A poem from my heart about all that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving season & every single day! >>Re-blogged by Berna from Journeying Thoughts**

Journeying Thoughts

With November being the month known for thankfulness, we have asked parishioners to give reflections each week at the end of Mass on what they are thankful for. So each Sunday of the month a person or family will come forward and give a very brief “thankfulness reflection”. This past Sunday was the first and one of the expressions was in the form of a poem. I asked the author (Bernadette Guillory) for her permission to post it on this blog. Thank you Bernadette for agreeing.

Every day I wake and before my feet even hit the floor

I begin thanking God long before I rush out the front door

I’m thankful for being awakened to see another day

And for all the prayers that keep me out of harms way

So thankful I am to be in my parents midst and not miles away

To enjoy them to the…

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