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It is NATURAL …not…NAPPY *Black Hair*

The topic about Black American women and OUR hair issues keeps coming UP; so might as well go ahead and open it up for discussion…Again! Hang on tight though because I’m truly on 1 & going to write it out as I ride it out>>

Viola Davis: ‘I Took My Wig Off Because I No Longer Wanted to Apologize for Who I Am‘>>

Viola Davis recently said this & when I heard it? My eyes filled UP with tears! I didn’t realize until that moment that IS exactly what WE are doing anytime WE don’t wear our natural hair…And? That includes relaxing it. Even IF it’s a mild relaxer; which by the way would include ME. Oh, but this is such a personal topic..>>

First things first..The word NAPPY was not created to describe Black hair..That, sadly enough, is something Blacks did on their own. Using the word NAPPY as a negative note to Black hair in its natural state. Why, one might ask, would Black folks describe their OWN hair in a negative manner? Hmmmmm It would take going far back-in-the-day to pin down exactly when it was determined that wearing Black hair in its natural state was a BAD thing..Was it something Blacks sat down & thought of on their own? Or were they conditioned to believe their hair was ugly? >>

Allow me to backtrack for a minute…When I was a pre-teen the IN thing was to sport a fro! Yes, the 70s was a time of picks, fro’s, and afro sheen! Anyone out there remember those days??? Lawd, I had a natural curly fro SO big that it resembled this picture..(I really wish I could find the picture of me with me fro; if I find it later I’ll post it here..

Then suddenly it was no longer hip or cool to sport a fro…Next thing I know I’d have to sit for hours! having my hair hot pressed in our kitchen by my Mom..Took hours because I had/have a ton of hair..I clearly recall(even though it was a longgg time ago) the smell of the grease mixing with the heat & flinching if the hot comb got too close to my face>>

Fast forward a few years & next began getting my hair relaxed..Another process that took hours upon hours. By the time I left home as a young woman? I did NOT know how to style my own natural hair..Not only that I’d grown so used to having it in relaxed form; it became my idea of what it meant for me to look GOOD. To even think of wearing it in its natural thick state was a no-no…

Fast forward to the year 2013..There is a BIG movement of Black women wearing their hair in its natural state..Even my own Mom at 72 yrs of age finally went natural this year..And beautiful woman that she IS; she looks amazing and FREE>>

Recently Sheryl Underwood(who I dig as a comedian) made ugly comments about natural Black hair..Which she has since apologized for..BUT the damage is done! Problem is she said it in front of America; and more importantly TONS of Black children heard/saw/read her say it…I realize many Black parents don’t realize the message they send Black children when…a. relax or straighten their children’s hair b. use the word nappy to describe Black hair c. use the terms good & bad grains of hair…However, it keeps the mindset going from generation to generation that natural Black hair is not a good thing. And I’m of the opinion that doing so? Can cause severe identity issues..So much so that some Black adults do NOT even realize they’re held captive in the chains of slavery>>

Personally? I am absolutely ELATED every time I see a younger Sista sporting a natural hair style..And the conversations I’ve had with some of them & they say they REFUSE to straighten their daughter’s hair; due to the message it sends them? I love IT..Wigs & weaves has never been my style; but same message is being sent. And costly! Relaxers also though..Every 8 weeks I’m dropping mega bucks for someone else to do MY hair..That is money I could be buying shoes with. Lol! The good news? I’m inching closer & closer to transitioning over..BUT I refuse to cut my hair; I love the versatility of having long hair ..Can choose to wear it in so many , many styles; and I do. But once I find a professional that won’t charge me a grip to teach me how to make the transition? I WILL BE SPORTING A NATURAL ‘DO. Like these..>>

Anyone recently transition from relaxed to natural? If so, feel free to drop some tips..Lets rap!

35 thoughts on “It is NATURAL …not…NAPPY *Black Hair*

  1. I love natural black hair. I understand seeing a hairstyle that you would want to replicate- black or white- but the psychology behind hiding natural blackness escapes me. I am white, so I have a natural deficit and will never fully understand. However, hopefully, collectively we are moving on and as women, we will be able to fully appreciate who we are – not who we would like to be- and that will be enough. I would like to think that I would wear my hair natural if I were a black woman, but we will never know. I think we are all beautiful in our own way.


  2. Well, there still are contradictions, thought they may not be yours. But much of what you state simply comes down to what was said earlier, which is, to each his own. At any rate, I will still be tired of the topic. No it won’t go away.. .at least until the next big trend. And those who CHOOSE to have the conversation will continue. So stick a fork in me, I’m done.


    1. I’m done also..Been done! But this topic won’t go away..The hair issue? It IS alive and well..Past 2 years I’ve heard it personally more times than I care to count..I think it is ridiculous! Mayhaps because I focus on just MY own hair; I honestly don’t fixate on anyone else’s. Sure would be nice if others folks paid me the same regard..But it is what it is. And yep, its highly personal. And in parting & closing this post out; for any young girl or woman reading this ? Do YOU & don whatever hair style YOU feel best suits you..And let the haters motivate YOU to let your little light shine. *the END* for now? Lol!


  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
     Thank you for posting this. I had forgotten,  probably because I was so distressed by the strange reversal when I moved to FL, but when I was a little kid growing up in a tiny farm town in Lumbee territory (eastern NC) the only kids brave enough to be nice to me were black girls. “Not from around here”, neither white enough nor obviously black, AND autistic; I might as well have been a Martian.  I admired them on so many levels-not only brave enough to be kind to me, but living in a town where despite it really being the late 1970’s jim crow was still evident and feminism wasn’t even a word but they didn’t let anyone push them around. I always wished I could be beautiful like them. Being farm kids we all worked on someone’s farm as did a lot of the parents so I don’t know if maybe some had natural hair just because of no time to do hair, but I always thought it was so much prettier than white girls hair that just lays there all flat and boring (or mine that somehow managed to be unmanageable and unkempt looking while laying there mostly flat and boring as well, lol)They showed me how to make different kinds of braids and during recess and lunch they’d all braid one another’s hair, and put cool beads and stuff in. Being aspie I was always too uncoordinated to braid well enough, but that they showed me how and let me try left a big impression on me. I hope all those girls made it thru their teens with their self respect and confidence intact. It never occurred to me til now that they would have had the hair put downs on top of the everything else:-( Because of them, and my awesome Native Mom when people would talk or write about black girls wanting to look like Barbie I thought it was crazy-barbie is so yechh looking compared to them. I wanted to have hair like the women in the pictures in this post-living, vibrant, regal. I remember seeing the grown up women with hair like that back then and they always looked like princesses, or queens to me-just like my mom you knew looking at them not to try them or it would suck to be you:-) They were  obviously proud of who they were no matter what colonized society had to say.I don’t have hair like that but a few years ago I had a friend who was promoting the idea of everyone going totally without chemicals on hair-not even shampoo.At first I couldn’t imagine it-I thought if I didn’t shampoo every day I’d be gross. But the funniest thing happened when I had to choose between shampoo for me or cat food. I followed that friends instructions about vinegar etc and my hair started acting and looking more like my Mom’s and my friends’ hair.It finally looks alive-when I look in the mirror it looks right, like its really me instead of just being frustrating or depressing.When I told my husband how amazed I was he said “See? You decolonized your hair” 🙂


  4. Thank you for this article Bernie! I did go natural. It will be a year this October 1. My stylist cut all the relaxer out of my hair. I was left with about 3 maybe 4 inches. The crazy thing is, underneath it all, my natural hair is very soft, curly and beautiful! I absolutely love it! I actually have locs so there are days when I wonder how would it have been if I hadn’t have taken this route, but I have a ton of hair, so this is more manageable. What I enjoy most is not worrying about whether or not my hair is smooth, or slick back, or if I need to put gel on my edges. I don’t have to remember if it’s time for a touch up or check to see if my roots are getting thick. It’s all me!!!! The only thing that bothers me is when a woman with black skin wears her fro, few people comment, however if a mixed child wears it then all of a sudden it’s a beautiful thing. I write to the media all the time and let them know black women are beautiful no matter how hard they keep trying to create another image for us. I say go natural girls! It’s worth it! I love myself more now that I’m not altering me every 8 weeks.


    1. Dana!!!!! I was SO hoping you’d read & hit this piece..When I spoke of younger sista’s refusing to relax/straighten their daughter’s hair? I was speaking directly about YOU..Meeting you while in Phoenix was such an enlightening time..The myriad of topics we covered in that week..Whoa/WOW/and I loved IT..Anyways, I digress badly sometimes..It is wonderful being able to share things , of this nature, online..Your ‘herstory’ will be read by many; and hopefully shed a personal touch on this topic that going natural isn’t as scary as it can seem..OUR hair can be managed & maintained for a professional look..One of the biggest hurdles to be leaped is for it to be accepted in the workplace/corporate level..I personally saw your hair & I recall commenting to you how beautiful it was! And how proud I was of you for sporting it..I’m so NOT surprised you wrote the media about the issue, for you ARE a mover & shaker..And the more folks who let the media know it is NOT acceptable to portray us or anyone in such a negative light? One day they’ll finally stop doing it..It is when folks buy into that madness that feeds the media into continuing..That is why I chose only pictures with natural hairstyles..All beautiful women with beautiful natural hair…Again, so very happy you commented! Hugs!


    1. Oh Jueseppi…I’m so very pleased to see you’ve not only read but re-blogged this post..This topic? A very special one & dear to me..In my heart of hearts , I honestly didn’t realize how significant this topic was to ME; until I began to see all of the Sista’s going natural these days. It IS a movement & I love it..I recall clearly when President Obama had just taken office, as POTUS, a picture I saw..It was of him bending down to let a little boy touch his hair. The little boy had asked if he could touch it. Why? So that he could really, really know President Obama was a Black man as President. Powerful moment ! For the little boy & for Americans, for the WORLD to see..That is how much OUR hair has come to impact us. Deep topic indeed. Thank you for understanding enough so to re-blog it for others to read. I so appreciate YOU..(P.S. I won’t let the ice cream melt after all 🙂 )


        1. Ahhhh I see …That is quite a skill making lemonade out of lemons..Good for you ! All this talk about milk shakes is making my mouth water..A caramel machiotta with whipped cream on it sounds sooooo mmmmmm right about now. I think I deserve a treat


  5. I shared most of my rant earlier, but I will say that sporting permed hair in my earlier years was due to ignorance. I was led to believe that my natural hair was unmanageable and unpretty. When I went natural, folks were initially worried about how I would handle it. But with time, I started getting great compliments. Today, I rock my ‘fro with pride; I’m an original. Part of the reasons I went au naturel were because of cost, damage due to chemicals, and also cos I was living in small white town where nobody knew how to do my hair. It just made sense to go back to my roots.


    1. ..Right, right..and I applaud YOU for having the courage..Later I’ll tell you about my first & ONLY experience with an unexperienced White hairdresser in Kansas long ago..(yep, Kansas! I’d just been stationed there in the Military) But anyways your young daughter is watching you & your actions; which is how I learned(in no spoken words..) that relaxed was better. (because since I was about 12 yrs old my hair has been relaxed; and thats a long time!..though thankfully its not damaged because I condition the heck out of it) Bad digression but here is a wonderful & powerful story..Recently I was in Phoenix for a course in my job field..I met a heckified proud young Sista(26ish..) who I clicked with from word 1..She was sporting the cutest curly fro/no makeup and cute as a button! We sat one night & talked & talked about everything from books by Black authors(& she gave me some great new books to read..) to our hair. She said she went natural because one day while she was relaxing her hair, her daughter asked why she was putting that white stuff in her hair? She said she realized then what she was teaching her child..So she went cold turkey on relaxers! I was so impressed that she had learned that at such an early age…And here I was at almost 50 yrs old & just barely getting the nerve to do it my dang self! We live & learn..


      1. That’s a great story. Everyday I’m so blown away by the wisdom of children. They’re such repositories of raw truth. I too learned that relaxed was better from my mom. And you’re right, when we know better, we do better. My mom is now also sporting the locks God gave her. And she has such beautiful hair as well!


  6. Thanks for posting this piece. And yes, this is a hot topic right now, but it has always been an important issue. Sheryl Underwood was out of order with her comments, and when you see the facial expressions that accompanied the remarks, looks like self-hate and def sounded like it. Especially when she went on to say to Sharon Osbourne that she could understand why Sharon would save her children’s hair because it’s probably long and silky and good. And to top it off, she just went on about nappy and beady and disgusting with regards to Heidi Klum saving her half-black kids hair. She took us back another 100 years with that BS. It is not alright for her to say period, not on TV or in her home where young precious ears could hear.

    Women can choose to do what they want with THEIR hair, just stop sending messages that Black Hair that is not wavy and curly – like those of mixed race or straight, long and shiny, that it is NOT beautiful! Yes, our hair is thick and can be tight and curly, and yes, hard to manage especially after washing, but it is how our hair is, and we have to embrace it and learn to work with it; along with teaching our precious daughters and other young girls that their hair is beautiful and can be manageable, and show them how to take care and wear it. If more adult women weren’t brainwashed into thinking that their hair is unacceptable, ugly or wrong, like the messages you get from the workplace cause they don’t understand our culture or hair type, then we would have always been wearing our natural hair and wouldn’t have to change because of what SOCIETY (basically white society) views as the right type of hair!

    Thank God for the many women who have chosen to rock their natural hair apologetically, continue to STAND and EMBRACE your true self:)

    Thank you Viola Davis for taking a stand, and to the countless others who have been doing so for so long, strutting their confidence and loving their BLACKNESS!


    1. Preach! I was so, so hoping you’d comment & WOW you delivered..I concur 100%. It , as with many other things, begins at HOME. The final straw for me? My highest female role model going natural this year. My Mom..and she made it look SO easy that I know I can also do it with ease..


      1. Thanks:) I’m so happy that you posted on this topic, I really enjoyed reading your post and thrilled to hear that your mom has gone natural after 73 years!!! God bless her:)

        Good luck with your transition.


  7. Hhhmmm….this is certainly a hot topic this week! While I think that Sheryl Underwood was wrong for saying what she said in public, I don’t necessarily disagree with her. *insert gasp here*

    I don’t harbor “self-hate” against my own hair, it’s just that some hair textures are “better” than others. It’s just that everyone’s definition of “better” is different. To some people “better” hair means easier to deal with, to other’s it may mean thicker & full of body. Some people think that “better” hair means longer or simply a different color (i.e. – red heads).

    It’s unfortunate that her comments came out the way they did, but she was certainly voicing her opinion. Why does Black America feel as if it’s always “self-hate” because we don’t all prefer our own hair types? I do wish that she hadn’t said this on national television. The world doesn’t need to know about our problems. I read an article mentioning that other races don’t speak out against each other – which is why I even hesitated to comment.

    Oh & for the record, my hair is natural (no perm), but I do rock a press & curl. =)


    1. Waving C.V.! Please don’t ever hesitate to comment here..You know by now any/ALL comments are always welcome here..And Lord knows I take those same liberties in your spot, lol…I totally do NOT agree with what Sheryl Underwood said though & I’ll explain why..But first, for those who haven’t yet heard of it, let me post a brief re-cap.>>

      Sheryl Underwood recently said @*“I want to apologize for my recent attempt at humor that missed the target and hit my people squarely in the heart. To all of you I say, I’m very sorry for my failed attempt at humor surrounding something that’s very sensitive to us: our hair,” Sheryl Underwood stated Wednesday on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

      Dang, it’s hard out here for a comedian sometimes. Just ask Sheryl Underwood.

      As we all know she’s under serious fire for her now infamous comments about natural black hair that she made on the daily CBS gabfest she co-hosts, “The Talk.” Where ever she meant for her comments to go, they didn’t get there. Where they went were downhill … when she questioned why Heidi Klum, the mother of biracial children, saved clippings of her children’s natural hair.

      “Why would you save afro hair?” she asked. “You don’t never see us at the hair place, saying, ‘What I need is this curly, nappy, beady hair.’ That just seems nasty.”

      When co-host Sarah Gilbert countered that she has saved her child’s hair clippings, Sheryl said this: “[That’s] probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff.”

      My opinion? There is NO way that Sheryl Underwood did NOT know what she was saying..There was NO way she didn’t know it would hurt MANY black women! Apology or not it was wrong on so many levels..First of all she made the comment to a White woman who has bi-racial children..Said woman@ Heidi Klum was rightfully proud of her children’s locks! As MANY women have SAVED their child’s first locks from their first hair cut..I also DID the very same thing with all 3 of my sons..And still to this day have those locks ; but then again I also have the first baby tooth the 3 of them lost..(but don’t tell them cause they probably still think the Tooth Fairy has them…) Anyways to add injury to insult; Sheryl then went on to say to a White women with non bi-racial children; that her child’s locks were probably beautiful..WtH? I’m sorry Sheryl knew exactly what she was doing..but ANY of us that do NOT sport our natural hair in its natural state are ALL just as guilty. Actions speak volumes regarding this topic..And just cause we don’t all say it out loud like Sheryl; the prevailing majority mindset for a long time has been that Black hair isn’t beautiful. Now at the end of the day? It is truly a person’s personal decision what the heck they do with their own hair..However, it just sucks big time when young children don’t even get a chance to make their own decisions. Some folks relax or strengthen their children’s hair from a very young age..In doing so those children won’t know what it even looks like to sport their own..And the longer than happens? The harder it is to stop doing it..I’m hoping to soon jump OFF that bus. I don’t even want to put a hot comb to mine…I’ve invested SO many hours & hours & hours and MONEY into my hair; that I want a wash & wear style for a while. When I think of all the other things I could do with all of that time & money..Lawd!


    2. I’m going to piggy-back on my own comment..Getting so caught up I forgot something..Check this out C.V…The good hair/bad hair stuff? Total B.S..Irks me & has for years..You’re right good hair is defined by folks in various ways..However, in relation to this topic? We both know that when Black folks say ‘good hair’; they mean straight like White folks hair. That is so UNcool. Case in point=When my sons were much younger? I did NOT allow folks to say that around my sons..My 2 youngest sons ? People would say oooo they have such good hair! As compared to WHAT? And how was that supposed to make my eldest son feel? Less than? Naw, I couldn’t allow that…All 3 of them have beautiful hair; just different grains. Point IS it can make a person feel less than to hear such things! As IF Black folks need anything else to divide us, this hair thing is ridiculous & STUPID. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it personally..People have put their hands IN my hair to see if it is real. WtH? They’re lucky I’m not violent in nature or they’d get slapped..On the flip side? I’ve seen beautiful women who are BALD. Beautiful is beautiful . And to me? Supreme beauty is when one feels FREE to be as natural as they want to be..Too bad it is against the law to walk around naked; or I’d do that too. lol! Let me stop..


    3. I’m with Chocolate Vent on this one. I haven’t commented because frankly I am getting rather sick of the “issue”. Can’t we each just wear our hair as we wish without being condemned by some other. I went from pressing comb as a child to relaxer, to Afro in high school, back to perm, to shoulder length hair, to short hair, to auburn colored, to bright auburn, to braids, to shoulder length, to short, to sable brown color, to the present. It wasn’t because I had some bad self image or self worth. It was because I wanted to change it and I could. No harm, no foul. Have I considered natural, yes. But it was for reasons that had less to do with what I preferred and more to do what the current populous and trend is promoting. So I will stick to wearing my hair just as I want. And when it all falls out I shall invest in scarves. 😊


      1. Waving Dale! Always love seeing you here..Even when its a topic you/WE are sick of hearing about..I am sick & tyeed of it being an issue as well..BUT being tired of it isn’t making it go away..Its a well known fact Black women & their hair is an on-going issue..I only wish it hadn’t been a man that created a movie about it though! @Chris Rock..but that is another tangent of this topic for a time when I have time..

        This topic came UP this time? Because of the ridiculous! or so it is my opinion, and ugly comments Sheryl Underwood made on the boob tube recently…I was further & finally motivated to write on it ‘; when Viola Davis stepped out of her wig publicly and with the statement she made..For the record? I think she looks more beautiful withOUT her wigs…

        Gotta run..but appreciate , as always, your viewpoint. And of course WE can wear our hair as we please, when we please and to please who ever…And there is no contempt of how any one does..Not from me certainly…I care less if folks go bald or wear a woolly mammoth on their head…My take on it & my issue with it is when WE feel we can’t go natural because it isn’t accepted by norm or with a desire to look White/Euro..And while its even ones’ business to do that; I’ve no desire to do so…I am of the desire to be as natural as possible; including what I put into my body. And of course onto my body…I recall when my Doc warned me NOT to relax when I was pregnant…that was back when lye was still in relaxers. Lye! It is still chemicals and I’ve a concern that it is necessary when it isn’t…And thank GOD hair color comes in natural form..Cause now that is a FACT. I refuse to go gray! Still not ready & not sure I ever will be….gotta get ready for work . Hugs!


        1. But I think there is a bit of a contradiction there. There is a level of, if not contempot, then certainly disdsain, as stated in some of the earlier comments of being ignorant, and a slave to whatever. And many of the people that struck back at Sheryl Underwood did just that… they attacked. And when I look at the picture of Viola Davis, I am pretty sure that is not her natural hair color. You also mention haircolor yourself. Matter of fact, I was coloring mine last night while reading your blog. And also in the photo she is perfectly and expertly made up. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wake up looking like this either. My point is this, if we want to talk about this issue in terms of medical health then lets do so. But lets stop feigning concerns about self-image and self-esteem and allow people to feel free to express themselves however without labeling them.
          And quite honestly, if my natural hair was going to look like some of the pictures included here, no problem.


          1. Had a comment , a long one, written to respond to this and before I could hit submit it was gone. Poof! I’ll have to respond when time permits later….But, as usual , I do have a response..Have a terrific Thursday 🙂


          2. Finally getting time to respond..Naw, I didn’t forget.

            There is no contradiction..When I expressed what I expressed about relaxers? It is from a lifetime of having relaxed hair..I don’t even know what my natural hair looks like anymore ..That is how long its been relaxed..All of my pre-teen & adult life. That is a LONG time..There is nothing I expressed about relaxers that isn’t factual. And I speak from a viewpoint of gearing towards, all things natural, in my life. Its been a gradual, and SLOW but steady, progression for me of the past 10 years …

            And yep, I’ll be dying my hair until the wheels fall off! But I’ve been dying my hair for 30 years; long before any gray hair tried to creep in..The progression I made was long, long ago leaving permanent color alone..When I discovered it was more harmful to hair; especially when doubled with relaxing it…I’ve no interest in damaging my hair.

            As for Viola Davis coloring her hair yet saying she didn’t want to apologize for who she was anymore? She was referring to wearing wigs and covering UP her natural grain of hair…She also admitted from time to time she’ll wear a wig if she feels..But it was important for her, she felt, to make a statement by wearing it natural. And that she did & thousands of Blacks women got the message..Btw she is also on the front of the current Essence magazine with her natural hair…

            IF any of us were going to go totally natural? We’d not use deodorant nor makeup nor lipstick nor eat MOST things that taste good nor would we shave..Ugh! the thought of not shaving yucks me out! And yet? I’ve a few years back had a chat with my elder relatives & they felt shaving was NOT cool..At all..No matter how I expressed how I feel its more hygenic..But that is another topic for another time..

            There is no feigning of concern on my part..There is cause for MUCH concern about what celebrities with a National mouthpiece say about Blackness(for lack of a better word.) Why? Because children are easily influenced..As is directly noticed by how having the first Black President impacted many of our children..the first thing many of us Black parents said to our children, especially our sons, was NOW you can even be the POTUS..

            When Sheryl Underwood said what she said? I feel, she knew it was wrong on so many levels. Especially in direct comparison to White or Euro hair! She apologized almost immediately and if she’d apologize simply due to public outcry? Then she is guilty of doing what I feel she was doing in the first place..Trying to get attention and using the shock effect to gain attention….

            I can and will talk about the health effects because it is a concern I’ve had for ages..But then again I eat meat & also have talked about how unhealthy the meat we eat IS..I’m a firm believer it is due to the hormones pumped into meat that the number of folks getting Cancer has risen over the years..By ALOT..And soon? I’m going to begin testing the waters to see how long I can give meat up…

            I never wore/wear my hair according to what is trendy..I wear what I feel looks good on me..And when I feel like it…I like being different & it is why I never tried the Halle style, the Jerri curl, nor the style with the shaved neck ..So I won’t wear a natural style because Viola has done it or even because now my Mom(and alot of my aunts & friends) are doing it..But its GREAT to know that now the option to do so is wide open..They’ve opened the door of opportunity and broadened awareness..And because so many other women wish they had the same courage? Is why this topic has gained such attention..Or least that is the way I see IT..I think there will always be topics we’ve tired of seeing or talking about..But whether I’m tired of it or not; I’m interested enough to partake..Including the very age old topic about racism.

            I do however enjoy hearing from all viewpoints…and with respect I’m happy we can agree to disagree..Guess what? It is Friday..Woooo hoooooo. See you tomorrow at choir practice…Mad regard/love always Hugs!


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