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WaterCooler Chat***How Can People Believe in Truths Without Evidence?

Quite often pondering over deep questions can help us search inside for our own answers and meanings..Thought I’d drop this question to see how y’all weigh in..Of course , as usual, this was inspired by an actual conversation! How can people believe in truths without evidence? Later, I’ll add my 2 cents worth..

8 thoughts on “WaterCooler Chat***How Can People Believe in Truths Without Evidence?

  1. Ahhh, believing in truths without evidence! It’s what separates Mankind from animals! Beliefs and faith are what allows us to achieve incredible feats of greatness, and alternatively drive us to perform unthinkable acts of cruelty and madness.

    It’s what generates the adrenaline rush allowing a horrified mother to lift a 2 ton car off her injured child, and in other cases inspire otherwise rational adults to commit atrocities against neighboring countrymen ala Rwandan Hutu/Tutsi tribal genocide!

    We think, and therefore we act….for better or worse. It is both our blessing and burden of being human!

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    1. @ Passionfortruth..My 2 cents on this topic..Quite honestly I thought about laying this topic out in a riddle…Should’ve titled it , ” Things Many of us Believe Are Truths Without Evidence…” A lot of us, certainly me included, extend our sense of beliefs to unproven phenomenon..Things like karma/astrology/intuition & even fate..No iron-clad proof or evidence; yet to some degree we believe. Right?


      1. Actually I used to wonder about the validity of topics like karma/fate but after having discovered past life regression therapist’s work , channeler’s messages including my own reiki clients’ sessions, I no longer doubt it.. ha.. ha. Have a great day!

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