..**@Free Press and Save The Internet campaign director Tim Karr wrote about the court’s decision at the Huffington Post, and said that those who are in favor of a free and open internet need to take action to protect it or have it taken over by providers like Verizon (Free Press has an online petition you can sign…>>Re-blogged by Berna from the GIGAOM blog..Lets get busy folks ! OR stfu when the internet as we know it , changes drastically


The principle behind the phrase “net neutrality” is that internet service providers of all kinds should treat data flowing over the open internet equally, without giving preferential treatment to data from one provider or platform. On Tuesday, however, the Federal Communications Commission’s rules governing that kind of behavior were struck down by an appeals court in Washington, D.C. — as reported by Gigaom’s Jeff Roberts — in a case launched by Verizon.

This decision — if it remains unchallenged — raises the possibility that large internet service providers could charge certain companies extra for delivering their content to subscribers, and give preference to the content coming from those who are willing pay them a fee, or have cut some other kind of deal. In effect, the democratized nature of the internet would be replaced by a feudal system in which the ability to reach a consumer would be auctioned off…

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