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My Daddy made a comment this past Thursday & the impact of it hit me immediately…He said only twice in my life was he SO proud (& relieved! ) of me “making a potty” (Lolll don’t laugh that is the nicest way I can say it..) The first time was my first ever boo-boo when I came home from the hospital as an infant. Second time was this past Thursday when I finally! post-surgery had a bowel movement..I can’t quite EXPRESS how funky a feeling it is to not be able to crap for 5 days..On top of dealing with seering physical pain being constipated was the cherry on TOP..And with waves of gas(from air inserted inside me for surgery…) hitting me enough to wind me; my entire focus by Thursday was to have a bowel movement. I prayed to God/I begged the toilet-seat God/I did a potty hand-dance(can’t move the rest of me yet in quick fashion..) I downed glassafterglass of prune juice/I drank gallons of water/I walked laps inside my parent’s home/I downed stool softners at the prescribed intervals..And when it finally happened?!? OMG all was finally right with the World again. Yay! everything works again post-surgery…Now let the laughter return!!! But that was an entire different matter..>>

Anyone who knows me well knows I truly LOVE laughing..I have a very, very serious diligent side of me; and that part of my personality is “The Logical Analytical ” side of me..However, the majority of the time I can quickly burst into laughter from things people say. I also crack myself up sometimes! Lolll My preference is to be around folks who are funny or have a healthy sense of humor. My ideal “The One” could be a comedian; I’d be in my own little heaven! So imagine my shock when I finally laughed Thursday evening and it HURT like HELL..Or least that is what Hell must feel like. OMG It took hours for my body to get over that pain..>>

I could very well be the new poster child for laugh till your sides hurt..Because my sides ACHE and hurt for hours after laughing right now..Now? I find myself trying to hold/support my tummy when I can’t resist laughing..That is about as fruitless as trying to squeeze an elephant through the head of a needle..I just can’t NOT laugh when ..ish is funny. So I’ve just decided to let it hurt. And due to the situation it hurts SO good..Never thought I’d ever feel or say that; about anything. One thing I’ve learned at 50? Do not ever use the word never>>

I think many of us find ourselves in situations where we have HAD to laugh so as not to cry..I think many of us have resorted to humor & laughter to get through some really horrific stuff..Without laughter I think life would dull , boring and full of sad depressing moments..I don’t want to live a Life sans laughter..So even though it hurts like H E L L for now; I know it won’t be long before it no longer physically hurts..Did y’all know laughing is good for the soul & spirit? Laughter increases endorphins that are released by your brain. Laughter is a fabulous form of stress relief & even works to stimulate circulation and aid in muscle relaxation…It has even been said that laughter can cause the body to produce its own painkillers..Whoa! that’s deep. And since I just ran out of my prescribed pain meds???! I just might dial UP one of my funny pals so they can make me LAUGH…Thats a wrap for now until I read/write y’all again..Stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & Only) I’m taking a POLL on laughter. Can U name a time it hurt you to laugh? (but you did it anyway..) Or has there been a time in your life that laughter stopped you from crying?