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POLITICS 4 Dummies**How Ready Are You For 2016s Presidential Election???

The 2016 Presidential Election will be upon us before we know it..Are you ready? I admit I’m not! But I’m doing my homework early…Got me to wondering how many people out there, that vote, read/research/partake in due diligence prior to voting..Did y’all know that the electoral college was, in part, created (yep, by our Founding Fathers) on the premise that Americans would NOT make INTELLIGENT decisions..How’s many shades of dumb does that make you feel??? Didn’t make me feel dumb when I learned that; made me spitting MAD..As IF..For that simple reason and a slew of others I believe that the Electoral College is VERY outdated and no longer needed. Period..Mayhaps in an age where communication cross-country was by pony express, just maybe, it was necessary way back when..But these days with the ever-growing technology and the internet? NO WAY do we need the Electoral College; and that is just a tiny bit of things I think need to CHANGE to bring American politics from the 18th century to the 21st century. Certainly, what made sense back then is no longer true for the here and now>>

Yet my mind can’t help but trip over thoughts on this truly relevant topic..How MANY Americans even know what the Founding Fathers adopted? (or the whys..) How many Americans KNOW what the Electoral College IS? How many Americans know what the Constitution consists of? How many Americans know there are many national political parties other than Democratic & Republican? Like the American Beer Drinker’s Party/The Being Human Party/The Pot Party/The Party X/The Thermodynamic Law Party..& the list goes on..As I looked over the entire list I had thoughts of wtF! and OMG..All this splintering off, of viable votes, just because folks have become SO disenchanted with the current 2 party system..Not to mention those who don’t vote at all! >>

I refuse to NOT vote..Far too many of my ancestors(and yours..) have died for OUR right to vote..Double as much for me as a Black American Woman..Likewise though I also refuse to not make an educated vote..Or least as educated as I possibly can. With all my might I’m praying a lot more of my fellow Americans will do the same. There IS no excuse with the wealth of information at our fingertips and within library/bookstore walls..Still time to get onto the task of getting educated..I’m going to drop a link for any/all to peruse..And I welcome others to use this post to do the same. Let’s get ready for 2016 before we enter the voting booth! Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & Only)

Direct link to The Constitution via our White House website..A good place to begin for those that seek to learn more about our political system>>

4 thoughts on “POLITICS 4 Dummies**How Ready Are You For 2016s Presidential Election???

  1. There is a Party X???? I gotta google it!
    But Berna, you’re forgetting the 2014 election. That’s the year when we elect the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate – and if Democrats keep missing the off-year elections, they’ll keep getting the same useless Congress we have now.


    1. Lol, lol! Yes, there is a real true National political party of X! I can’t lie; my first thought was you when I saw it also..I didn’t check their link out; so please do satisfy my curiosity and hit back after you’ve googled them..But can you believe a party of beer drinkers??? Lawd, help us all! You are correct I did fast forward to the 2016 elections, in post, but not by my thoughts..Basically because I’m hopeful that IF folks get enlightened or curious about the political process; they’ll know(or discover..) that the 2014 election is very, very important. In all honestly EVERY election is..Once upon a time I ran for a political position & I ran on the slogan @ Your vote is your voice..I believe that still. Great looking out & thanks X! Btw , later on when time permits, I’m going to drop a couple more helpful links..


        1. That is odd indeed..Especially considering I found those on the list of all National Political parties on the White House website..I recall clicking on the Beer Drinkers link from there & laughing at their mission statement…


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