Re-blogged by Berna from the psychologistmimi blog site..When time permits I’m going to comment; but in the interim shared an opinion I’m sure many feel about dress attire in the office..Well expressed & written piece Mimi!


Wait! Did I wear this dress yesterday?

Much has been made of the fact that both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have worn some of their dresses on more than one occasion. Apparently, it is a major social faux pays in the celebrity world to wear a dress out in public more than once. Admittedly, I have about ten high fashion dresses that I have only worn once to either a major event or a Red Carpet (not in Hollywood mind you). I had fabulous nights with those dresses and now they just hang not even shielded from my closet dust. There is no way I can realistically wear those dresses again to the same annual events. However, I keep hoping for that mailed invitation to some grand fete so that I may again wear one of those gloriously fabulous dresses with my equally fabulous six inch heels. For now…

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