes..But the good news IS the hot flashes are brief..I ride them out while remaining as still as possible & poof! it passes..My Doc said long as I feel I can handle menopause sans hormone replacement; I can ride this out naturally. Which is my choice. So full release from Doc & onto the next phase of my life..Again, I do hope this ultra-personal account of my surgery helps someone deliberating the decision to have this surgery performed. I can’t lie; I was VERY afraid before making my mind up to have this type of surgery..But once my mind was made up & I’d prayed over it; the rest was gravy. Oh, & with the help of EXCELLENT pain medication Lollll. Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4EVER Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)

UPdate= Today marks the one month anniversary of my surgery..For those reading that will have this surgery there IS good news! A month out the pain is in my rear-view mirror; and as each day passes the back view is further & further behind me..ALL cramps have ceased; finally! Intestines are almost settled fully back into position; just a tiny bit of a tummy bump to show there is a short ways yet to go. But ALL vital organs working fully , no infection, internal stitches finally! stopped itching ..Still following doctor’s order not to bend over nor lift anything over 5 lbs nor bathe(showers only) and of course no sexual activity..Final post -op appointment is on the 24th & I fully expect being released to 100% status. Which means I can finally work out again! Woooo hoooo..Drinking glowing green raw Kale smoothie 5 times a week , I feel, helped me to heal even quicker than anticipated. Plus my body craved(and I gave in…) sleep; so most nights I’m getting a full 8 – 9 hours of sleep. Rare indeed for me..Will probably close this post out after my final-post op. My unsolicited non-professional advice for anyone who needs to have a full hysterectomy? This is a GREAT sure-fired way to get it done with the quickest amount of down recovery time…Rough on the body; but worth it!(and if you’re in good shape it can be done; even at 50 yrs of age)

UPdate= 1.5 weeks out from surgery I’m in FULL recovery mode..1st post-OP was just 2 days ago; my Doc says all is very well! My pathology report came in & the mass was NOT malignant. Yay! Note for anyone who is considering this surgery..I did have a fibroid on my uterus; that was NOT detected in the cazillion pre-tests I’d have pre-surgery..So please keep in mind things can be discovered once you’re opened up; that aren’t seen prior. My internal stitches are itching like crazy! I’m still using pain meds due to bowels still settling back into their rightful position…Other than that I’m riding it out , trying to get used to doing absolutely nothing, waiting on the moment I can return back to my highly active routine..

I’m about 50 hours out from my first ever surgery. The very day before surgery I read a blog post by a woman , Bonnie, who posted her pre & post op experience of same surgery I was to have! It soothed the last of fears I had prior to surgery..Fear of the unknown, even with intense prayer & preparation , is part of being human. I do hope that my words can help any woman who is to soon undergo this radical and innovative surgery. I won’t mince words; so if anyone is squeamish? Might want to stop reading now..Do keep in mind I’m still very medicated..And though it is my 1st time on prescription Oxycodone or Morphine? I’m highly(pun on words..) thankful for IT. >>

Here I go..

DISCLAIMER= Better late than never. I’m adding this disclaimer today after reading what I posted last night. I am NOT a doctor nor a health care professional. ALL comments I make here are based on my OWN personal experience of having undergone this surgery a mere 3 days ago…Every woman’s body, I am told, re-acts differently. Personally? I don’t believe it is possible for ANY woman to not feel pain after this surgery..After all of one’s internal organs have been “waded” through to get to female organs! And then those same organs are cut from the body & then pulled out of the body..Sounds painful just writing & reading it..I really DO have a high tolerance for pain..So imagine me saying that even with meds; it hurts. A hurt however that is rewarded tenfold in benefits though…

1st & foremost I’d like to “suggest” to any woman out there reading this..Consistency in getting annual GYN checkup /pap smear is highly important. Had it not been for going through 4 years of ASCUS pap smear readings(abnormal) , 4 years of labor type painful menstrual periods , and rounds and rounds of tests and tests, etc etc..The final diagnosis of a mass on my ovary might not have been discovered. Yet...

Furthermore one of the most personal decisions & toughest! I’ve ever made in my entire life was to have ALL of my female organs removed. It wasn’t a decision that I made lightly. It wasn’t a decision that I made overnight. It wasn’t a decision that I was able to grasp immediately emotionally ; even after I’d agreed to have the surgery. 50 hours post surgery? I’m IN pain..Yet I’ve no regrets that I’ve done all I can do to combat whatever the mass was on my ovary..I’ll have the pathology report by next Monday. Now onto the actual account of my surgery. I was told about ALL of the doctors/techs who would be present during my surgery(including my own GYN surgeon) but I never actually saw any of them…>>

IF you need this surgery and want to recover in HALF the time of conventional type hysterectomy AND Don’t want to be physically cut? Then THIS surgery is perfect. But also know that nothing is completely perfect..Prior to surgery I had a FLAT abdomen. When I came to from the anesthesia? My tummy looked like I was PREGNANT..That was the only thing no one had warned me of..My first thought was wtF happened to me??? I felt as IF I’d been beat UP..And whatever beat me up; I lost the fight! OMG..Let me explain a bit more what wasn’t explained to me prior..>>

With this surgery your female reproductive organs are severed and then exited through the vagina. Yep, it IS possible..MY worst fear pre-surgery in that regard? That my vagina would be ruined for life! My Doctor assured me that wouldn’t be the case. The vagina can expand to accommodate a baby’s body & the uterus deflates before exiting…After that I’m sure the fallopian tubes & ovaries are a piece of cake doing the same…Post-surgery? Vagina feels exactly the SAME as it did prior to surgery…Abdomen however is very, very tender..There is AIR that is put into the body to move the organs to the wayside during surgery…Must have been ALOT of air put inside me; my upper ribcage ? Felt like someone has continually kicked me for the first two days after surgery..Only today did that soreness ease up. Finally. The area especially under my tummy hurts..HURTS. Feels better if I support it with my hands when I walk…By the way; I WALKED hours after coming out of the anesthesia..I was warned the sooner I walked the better…It was a shaky walk; but I walked! And also? Be encouraged that the first urine after the catheter is removed WILL sting..But after that regular bladder activity quickly returns. The bowels & intestines though are an entire different matter>>

My intestines are taking the longest to flip back into place..They’ve formed a tight ball! Which is why it looked like I was pregnant post-surgery…With walking and stool softeners and gravity of sitting UP; they’re finally relaxing..I can hardly wait because the constipation is difficult. But it is something I was warned about..So tip to y’all? Start taking stool softeners pre-surgery. Also being fit helps..Stay hydrated! And drinking raw veggie drinks for fiber pre-surgery is wise..I began my fasting at 8 p.m. the night prior to surgery instead of the suggested time of midnight..When I could finally eat solids the day after surgery? Even a saltine cracker would’ve tasted good…

50 some hours post-surgery pain is subsiding. Worst pain is in lower tummy area. Intestines are still mid-relaxed & is causing the discomfort on the lower tummy area..3 entry points? Hardly visible at all…Bleeding? Very very faint at this point…Surgery was a total success! My GYN doctor/surgeon said I was FABulous. And I’m more than sure the pathology report on Monday will be negative..Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only)

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>PREsurgery Jitters?!

I didn’t think I’d get to the point of feeling the need to write-through-this-feeling..But, here I am feeling the need to do so. Warning for all that are squeamish(I am also! Very…) you might not want to read any further..Not quite sure what I’m about to let free flow..I’ve been told a list of possibilities from women friends who have had this surgery; a list that ranges from A to Z. And? What I’ve heard has me realizing what I’d been fighting off since 1st being diagnosed..I’ve never had surgery before. I’ve never taken any type of pain meds nor drugs..I’ve never been “under the knife” ..For weeks & weeks leading up to my August surgery I’ve kept my chin UP..Was almost certain that I wouldn’t give in to FEAR; for after all I am prayed UP..Yet here I am, it’s official, & no other way to say it than to say it. Hope this doesn’t mean I have to turn in my ‘Liberated Woman Card’ but I AM AFRAID>>

1st a little Berna101..I’m inquisitive by nature; and have been probably since birth. My Daddy said I was the kind of child who had questions upon questions about EVERYthing..Like, Daddy why exactly can’t we see the stars in the sky during the daytime? Huh, Daddy? Aren’t the stars still UP there? ..Well that little girl part of me still exists..IF there is an option of knowing or not knowing; I want to know. Prior to having my first son I asked my Mom ,”What IS labor going to be like Momma? Exactly HOW bad is it going to hurt? On a scale of 1 thru 10 what level of pain will I feel??? ” My Mom’s honest answer was “Every woman’s birthing experience is different. It will hurt ALOT. But the good news IS you’ll quickly forget once you see your baby..” My Mom has always been my point of first reference for all things WOMAN..Anything and everything I am as a Woman stems from my Mom..I’ve got traits just like her mixed with traits total opposite of her(my Dad’s traits I bear; like my AlphaNESS) So imagine a situation, for the first time in my life, that my Mom has no experience? Thank God for the wonderful other women in my life; to date I’ve only met 2 women who hadn’t had some sort of “feminine” surgery..WOW. That fact inofitself trips me out. I was a rarity at my age; yet didn’t even know it; until I was no longer>>

When the doctor described to me the surgery procedure? Its called a Robotic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy.(and just looking at the robot itself intimidates me; but I had to “see” what it looked like) I almost fainted! But I held my composure as best I could..I had a TON of questions on my mind..Since I’d told my female GYN doc/surgeon I did/do NOT want to be cut; and she then told me there was an option…My first question was , “But how exactly will you remove my female organs IF you don’t cut?” The answer puzzled me for a minute. What????? How is that possible? Will MY vagina get back to normal after THAT? OMG! Who in the world creates these type of surgeries? Surely there MUST be another option. My doctor assured me my questions/concerns were normal..Really??? She also assured me since the vagina can/does accommodate a baby’s head; it could most certainly accommodate removal of all of my female organs. ALL of my female organs need to be removed..I guess I need to keep saying that over & over; so that I knock off the wimpISH feelings of FEAR. For heaven’s sake! I’ve had 3 sons sans meds; I should be able to handle this WITH meds. And though I’ve never been medicated; for this? I want to be FULLY knocked the heck out..Actually being awake for this isn’t an option. Good! God just wake me UP when it is over..>>

I’d like to take a moment here to STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF EXCELLENT HEALTH CARE and the option for ALL to have healthcare in our country. This robotic surgery is highly expensive! It is also the LEAST invasive way to undergo a necessary hysterectomy. Which also means the recovery time will be LESS(due to not having to be cut) and allows for the surgeon to navigate in the small crevices of a woman’s internal parts. I don’t know any other way to say it; than to say it. These are the reasons I chose this option. If there is any woman reading this that has had to go through many years of “feminine issues”(translation extreme PAIN during periods); I can’t stress enough the importance of annual pap smears. It was crucial in my diagnosis..and after test after test after probing after more probing and waiting for test results; I am SO ready for this to be over. I’m not fooling myself by acting like I’m not fearful..Fear of the unknown I think is normal. I won’t lie to myself; and I’ve no interest in faking other people out. Strong as I’ve discovered I am; I’m also human. I’m thankful to all the shared experiences that my women friend have shared; after all I did ask! However I think , finally, I am at my MAX of hearing the particulars. IF there is anything else I need to be warned of; after WHAT I heard today(the MOTHER of all after-effects) I’m setting my curiosity to rest…Putting my life into the hands of a surgeon and a robot! isn’t something I look forward to. But it makes NO sense to wish for that not to be the case; it is what it IS. The option? To live in pain plus fear of the “mass” being Cancer; and I refuse to live in FEAR. The good news? Is when it is all over and done with; I won’t have to EVER ‘eva contend with this type of pain again. More good news? I’ll be jolted into menopause so I can get OVER that hump & deal with it..Plus? My family doc turned me onto what is called ‘bio-identical hormones’; so I won’t be dealing with synthetic hormones. Hopefully after enough women know about ‘bio-identical hormones’; it can become conventional treatment & insurance companies will cover it. And the last bit of good news? Post-surgery I’ll be able to blog ALL about how I pulled through surgery with flying colors! Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted and blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & ONLY)

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**DEEP topic ALERT** I’m going 2 do my best 2 give this topic the due justice it deserves..Are ya’ll ready for me? I’m diving IN head 1st..I hope my uncensored & deep thoughts don’t offend anyone BUT  this is the way I see IT>>

~~It is NO measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly  sick society~~Quote by Krishnamurti

We’re living in a society which now thrives on instant gratification. A wait of more than 5 minutes is far too long..I find myself guilty as charged! Can’t stand waiting in line at the supermarket. I have to distract myself by reading(thank you GOD for the magazines at the check-out stands) while I’m waiting. Can’t stand waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. (I’ve got a phobia after being rear ended in Cali, twice!) Even found myself impatiently waiting on text responses..OMG why haven’t they answered my question??? And its only been 15 minutes or so; THAT is ridiculous of me. (especially since I do NOT respond sometimes to texts for hours..) But hasn’t our society also become very hedonistic in nature? For I feel not only do we want things quicker! faster; WE also want things right now that make US feeeeeel good. Even if it is to know we’re SO important to someone they’d answer our texts within minutes…But , how did we get here? I don’t recall backintheday feeling as if things had to be so rushed! I remember a day(OMG I’m starting to sound like my parents..) when we’d have to wait to get home to discover we’d forgotten to buy something at the market. Long, long before the birth of cell phones or even the old-skool beepers. Backinthedays when people actually walked UPright; and not bent over walking peering into a smart phone! As IF we can’t wait to get to a stand still position to keep up with texts, news, or Facebook happenings..Jeeeeeez. Have those things really become that important to us?!? When did it come to pass that folks stopped learning how to deal naturally with bad feelings or bodily symptoms? Got a headache? Pop a Tylenol in your mouth! Got menstrual cramps? Pop a Midol in your mouth! Can’t keep an erection? Pop a Viagra in your mouth! Feeling SAD for longer than 5 minutes? Pop a Prozac in your mouth! Want to win a cazillion Olympic medals? Pop illegal pills in your mouth! Feeling moody for a day? Pop a pill ! Kids can’t keeeeeep still in school? Give them some ritalin; which I feeeeeel then gets children HOOKED onto drugs for LIFE…Real talk 

**About 20 years ago I began to see a distinct change …Prior to that I wasn’t even aware of  how many CHILDREN were being prescribed(with parental consent!) drugs. Backintheday when I was in school there were just hyper normal ACTIVE children..We had what was called recess and P.E. to run off the energy. AND our parents didn’t load us UP with all kinds of sugary foods…least mine didn’t. My bro and I used to BEG my Mom to buy pop tarts/sugar smacks cereal(do they still sell that?) and anything with tons of sugar in it. BUT she didn’t cave in..we ate cheerios, rice crispies, etc..The things I’m thankful for now; that I hated as a child. Sorry I digressed badly with that flashback. But anyways back to 20 years ago I experienced a teacher, yep!, telling me mayhaps my middle son neeeeeded “something”…Something like what? Something to help him NOT to be so active..Oh, really??? I won’t tell you what my first response was to her. Nor will I tell you what my 2nd response was. BUT I wasn’t the person I was today back then. My tongue is a lethal weapon; I’ve learned how to bite it alot these days…Back then? I’m sure till this day, if she is alive, she recalls what I said to her…

Note to parents: YOU are your children’s advocate and VOICE. No one, and I mean no one, has the right to tell you to put your children on drugs. Not even to suggest IT. And IF they do and they happen to be a public educator; you can make dang sure they’re disciplined and or FIRED. It is my sincere belief that putting children on drugs! at early ages; can get them on a path of addiction. I don’t need a study to tell me this. I’ve witnessed other people(I never let anyone prescribe mood altering drugs for my middle son or any son I’ve got) whose children later became addicts. I’ve also heard stories from addicts who feel that is how/why they became addicts. Doesn’t it make sense? First of all anything you have to wean someone OFF of gradually(which you have to do with those drugs); can’t be a goooood thing. Second of all the same results can be attained by altering a child’s diet. Give them little to NO foods with sugar or color additives..The healthier option anyway! Stop feeeding them junk food just because it is more convenient. Keep children active. Get them involved in school sports activities..All 3 of my sons were active, hormonal , NORMAL boys.  Even in a city with temps of 100 degrees plus in the summer, yep! it was hot as HELL,  we took them to the park after dark to RUN off their energy. And the school gym. And walked alot in air conditioned Malls. By whatever means necessary worked their energy OFF; with 3 young ACTIVE  sons it was also a survival tactic. Otherwise I’m sure we’d have gone bonkers!  But I had a friend whose teacher told her/her husband IF they didn’t put their child on ritalin? Said teacher was going to tie their son to a chair to keeeeeep him still…I was horrified when I heard that. Tried with all my might to talk them out of doing it. But they did ; and started years of having to alter the level of ritalin . PLUS watching that child go through all sorts of physical emotional changes..Including walking around like a drug numbed zombie. And I’m sorry , in my opinion, that is not normal for a young growing boy.

>Before I wrap this up let me preface by saying …I’m NOT speaking in regards to people who takes meds for health issues. Nor do I have the right to judge anyone who chooses medication to stay alive. What I will say in regards to that is for the youth….an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Translation: eat well, treat your body right, exercise!, drink tons of water, intake fresh veggies/fruits. I’m still doing those things even at my age..trying with all my might to “not” have to join the ranks of pill poppers for health reasons. Much as I love life though if my Doc ever says I have to…Well , hopefully I won’t have to be concerned with that decision anytime soon.

Mood enhancers. Mood -altering drugs…Are they really necessary? Can’t becoming dependent on them cause death??? As seen with my beloved Michael Jackson, Whitney and even Tina Marie. What about folks like Charlie Sheen? Talented as he is; he looks about a cazillion years older than he is. And how about the folks who get on a drug for chronic pain? And then due to side effects have to get on another drug? And another drug to get over the side effects of that one! It happens…Not only that one can become addicted to pain pills. Even with the warnings that a drug can be addictive; people still need something to dull unbearable pain. And though I wouldn’t indulge I still feel natural drugs should be made legal! Like marijuana…but that is another topic for another time. (could be one heck of an anti-depressant though couldn’t it??! ) As I stated in another post though one of the very BEST anti-depressants doesn’t cost a dime. And it is alllll natural. SEX. I won’t digress though for thats a topic I could speak on for far too long. (scroll back to the topic in my blog …) How about folks altering their state of mind instead of popping a pill??? Just say NO to drugs for mood enhancing and try the alternative of doing it naturally..Exercise is a mood lifter! It releases endorphins in the brain/reduces depression/promotes self-esteem. IF folks in our country exercised more we’d not be the leading country in OBESITY; and possibly not so hooked on anti-depressants. 2 issues solved with 1 solution=What a bargain! (anyone out there recall when that phrase was popular? lol!) Pharma companies revenue climbed more than $200 billion between 1995 and 2010. Thats alot of loot  folks..and they’re now spending 19 times more self-promoting than basic research. Now I don’t say all of this to say that there aren’t people out there with true depression issues..There are. Mental illness is a serious issue. BUT what I am saying is there are alot of people who do NOT have serious depression issues…that are on meds. Including children…In my opinion? All other natural options should be considered first. Its very easy to pop a pill. But it is VERY difficult to stop an addiction that can start with popping pills..And addictions can grow. Ask Rush Limbaugh. That IS…

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~~SEX~~ DP CHALLENGE *PostADay..Berna’s Way..

~ ~One of my fave sayings IS “IF U can’t talk about it with me ; then I guarantee we’ll never have SEX!” ~Parents should rightfully B discussing SEX with their children LONG before their children have SEX~WHY  parents afraid 2 discuss SEX with their children set them UP to feel SEX is dirty for life; when it is NOT~The rule @No glove/No love should RULE these days…>>Those are just a few of the things  I feel like talking about …I’ll keep it tasteful BUT with the mindset that SEX is natural N beautiful..Are ya’ll ready  for me? Get ready. Get set…Lets rap!

>>”Sex and romance may seem inextricably linked, but the human brain clearly distinguishes between the two, according to a new study. The upshot: Love is the more powerful emotion.

The results of brain scans speak to longstanding questions of whether the pursuit of love and sex are different emotional endeavors or whether romance is just warmed over sexual arousal.

“Our findings show that the brain areas activated when someone looks at a photo of their beloved only partially overlap with the brain regions associated with sexual arousal,” said Arthur Aron of the State University of New York-Stony Brook. “Sex and romantic love involve quite different brain systems.”


The study, announced today, will be detailed in the July issue of the Journal of Neurophysiology.<<

**Trying to tackle this topic from several angles so bear with me as I work my way into it..

>>2  quotes  from a source I respect( & have read many of his books)  I’d like to mention here before I go further :

“~Any feeling is both mental and physical~”
Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.”
Deepak Chopra

Working my way slowly into this topic, deeper N deeper ,so  hang on folks I’m getting there..

*Although far too many people think the entire importance lies between one’s legs…that simply is NOT true. Sex begins with mental seduction. When the mental seduction is mutual sex turns into making love= Real love. One of the highest of highs @ Orgasm happens between one’s ears..*In the Mind/Brain*..Am I breaking it down or what?? Moving right along so stay tuned<

Disclaimer: Anything that I say here or elsewhere on my blog site is MY opinion. Based on my beliefs N life experience including a TON of reading..>

Since 1992 California public schools have been required by law to teach HIV/AIDS education at least once during middle school and once during high school . To follow a list of guidelines including age appropriate ..BUT what is to determine what any of those guidelines actually mean?? As a parent I was never comfy “not knowing” exactly what was being taught to our sons. And even though I read the literature I requested from the school beforehand I still wasn’t comfy…yet I signed it. I felt the more info our sons had the better..In addition I discovered sex education is NOT required by law to be taught in California public schools. YET 96% of California public schools do provide sex health education classes as an option from grades K- 12..though there are NO guidelines by law until the 7th grade..Which is when I signed the consent forms for our 3 sons to take the course. When my eldest took the course I was still very, very nervous about talking about SEX to him. So I welcomed any and all information or outside sources teaching him sex education. Including my now ex-husband…By the time our youngest was in the 7th grade I was well informed N confident to teach him alot more at home myself as did my now ex-husband..We were pro’s on the topic by then & had added sex education to our very hands-on n N involved parenting style. 10 years prior I’d never have dreamed! that I’d engage or advocate giving a teenager condoms..BUT no one ever promised that parenting would be an easy job. It is by far the most “difficult” job I’ve ever held and yet by FAR the most rewarding & important! Furthermore I advocate allowing an environment in which youth can talk to their parents about ANYthing..and our sons have. (the beauty of having 2 involved parents is if they can’t talk to one about something ; they’ve got another parent to talk to ..awesome arrangement!)  I’m not yet a grandparent and all 3 of my sons are alive N healthy..One of my worst parental fears is they’d experience sex and catch something that could kill them! Or become parents before they’d reached their educational goals..Neither of those things have happened. Thanks to my mighty GOD and an outstanding co-parent/male role model. IF you truly love your child talk to them about sex very early on…And if need be give them condoms! Be thankful they could come to talk to you honestly about the topic. Provide condoms even before they do…those just-in-case-the-first-time-comes-before-prepared-with-safety-items has yielded in many teenage pregnancies..In my opinion in this day N age teenage pregnancy rates should NOT be at the high rate they’re at. Condoms are handed out like lollipops now! In California you can get them at alot of clinics for FREE…

*SEX-Positive Liberals advocate that sex BEfore marriage IS a valid choice for “nearly” everyone…or at least for 95% of Americans. Hmmm, who knew? Or , really?!? IS sexual morality truly about how long one waits? Or should it be about how one treats themselves/carries themselves/respects themselves ~N~ the people they’re with.

Question: Are long lasting love relationships made through intimacy? Is teaching the youth abstinence ONLY working out? Or are the youth STILL having sex before marriage? What is the percentage of single adult parents practicing abstinence? What leads to the most stable marriages; feminist values or traditional ones? These are some of the questions I’m going to attempt to tackle. My words/my uncensored thoughts….

>First, here are the proven benefits of  SEX..Sex releases STRESS. Boosts immunities. It helps to keep one’s heart healthy. Helps you sleep. Lowers blood pressure rates. Burns a ton of calories and is a GREAT form of exercise. Boosts self esteem. Boosts endorphins. (including aids with PMS) Makes prostrate cancer less likely(yep, google it if you don’t believe me..) Youthful glow. Lighter menstrual periods with less cramps. Cures world hunger. (Just kidding! )  Now for where I stand regarding abstinence prior to marriage or between marriages..The Moral Case 4 Abstinence Before Marriage VS. The Moral Case 4 Sex Before Marriage…>>Here is  the QUESTION of a LIFEtime that begs to be answered=


**In conclusion my bottom line is as follows: Teaching abstinence-only to today’s youth is NOT working. Exclamation point. PERIOD. As someone very dear to me & my co-parenting partner taught me years ago WE as parents must deal with reality and NOT our own fairy tale sugar coated versions of reality …and especially preaching to our youth  B-sISH that WE didn’t even practice in our youth! Yep, I was one of those parents that wanted to only teach abstinence until marriage. However, IF as parents we don’t teach children ALL options and realities; then we aren’t giving them the information/insight/ammunition they’ll need for all given situations. And as a parent that just isn’t responsible…not in my opinion. For those parents that want to teach this one-method type of way. Have at it! Your children, your right to teach them whatever you please..just don’t come crying to me or anyone else when your child winds UP with an early pregnancy they’re UNprepared for(and not mature enough for) Or worse! stricken with an STD that can take their very lives. This is our reality and it IS what it IS. On a moral level? Of course the ideal criteria is to wait to have SEX until married to someone one is IN LOVE with. And yep, as parents one often has to preach/teach things that wasn’t followed by self..Because we are to teach what is right! But for some of us less than perfect people(got my hand help UP high) teaching sons from a stance of  “learn from my mistakes” kind-of-way is working just fine…

**Maybe folks had the right line of thinking backintheday…the 60s Flower Children era. Didn’t it seem(or least from pictures I’ve seen…) that everyone was soooo FREE back then? Live N let live! Make love , not WAR. Peace signs were posted all over the place. Folks singing “What the World Needs Now, is LOVE sweeeeet LOVE…Right? So, what happened to change that mindset? What really happened that veeered the sexual  morality views in our country to be what they are in the here and NOW? Here is the way I see IT..

Way back in the 60s least majority of Americans were HONEST about how they felt SEX..Now? We’ve become a society of “closet” sex-lovers. And only GOD knows what truly goes on behind people’s closed doors..Truth is sex is a beautiful act that was created not just 2 populate but also as the BEST natural anti-depressant. Mayhaps IF more folks were having SEX ..there would be NO need 4 all of the drugs being taken to alter moods out there. Depression has become a very serious issue in our country.(another deep topic for another time..)  Pharmaceutical companies globally are  worth  an estimated  $300 BILLION ..Omg & WOW. 

In an ideal world /situation, youth, it is BEST to wait until marriage to share all of the beauty that sex was created for..Some might ask , “What if I’ve decided I don’t want to get married or have children?” Excellent question! Which is one of the reasons why the “wait for marriage theory” isn’t always a good message to preach. Except from a parental viewpoint….I feel the best way to inform the youth(or anyone..) about a topic; give them all sides. The good, the bad, & the ugly. The whole truth. Which is what I’ve tried 2 do from my perspective in my words here. I don’t believe sexual morality is about how long one waits to have sex..It is moreso about the level of respect a person has for themselves & others. How they carry themselves overall..Youth need to be aware of the dangers of sex and its consequences(which can be lifelong) In the same manner we teach youth the dangers & safety tips on how to drive a car; the same should be done in how we teach them about SEX. When we teach abstinence-only the youth are tuning us OUT..The statistics of the amount of youth having sex makes that evident. My sincere belief? I don’t feel that long-lasting love relationships are established when SEX is introduced early. In rare cases, yes. But overall in my heart of hearts I don’t think so. Yet, I do believe that long-term love relationships are for sure enhanced by sex N without a doubt can’t survive without IT..or least in my world !

Monogamy. Who in their right mind created that?!? Must not have been someone who truly enjoyed good sex…However, having expressed that, I do feel monogamy is the BEST type of long-term love relationship. And it is the only type of relationship for me..I do not feel it is a “natural” state of being though.  We’re hormonal creatures by nature. Some of us moreso than others..(hand held UP high) Men are biologically created & driven! 2 have and 2 want SEX..Lest women ever, ever forget that. (and I think sometimes we do…) So given those 2 facts alone makes it highly difficult to maintain a monogamous relationship. BUT the best things in this life aren’t easily attained nor kept. It IS worth it..True love is worth it. Maintaining the sacredness of a marriage is worth it. And it just feeeeeels right 2 know one’s love partner/mate/spouse/lover; is saving ALL of their special loving for YOU. It causes such a euphoric feeling that there is NO substitute for. Exclamation mark. Period  . I’m ending on that note yall. As always stay UPlifted N blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 n only)

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#ONE 2013! New Years’ ReSOLUTION that I plan on KEEPing..*DP CHALLENGE

From now till the New Year comes in I figure we might as well have some fun with our list of New Year resolutions..Yep, most of us have them! But the question IS will YOU keep your promises to yourself? Hmmmm I’ve got to admit 2012 was one of the very 1st years I kept every single resolution/self vow/& goal I made for myself for the year. And kicking off the list for 2013’s New Year resolutions for me IS..staying FIT. Be back shortly to have fun with this topic…

Alright going to have to complete this topic in increments..doing alot on this end due to holiday prep..BUT I promise 2 things. I’ll finish this segment  AND hopefully can give ya’ll some good TIPS on how to begin & more importantly KEEP a good fitness routine UP..Cause any of us can “say” we’re going to get fit, right? But with oh so busy schedules of holding down an 8-5 M-F, plus church activities, other random projects ..i.e..extra work projects , reading, socializing, writing!, family time, gardening, chores, routine dr. appts, ..I’ve found I had to MAKE time to exercise and eat right…but if I can do it, which I can assure you I did..anyone can do IT. I worked hard this entire year to “tweak” my physical being..from the inside out. (and mind you I wasn’t overweight when I began…) With 50 yrs of age rushing upon me I decided I am/will B the best dang(translation dayum!) >50< I can possibly  B. From head 2 toe. Inside N Out. I took it one day at a time, without any direction from anyone else..just winged IT. Final result? Well, I lost so much weight so quickly my pants were literally falling off me! Real talk (thankfully my GodMom can sew awesomely well and tailored my clothes for me, whew!..bummer about losing weight is the high cost of clothes replacement) Loving what I see in the mirror N just as important I feeeeel great. Probably better than I did in my 20s.  Now I’m just trying to maintain the size I am because if I lose 1 more inch or pound I’ll loooook anorexic..and that isn’t cool, nor healthy, N  is not the look I want.  So lets see if I can break this down for ya’ll soon as I come back I’m going to dive INto this topic. Oh, the pressure LOL . Had special requests for this topic so hope I can deliver..


First things first! And , in my opinion, and from my experience first STEP in doing deciding one wants to do something. Mentally picturing the final result. And figuring out what it takes 2 get..there. Then exerting extreme will power and DISCIPLINE to attain that end result. That is what I did 2 go from being “just in shape” to being totally fit. My doctor has co-signed on that by the way..I’ve no health issues nor health concerns. Just had full lab work to confirm .  No meds nor need for meds. For anything. What I do take, as I have for the past 35 yrs. is a multivitamin a day. A really good one for women 50 yrs & UP..I also take a probiotic packet every day(which I began taking almost 6 months ago when I began drinking a raw veggie smoothie. ) I also take a all natural Ginseng capsule every day(which I’ve done for 20 yrs) I also take a fish oil capsule every single day. Also I gave UP my love of Diet Pepsi a few years back.(now I drink no carbonated drinks at all)  I drink ALOT and I mean alot of water. Gave up drinking alcohol socially about 10 years back.   Desire of mine to be healthy from the inside out is very strong…

First, I started walking. Alot! I was new to the state N didn’t yet have friends here so I began walking by myself..Fast walking almost the pace of a light jog. During very hot months I was walking at O’dark thirty hours. Sometimes on weekends while it was still hot outside I’d walk the full length of the mall. I still do alot of walking during my work lunch breaks at the mall, alot! The great thing as the added bonus is I love window shopping N shopping ..So anyways what needs to be remembered is walking is a  fantastic way to drop pounds! Add scenery to the walk and fave music on your Iphone/Ipod(I don’t walk without my tunes..) and you can add the miles up quickly. What also counts is every , single step one takes during the its good to remember that while at work in an office environment to add walking/climbing steps(when possible).  Instead of clicking to email coworkers; try getting UP to walk  to deliver the message from timetotime.  Long prolonged periods of sitting make ones’ fanny spread! And again, each step one takes during the day adds UP ..After months of walking last year and amping my pace UP..I began to jog. Now I’m up to a full run for short distances and alternate with fast jog in between.

Next, figure out what type of exercise routine you want to take on…I started off slowly. I knew I needed to add to my walking routine;  so  I began with morning situps, squats, dumbbell arm workouts…Was important to me to get my arms firm/toned/slight muscle definition  again. Got it now! But it took consistent working  out and slowly adding more to my routine. I’m up early in the mornings so its the best time of the day for me to do most of my exercise routine. Total morning work out time is about an  hour.  Now though I’ve also added a mini work out in the evenings..I’m working on defining different parts of my body now and I do a section every other night. All it takes is about 20 mins every evening. My suggestion to anyone starting fresh with exercise is FIRST check with your Doc. Don’t do anything new without first doing that…then slowly add little by little to your routine. As you see results it will get SO goood to you it will motivate you to..continue. Or least it did with me. Motivation is key in my opinion. And also always keep in the background of your mind what you want your end result to loooook like…that will keep driving you and driving you.

Next, out of the blue the introduction of  a raw veggie drink called, The Glowing Green Smoothie, entered my life! And all I can say about the results is WOW.  And WOW one ‘mo time. See a full description and explanation in the post I did couple nights ago called ‘Berna’s Book Reviews’..the book the recipe for the smoothie comes from is called ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ N I’m living proof it works IF you work it. It is a drink I’ll make & drink for the rest of my life. Energy level is amped way UP..I feeeeel as if I could climb tall mountains! (and I was already a naturally  hyper person so can you imagine after this veggie smoothie??? galore) My oily acne prone skin(which I’ve had my entire life) is absolutely GLOWING. I can’t think of another word for muchso that there are times I don’t wear make UP because I don’t want to cover my skin up. Yep, this smoothie and its results has been that gooooood  2 me and for me. Imagine every day getting an instant shot of about a cazillion vitamins???? That is the best way I can describe being on this smoothie for the past 6 months…

The bottom line is for all of us eating well & exercising should rightfully B a part of our daily routine. Earlier we implement such a plan, and stick 2 it!, it becomes so routine that it doesn’t seem like alot of things to recall or DO. It isn’t about being on diet after diet after diet(which btw has an awful impact on a womans’ body..) in my opinion we have to learn to make eating right/exercising daily a part of our lifestyle. IF we can do that it won’t be something that we have to add to our list of New Years resolutions year after year after year! Lets hope from this day forth that our resolutions from here on out will B to…stay FIT/maintain our fitness/and strive to consistently improve on a great foundation. Ready? Get set…GO


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@U Must Read This in 2013..Berna’s Book Reviews

Welcome all 2 the day after the 21st of December! Yep, I had a feeling we’d still be HERE. Thanks sincerely to my God for giving me yet another day to get closer to fulfilling my God given purpose..

Always wanted to join a bookclub N yet for one reason or another haven’t. Solution? Starting my own!  Whenever I complete a book I’ll post my review here in this category…feel free if you read the book to also post yours here N if you’d recommend it as a must read or not.

I’m going to open this with my number ONE pick/read for 2012. It was recommended to me by my eldest son & is a book that changed my life! Sounds dramatic, right? But it is true. Reading this book changed how I eat, when I eat, how I exercise, amped UP my energy level by 85%, cleared my naturally oily break-out prone skin, got my digestive system running at an elevated level,  dropped 4 sizes(yep! and I was only trying to drop 2 sizes..), firmed/toned my body, made my hair healthier, etc.

The name of the book is “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Synder. She’s a clinical nutritionist , fitness expert, & founder of the holistic health company called KS 1Life. The concept of the book is NOT a diet but a change in eating to eat healthier. The book quickly became a best seller and I’ve now read it back to back..twice. I believe in testing books before purchase so I borrowed it from the library several times. And was on a waiting list every time I wanted to renew the is that HOT of a read.

I’ve got to add here that starting on the Glowing Green Smoothie drink is how I began 6 months ago..and it took alot of effort to continue past Day 1!. When I first began on the smoothie I had to literally eat it with a spoon! It was that thick when I made it according to the book. And I’d bought all organic veggies N I refused to let that money go to waste. Organic IS expensive..I’ve since tweaked the recipe so now I can actually drink it with a straw. I began with 6 oz a day and I’m now up to 55 oz a day..that I drink by noon. However, because I dropped so much weight(and don’t care to lose anymore) instead of 6 days a week I’m drinking it 3.5 days a week. I suggest starting off slowly and backing off a bit if you lose too much weight too fast like I did…

While I’ve not yet dropped meat from my the book hints is best(but I love meat too much!) I do take a daily probiotic as suggested in the book. Believe it or not ingesting that many raw greens can back your system UP..or least it did mine at first. One would think it would be the opposite but for me it wasn’t. Taking a daily probiotic packet did the trick for me. There is alot of effort & discipline involved to continue to make this smoothie to consume the amount I consume. Plus! it doesn’t stay fresh long in the fridge..max I’ve let it stay is 1 day. And I’ve not yet frozen it. I only bought organic my first batch. The amount I consume would cost FAR too much…so now I buy pre-cut pre-washed kale(yep, bitter but I use kale because it has the most nutrients…)  and spinach. I’ve added an extra apple/banana/and frozen strawberries to the recipe also. Still bitter! but not as bitter as it was. Once the results were so evident to me I quickly grew to endure the taste…it is worth it to me healthwise.

If anyone out there decides to try the smoothie feel free to ask questions here N I’ll do my best to answer them. And as with anything new you implement check with your doctor FIRST.  Enjoy the read & please let me know what you think about it…

home cooking: "get me glowing" green...
home cooking: “get me glowing” green smoothie (Photo credit: wyn ♥ lok)