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>>What I Miss Most About MARRIAGE>>By Special Request*

Even though it is by special request I’m writing this..I had a ball writing it! Conjured UP beautiful memories of beautiful moments/beautiful people/beautiful feelings felt & mutually shared..As I wrote I realized , much as I desire to be married one ‘mo time(last time!) , it isn’t often I think back & reflect..I think I’ve been so hell-bent on a fast-forward momentum ; that I didn’t dare tread too much on past memories of being IN love..Isn’t it said when looking backwards one can fall? And yet…2night felt pretty good to reminisce for a minute! As I did I recollected why I still hold matrimony as the highest of all relationships. Here is a brief list of the things I miss most about marriage>>

#1..The rest of this list won’t be in any certain order..But this one certainly TOPS my list of things I miss most about marriage. I miss with ALL my heart being linked UP with my forever best friend! Which is what I consider a husband..And thanks to a mighty greatttt God I’ve been blessed to have experienced. That feeling of KNOWING my love partner has my back whether I’m at my best or worst; is a feeling of utter complete ecstasy. I can’t even describe it any further without getting emotional about it. Enough said & moving right along>>

2..Having someone to do the driving! Folks that know me & how I feel about traffic & highways know how much I hate IT. I’ll be so, so happy, elated! to once again take the passenger seat..I’ve discovered I sincerely enjoy being able to NOT pay attention to where we’re going..I can’t sight-see when I’m driving! All I can focus on is the crazy drivers around me & they probably feel the same way about me. Lol! >>

3..I miss having someone to put the trash out. With a houseful of men(husband & 3 sons..) I’ve not put trash out for 20 years..And I am ready for someone else to have that responsibility. Forever..>>

4..I miss having someone to go to the market with..Now at the market I find myself reading the backs of all the boxes & packages..WtH? Much as I love to read I’d NOT do that IF I were married..I’d be yapping my husband’s ear off instead. >>

5. I miss holding hands. This stands alone as just that. I miss holding hands with a husband.Period. >>

6. I miss fussing about putting the toilet seat down! I miss being fussed at for rolling the toothpaste tube UP..All the little bantering back & forth that married couples get used to doing. A routine of each others annoying habits..NEVER thought I’d miss that; but yes really do. >>

7. I miss always having someone to lift the heavy stuff. To reach the high spots I can’t reach at 5’4..To go check if a noise is heard late at night in the house(I’m a scaredy cat!) To open doors because chivalry truly isn’t dead. >>

8.. I miss being introduced as someone’s WIFE. Odd as much as I’ve enjoyed(& needed) being single? I’m looking forward to being a Mrs. again. >>

9. I sincerely miss the easy & natural banter between husband & wife. Knowing that no matter disagreement or not; he still loves me all the time. And the banter is a nice , familiar flow that just feels good. Love IS not always what one does. Or what one says..But how one feels when with another . No second guessing to know if its real or not. It is just GOOD. >>

10…This probably should’ve been #2 on the list in rank of importance. Probably more so because I’m in a celibate state of being. I SO dearly miss the union of husband & wife coming together as ONE. For me it is a feeling felt 2nd only to bringing life into the world. Without a doubt.

Well that is a wrap for now..Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)

6 thoughts on “>>What I Miss Most About MARRIAGE>>By Special Request*

  1. Awwwww thanks to YOU & Jueseppi for re-blogging this on your sites..It truly IS one of my fave topics..Love and Marriage. I’m thankful I was asked to blog on it..It is good to remember..I’d coincidently watched the classic movie ‘An Affair to Remember’ before I wrote this..What a romantic movie! And one of the best movies of all time in my opinion…Complicated as love can be & yet done with taste.. 🙂


    1. Jueseppi! How cool to see you re-blogged this..I just, just finished it..Been so busy this week I’d not had time to blog..STILL haven’t caught up with reading here..Coming your way now though to attempt..How the heck are you??


        1. Awww well I’m really glad, as always, that you re-blogged this one..This is a topic@Marriage that I don’t feel gets far enough favorable publicity these days..It is so much easier to not get married; but live as married or to divorce when things get tough..I’ve now been divorced roughly 18 yrs..And I’ve turned down more proposals since then; then I can count on one hand…For a long time after my divorce I was still in love with my husband..Took someone else to reveal that to me..Isn’t hard to imagine for I was in love with him when we divorced…And mind you I divorced him on purposed & with purpose..Even though he asked me the night before we finally signed the papers IF I was really sure…Pride & a bruised ego & youthful willfullness led me to sign the final papers..And I also believe it was met to be & it was meant to be no more..I’m all grown up now & we’ve been great parenting partners & good friends for most of my adult life..God works in mysterious ways and now I’m all grown UP. I’m ready to be married again after long last..Anyways glad I was asked to write on this topic..I think its good for the youth to see one can learn from the parting of ways of a love relationship. Marriage. And one can always be friends with someone they once were in love with. And a couple can mutually raise children together , in a positive manner, even after divorce..So many people are shocked we get along so well! My simple response is how could you not be friends with someone you’ve shared so much love with?


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