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The story of 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick is beyond tragic..More I hear about it the more my heart breaks; just breaks! I’m not ashamed to admit I cried when the story unfolded…A 12-year-old resorts to suicide after being bullied by a DOZEN youth online..A dozen! I just can’t wrap my mind around the pain her parents must feel..Helpless probably can’t describe IT..At 12 yrs old one’s life has barely begun; and now this young girl is gone. Forever..How in the heck did things come to this point??? Bullying is FAR out of control..>>

WE live in a world which is full of sordid , tainted, VILE, and violent images and behavior..IF we don’t dispute it & stand quietly as it happens? WE are part of the problem. My mind is swirling with thoughts upon thoughts about this topic..VIOLENCE is everywhere..And some of it is associated with activities known as sport! It is NO small surprise it is manifesting itself in the youth>>

Recently a trio of 15-year-old youth were given probation for a VICIOUS beat down of a 13-year-old youth. On a school bus! At 50 years of age I couldn’t even watch the entire clip of the beating on the news..It was brutal. Mayhaps it is the maternal nuturing part of me that watched that video clip horrified..Mayhaps it is the fact that I didn’t believe in physical discipline for my own sons..I just don’t believe that violence begets anything other than; VIOLENCE. Bad digression…as much as I hate to convict children as adults I feel the aforementioned trio should HAVE been convicted as adults. Double that by also sentencing their adult parents right along with them! A sentence of probation is sending a clear message. That message? It IS alright to beat down another person and get away with it..Not even on the worst of days is that acceptable. Not today, not back-in-the-day and not in the future</strong>..>>

I wonder if parents realize that allowing children to view certain things can desensitize them to violence..Can in a sense “teach” them violence is acceptable behavior? From watching violence in video games to beating children as a form of discipline to watching /hearing parents physically fight to watching violent movies..Violence is everywhere! Even yesterday as I watched the Sunday football games..OMG..A couple of hard helmet hits & heads snapping back in unnatural positions(and people upset about it being called as a penalty..Wth??) Football IS full of violence..And? This weekend Mayweather got a FILTHY amount of green to BEAT someone down! I care less it is considered a sport; it IS a brutal act. And it is considered acceptable..Where does this mindset end though? >>

The answer is clear..The mindset can result in a 12 year old loss of life due to suicide. The mindset can result in beat downs that result in DEATH. (Like the FAMU band hazing incident..) The mindset can result in folks believing bashing or beating homosexuals is alright..It is NOT. Like many things the answer to the solution isn’t as clear though..It is my belief that keeping quiet about it though is not the answer. How many more young children are going to DIE before the mindset changes? To live in a world where LOVE rules over VIOLENCE will take a lot of us sounding off about it..Anything less just isn’t acceptable. Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)