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He Calls Me Ma..

My firstborn..

Inquisitive from the start

Not afraid to make his mark

Never often out of place

One step ahead in any race

Humble in every possible way


Not afraid to have his say

I watched with pride as he took his first steps

Even more so when he eased through college prep

Rose to his defense when he was late to utter words


When he began to speak he properly used verbs(& nouns)

In full sentences!

Was never an average child from birth until


Somehow I just knew he’d reach any goal he chose

And over the years he just rose and rose and rose

An outstanding mentor he’s been/IS to his brothers(and so many others)

No mother could’ve wished for a more perfect firstborn; no other!

With tear-filled eyes I watched his defense of his dissertation

Mere words couldn’t express my awe & fascination

Wow! I kept thinking>> that is MY son!

As we embark upon the few days left till his ‘last’ graduation

I feel compelled to write out my undying love & admiration

Thank you son for an amazing ride and plenty of adventures

You’ve worked so, so hard & diligently!

I’ve learned so much with you and from you..

Looking forward to vicariously enjoying all your future ventures

Your new dream job(woo hoo) & eventually your own family unit


Never stop calling me those two letters I adore; that only you call me


And with private joy! for fun

I’ll call you those two letters that carry a beautiful melody