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List of X

Since his election in early 2013, Pope Francis has made quite a few controversial statements. For example, in his recent writings, Francis criticized the excesses of free market, the “idolatry of money”, and called for measures alleviating poverty and wealth inequality – all of which happens to be anathema to modern conservative gospel.  And finally, some prominent conservative pundits, like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, (who apparently believe they have a guaranteed admission to Heaven), have found the courage to disagree with the Holy See’s heresy.  Here are 10 Republican complaints about Pope Francis.

1)  “Pope criticized the free market, and as we all know, Jesus was an early advocate of the free market.  Don’t you remember the biblical story about Jesus driving money-changers out of the temple, so that their enterprise won’t be restricted by the temple’s walls?”

2)  “Did you know that the Pope washed the feet of criminals?…

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