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…I began a list of New Years resolutions..Then decided I’m only going to share the one in the #1 slot..Often I’ve said, the thing a person can give me to show they truly care for/about me? Quality time..Funny thing is I began to believe/say that long before the internet & smart phone revolution! These days in addition to quality time one has to demand & give their FULL attention. How smart are we if we allow our smartphones (or anything else…) to rule our lives? And quality time alone means nada if a person’s cell phone is constantly demanding their attention>>

Ever been out to dinner(or where ever…) & noticed couples both heads bent down on their cell phones??? I’ve often wondered WHY even go out? Nothing irks me more than to spend time with someone who can’t seem to NOT answer their cell phone..Really?? And yet…I find myself quite often checking my cell for texts my dang self…Ugh, talk about hypocrisy! It’s gotten to a point I just turn my cell on mute(which I do for work /church anyways) when I’m spending ‘alone time’ with special folks..How did it ever become so acceptable to give so much attention to our social gadgets? (i.e..cells/Ipads/laptops) I’ve decided it IS only acceptable IF we allow it & do IT..Isn’t that how new norms get formed? So my #1 New Years resolution IS= Pay full attention to those that I give my attention to. Sounds simple enough, right? Now all that is left is to follow through..Until I read/write y’all again stay blessed & happy new years! 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)