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On October 1st, the federal government has finally opened an insurance exchange website HealthCare.gov, where people who did not have health insurance could finally buy affordable health insurance. However, the website roll out has been plagued with technical glitches and problems, and many people who tried to use the website have complained that it takes forever to load and keeps losing the connection.  Unlike the developers of the HealthCare.gov, I was able to fix the glitches in my previous post, so here are finally 10 reasons why the HealthCare.gov doesn’t work properly:

1)  Considering that Republicans have voted over 40 times to repeal Obamacare, the website developers were waiting to see if the law actually gets repealed, and therefore did not start coding until the last possible minute.

2)  Department of Health and Human Services insisted that the website is written in plain English so that ordinary…

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