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**WaterCooler Chat**IF You had 10 Minutes With The POTUS What Would You Talk About ?

IF you had 10 minutes to talk alone with President Barack Obama what would you talk about?? Do you think you’d be at a loss for words(nervous..) or able to free flow?

11 thoughts on “**WaterCooler Chat**IF You had 10 Minutes With The POTUS What Would You Talk About ?

  1. Just want to be clear..I am very much SO & have been from first time I saw him keynote speak at the 2004 Dem Convention; been an Obama supporter/cheerleader..Nevertheless, IF I was only granted 10 minutes alone with him? This is what I’d say….

    **Can you explain to me whatever happened to the great debate on race relations following the “beer summit”?? I’d have respected more had you followed through & it done no good at all; than to not have seen that as a golden opportunity..NOT to stop racism, but to encourage people that it is OK to talk about out in the open..Why this country seems to think ignoring things makes things go away & get better..It doesn’t..Yet, you did the same thing by avoiding race every step of the way..Whatever happened to the national council on race you said you’d set up before you were elected??? Certainly, you knew many of “us” depended on you to at the least keep your word about such matters…Certainly, you knew the exact keys words/phrases to get many of “us” to believe /hope; a time had come that the volatile nature of racial tension would be brought out into the open. Often times things that are revealed can’t fester and continue to build..Whatever happened to carpe diem?


  2. tell him to stop invading countries and killing men, women, and children for corporations….and ask him to shut down guantanamo Bay like he said he would….for starters.


    1. Mr Perfect! You know I always love your straight-no-sugar & no b.s. responses/thoughts/artistic creations..I wish I could link you and Chocolate Vent up! Anyways, I’d ask the same type of hard , tough questions that I’m STILL trying to wrap my brains around..Will post up the #1 question I’d ask soon as time permits..Pleasure to see you’ve visited my lil spot..

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    1. Now this is what I’m talking about lols! Virtual high 5@not sure if he could keep UP…I’d like to think the first question I’d ask him would be@ Is there anyway I could have more than 10 minutes???!

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    1. Ahhh really? I know it is a hypothetical question, but surprised me to see this answer from you..Think it would be because you’d be nervous or too many questions/topics to know which to ask first? (especially with such a limited time allotment)


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