..Helping to spread the WORD so people know exactly which political party cares NOTHING about their health care! I agree with Jueseppi, my #1 ObamaCrat, this is shameful. Indeed. Pay attention in 2014! >>Re-blogged by Berna from the Sachems word of the day blog**


Guess which political party cares nothing about your health care?

How many of those 5 million people without health care in those states are wounded military, family members relatives, friends or you?

Medicaid Growth Creates Gap of 5M Without Coverage




About 5 million people will be without health care next year that they would have gotten simply if they lived somewhere else in America.

The Supreme Court left it up to states to decide whether to open Medicaid, the federal-state program for the poor and disabled, to more people, primarily poor working adults without children.

Twenty-five states declined. That leaves 4.8 million people in those states without the health care coverage that their peers elsewhere are getting through the expansion of Medicaid, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation estimate. More than one-fifth of them live in Texas alone, Kaiser’s analysis found.

Care to guess which political party…

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