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I probably should begin this rant with a disclaimer..I’m an imperfect Christian striving daily to give to others the love I feel inside. Whilst also continually moving progressively towards reaching my God-given potential.. End of disclaimer>>

Once again while I was driving to Mass(church) Sunday I saw panhandlers along my route..I’m always struggling to get to my wallet(while at a stoplight) to give..One of the signs , in particular, caught my eye & pulled at my heart strings..A lady holding a sign that said “Mother of 3 . Recently unemployed. No money for Christmas. Need $188.50 for rent.” Far cry from the usual will work for pay signs..Finally managing to open my wallet I had NO cash! Didn’t have time to find an ATM to get cash either..I started looking around at the other cars silently wishing someone else had cash on them..Wishing with all my heart someone else would STOP to give this mother a couple dollars..It was a steady stream of traffic in 3 lanes..True to my past bean-counting background(Accounting); I quickly added up the amount of bucks she could’ve gained..IF only people had dug in their pockets and gave ..After all this IS the season of giving ! And loving! And caring! I wondered if I was the only one feeling like absolute shiiiite that I had nothing to give to this woman. A stranger and yet? What if it had been me out there standing on a corner trying to scrape up the rest of rent money…A mother wanting to provide the basic of needs to her children. A roof over their heads..It saddened me to notice that not one car stopped to give her any assistance. Not one! It got me to thinking>>

This IS known as the season of love and compassion..It would be so beautiful if we all harden not our hearts when we see someone else in need..It is my belief the greatest gifts are given without expecting a gift in return…Tis the season to do just that.