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Ever think about things you’d say now, if you could, to your younger self? I have..And this is the advice & encouragement I’d give to my 21 yr old self>>

Stand by your belief that physical discipline for children isn’t a good thing..While the majority of folks you encounter have told you @Spare the rod, spoil the child..30 yrs from now your sons will be doing remarkable things without having been physically disciplined. There IS something to be said for time-outs/restriction/parental lectures/heavy monitoring & censoring of internet, boob tube time, video game exposure /and implementing a network system with ALL of their friends parents..NO matter how many people question your lack of choosing to use parental physical discipline; it is a decision you nor your parenting partner will regret>>

This is a message that will take you many moons to recognize..You’ll be told this from your parents & a slew of mentors..BUT it will still be hard to put into action! Worrying about things seems to be part of being human and imperfect, however, IF at 21 yrs old I knew what I know now? I’d have never worried about a thing! Things truly do work themselves out for the best..All the time, every single time. Trust in God, hang ON tight, have patience & faith and let go of the reins>>

This is yet another biggie I’d tell my younger self..I learned this the HARD way..When my girl friends wondered(out LOUD) why I’d divorce the person I’d divorced & for the reason I divorced..I swore to myself waybackthen to try VERY hard to stop judging other folks..I didn’t like being on the end of the “judging stick”..What I choose to DO is my choice and likewise for everyone else>>

BE happy with what you’ve got! Exclamation mark. Period. IF wealth were measured in the amount of love in one’s life? You are RICH. Moving right along</strong>>>

Give thanks to God from the moment your feet hit the floor upon waking..It will take you another 20 yrs to realize this..BUT you’ll learn to be thankful to God for everything..Good, bad, ugly. Even waking you UP in the morning is a blessing..There will come a day you’ll thank God for waking you ,your parents, your sons, your vast host of family/extended family of friends..And it will become part of your morning ritual every single morning..>>

You’re a dreamer! You’ve got an active & creative imagination..You think FAR into the future which is excellent for making plans/goals..BUT you’ll eventually learn to enjoy and live the moment. TASTE the present..Listen to the beauty of the sound of the birds early in the morning..Enjoy the STILLness standing outside at O’dark thirty as you gaze UP at the stars in the sky…STOP to bend down to smell the flowers..This is all a part of natural beautiful stress-relievers created for all by God..>>

It will take you another 20 yrs to realize this! IF there were just ONE thing I could change..I’d like to have learned this sooner..Since that is hardly possible; you’ll be thankful you finally got IT>>

IF you quit when all others would’ve; you’d NEVER have reached your lifelong goals/dreams..Even when you think you’ve seen your last happy days..Don’t give UP. Don’t lose HOPE..It only gets better from here so hang ON>>

One day you’ll be thankful your parents taught you this valuable lesson..It will be something you stand by for all of your life..You’ll not care what type of car your man drives nor how much money is in his wallet..For it will matter to you FAR more how he treats you & the size of his heart..That is a lesson that will be tenfold in rewards..>>

I could literally think of a cazillion more things I’d say to my younger self..But now its your turn..What would YOU say to your younger self if you could? Would you (or did you) give the same advice to your own children?