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This week I will presenting findings from my study on race, class, gender and for-profit colleges. Slide01

There is a sense that race has something to do with for-profit college enrollment. There are the brown faces in ads and Claire Huxtable as the official voice of the University of Phoenix. Trend data certainly supports this visceral read of the for-profit college landscape: African Americans and Latinos are more likely to be enrolled in a for-profit college than are Whites.

Yet, empirical tests on race and enrollment choice are inconclusive.

What gives? Does race have anything to do with for-profit college enrollment?


I will discuss the theoretical weaknesses of rational choice models of college choice when status is variable. I base the framework on findings from my multiphase qualitative study of college admissions at for-profit colleges and interviews with for-profit students. I argue for a framework of credential-seeking logics, embedded motivation, and…

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