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By now most of y’all have heard of the case of Tampa’s John Andrew Weldon..Son of a prominent fertility doctor; who CHOSE to forge a prescription from his Father for the drug , Misoprostol.(also known as the abortion pill) What can only be described as a CLEAR case of premeditated murder..Weldon coaxed his girlfriend into taking the pill; LYING to her in telling her it was an antibiotic..For whatever his reasons were(so his ‘other’ current girlfriend wouldn’t discover pregnancy..) I find it beyond horrific & appalling..The nerve! First count? Forging a prescription. Second count? Making it HIS choice without regard to someone else’s body.. I could list a third count but I’m going to be stop myself short of going off on a rant..NOTHING about this character impresses me. And his Father had the cojones after the verdict today, GUILTY/GUILTY/GUILTY(because it was proven the abortion pill did indeed cause the miscarriage) , of saying he’s going to pray for a miracle..A miracle for his son to be allowed to have an ordinary & successful life. Wow! Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels..It is no secret that I’m a liberated feminist woman who believes in pro-choice..I just also happen to be the elated Ma/Moms/Mom of 3 young brothers; I couldn’t imagine my life or my world without them in it. However, at the beginning and end of every , single day it should rightfully BE a woman’s choice what to do with or about HER body. A man’s choice? Do NOT have SEX with a woman who you don’t wish to become the potential mother of his children. Period. There is NO gray area on this matter. Until men can bring life into the world, that is simply what it is. I’ve had debates over the years with men who feel otherwise..Thankfully none of them were my man, whew! The solution is simple enough and I’ve made dang sure I’ve preached it to my still children-less sons…DO NOT SEX ANYONE YOU DON’T WISH TO POTENTIALLY MOTHER YOUR SEED. I held my breath though waiting for this ruling to come about..An ugly precedent would’ve been set had the ruling been not-guilty. Couldn’t be more elated that this woman’s rights were acknowledged. Tiny step forward amidst a time in history when women’s rights are otherwise in jeopardy