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GET OUT THE VOTE 2014 **Mid-Term Elections Matter Too!

Once upon a time I ran for political office..What was true then remains true all these years later..My slogan was ‘Your Vote is YOUR Voice’..And if you don’t vote you’ve NO right to complain or expect positive change..Early voting period has begun folks..One way to make sure you don’t have to stand in long lines November 4, 2014? VOTE NOW..In many places polls are open from sun up to sun down..Literally..I’ve included a brief video clip on why voting is so important..WE can make a difference! >>

5 thoughts on “GET OUT THE VOTE 2014 **Mid-Term Elections Matter Too!

  1. Just voted. After 30 years of voting in every election, I still get a thrill when I put on the “I Voted” sticker. The fact that my grandparents did not have this right makes it particularly poignant for me. My brother took his 18 and 21 year olds to vote with him for early voting. Definitely a family tradition.

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    1. Yay! I get that very same thrill..Add to that I’m of the belief IF we don’t use it, we can lose it..Wasn’t until a few shorts years back I learned ‘our’ vote wasn’t written in stone..Still isn’t..First Black President or not, we’ve still got a ways to go & work to be done..Just last night I was talking to someone about the number of folks that can’t vote, but want to! Those with prior felony convictions..This double jeopardy of serving ones’ time, yet not being able to live as a citizen(hard to find a job, loss of rights to vote, etc) is something I’d like to hear a Black(or anyone) politician fighting to repeal..Let me stop always thanks for sharing S.F. 🙂


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