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DISclaimer: This post isn’t meant to offend any woman out there experiencing symptoms of Menopause..I’m sharing this in the spirit of sharing & hopefully enlightening others going through IT..My best cure at this moment and many moments of my life ; is to use humor. IF not at this point??? I’d probably spend this entire day in tears(hormones & emotions are literally all over the place today..) But I just refuse to sink down to that level..I’m from good stock and that simply isn’t an option! )

So hang onto your cap, hats, wigs & weaves folks cause I am truly ON one today..Here I go

I had to cancel ALL of my plans for last night & today..I am SO not happy about that! Heck, I was supposed to go skating for the first time in years tonight(and Lord knows I was looking forward to that!) Had to pay my respects to a loved one last night; I missed that! I was due a candle-lit gourmet dinner tomorrow night & more than likely I’ll have to cancel..Ugh! Dayuuuum! *SIGH* All I can barely manage on this day is keeping still as possible..I can’t lie; half the day I’ve been butt-naked. Next minute?? I’m scrambling to lay under my blankets & comforters..Don’t know whether I’m coming or going today..Fighting tears; for what?? Everything! Next minute? I can’t stop laughing at stupid commercials..My thoughts/emotions are flowing from A to Z..One minute? I’m combing the internet looking for a puppy I can adopt..STOP myself mid-keystroke..I really don’t want to have to curb my busy lifestyle to tend to a pet..BUT awwww I could love on him & pet him & walk him. Willing myself to STOP those thoughts..Next minute? I’m combing the internet to find solutions to these symptoms..Lawd, right now I am HATING menopause!>>

The facts are indisputable..Menopause symptoms are REAL. Though there was a time in our history, that it was perceived that women were just crazy..That mayhaps women were dreaming UP these symptoms..I recall not understanding years back when my Mom went through THIS..One minute she was hot & the next cold..I didn’t take it seriously nor did I realize how gracefully she endured..Let the record SHOW; I apologize Mama. I believe !>>

75% of women will experience menopause symptoms in their lives..That is alot of chicks! Yet the most effective cure is risky ..Estrogen therapy IS now associated with breast cancer & heart attacks. WtF? So either a woman has to take a chance of those two BAD options; just to feel GOOD /normal/100%/like herself??? Pfft! Three months ago before my full-hysterectomy, I vowed I’d wing this without hormonal replacement..After all I’ve birthed sons sans meds so I can DO it! BUT that was before the hot flashes began to hit..And now they’re increasing & intensifying..OMG oh the wondrous joys of being a woman!>>

For anyone that hasn’t experienced a hot flash..IF you’re a woman odds ARE; one day you will. Know what it feels like? Feels like all of a sudden you’re ON FIRE from the inside out..And it hits suddenly; and slowly runs its course. It is said MAX length of one is 5 minutes..But honestly? I’m willing to bet no woman going through one has timed it..Feels like an eternity! When mine first started I used to try to play it off..I get surprised mid-sentence; all of a sudden just HOT as hell. But people always noticed anyways, lol. It is tough to look “cool” when your body is on fire. Now? I don’t even try to fake it..I announce it@ Look I’m going through a flash so give me a minute to melt.Shiiiiit. >>

I’ve got questions..WHY is it that women have suffered/dealt with menopause since the beginning of time; yet there isn’t a practical, safe solution? WHY is it we have to go through this trial & error stuff? WHY is it products we’re told help? Later polls/surveys discover they’re NOT helping? Example= Soy products. WHY is it antidepressants is listed as a viable solution?? I’m NOT going on drugs to make me a walking zombie..Plus women are then addicted to those! I don’t need a mood enhancer..My MOOD was fine before I was going through dizzy hot spells..WHY is it women at younger & younger ages are experiencing menopause symptoms? (I know women in their late 20s & 30s who have..) WHY is it SO many women are getting ovarian cysts & fibroids? (thus making hysterectomy necessary) Could it BE all of the chemicals they’re pumping INTO our meats/foods? Hmmmmmm…WHY can’t we take money from the Space Program & instead INVEST in women’s health??? Truth IS majority of us can’t afford a round-trip ticket to outer-space. BUT we all know a woman we want to be healthy & happy, right? Aging is normal..And when Momma is happy; everyone is happy. And when she isn’t…she is doing a heck of a job COPING. Oh, the joys of being a woman. WE can and WILL do this! >>

So far what I’ve learned..There ARE things a woman can do to cope with menopause naturally…Drink less caffeine. Much as I love my coffee; post-surgery I’ve cut down alot..Alot. Drink more water. I practice but am amping up my amount..Drink more green raw veggies..I thankfully have been doing this for almost 2 years..Never knew it was good for menopause symptoms..It IS..I’ll be amping up my amount..Exercise! I already do; but will be amping up the amount of exercise I do..I learned today it is the BEST solution to menopause symptoms..Even when ‘ya feel like shit & don’t feel the energy to lift your ass out of horizontal position(which is the position I’ve been in most of this day) Get UP and exercise..I used my lightweights & hoola hoop today; although I feel like warmed over crap-O-la..If I can do it; everyone can. Eat more beans, fruits, miso soup…I’ve read thousands of posts online about how women cope with menopause; sans drugs/meds. Macrobiotic diet is something I’m soon going to try a couple days a week. Will update y’all to let you know how it feels. Yoga also seems to work for a great deal of women..Honestly, this is something I dabbled in earlier this year & then forgot about it. If its working for anyone reading this, feel free to share your experience..Matter of fact ; I’d like to hear feedback from anyone reading any menopause remedies..Venting this out has made me feel alot better! I knew it would. Will probably be back to my hyper-energized self tomorrow..This too shall/WILL pass>>Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)