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11 Reasons Why We Should Not Attack Syria

Remember the last time we were told military strikes were needed because a Middle Eastern despot had used weapons of mass destruction?

by Sarah van Gelder

Photo by Patrick Nicholson Caritas Internationalis / CAFOD.
Syrian children photographed in June 2013 in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Photo byPatrick Nicholson Caritas Internationalis / CAFOD / Flickr.

As U.S. political and media leaders prepare for military strikes against Syria, the parallels to the lead-up to the war with Iraq should give us pause. Weapons of mass destruction, we are told, are being used by a cruel Middle Eastern despot against his own people. A military strike is inevitable, media voices say; we must respond with missiles and bombs. The arguments sound all too familiar.

U.S. intervention would play into the hands of the Syrian regime, triggering an outpouring of nationalist support for Damascus.

Meanwhile, weapons inspectors from the United Nations…

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