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UPdate 9/29/2013..This is the last post on this very personal topic..This past week I had my FINAL post op appointment..Yay! Upon physical exam all internal stitches are healing properly..Almost completely..My blood pressure is that of a 20something year old..WOW..Only menopause symptoms I’m having are raging hot flashes..But the good news IS the hot flashes are brief..I ride them out while remaining as still as possible & poof! it passes..My Doc said long as I feel I can handle menopause sans hormone replacement; I can ride this out naturally. Which is my choice. So full release from Doc & onto the next phase of my life..Again, I do hope this ultra-personal account of my surgery helps someone deliberating the decision to have this surgery performed. I can’t lie; I was VERY afraid before making my mind up to have this type of surgery..But once my mind was made up & I’d prayed over it; the rest was gravy. Oh, & with the help of EXCELLENT pain medication Lollll. Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4EVER Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)

UPdate= Today marks the one month anniversary of my surgery..For those reading that will have this surgery there IS good news! A month out the pain is in my rear-view mirror; and as each day passes the back view is further & further behind me..ALL cramps have ceased; finally! Intestines are almost settled fully back into position; just a tiny bit of a tummy bump to show there is a short ways yet to go. But ALL vital organs working fully , no infection, internal stitches finally! stopped itching ..Still following doctor’s order not to bend over nor lift anything over 5 lbs nor bathe(showers only) and of course no sexual activity..Final post -op appointment is on the 24th & I fully expect being released to 100% status. Which means I can finally work out again! Woooo hoooo..Drinking glowing green raw Kale smoothie 5 times a week , I feel, helped me to heal even quicker than anticipated. Plus my body craved(and I gave in…) sleep; so most nights I’m getting a full 8 – 9 hours of sleep. Rare indeed for me..Will probably close this post out after my final-post op. My unsolicited non-professional advice for anyone who needs to have a full hysterectomy? This is a GREAT sure-fired way to get it done with the quickest amount of down recovery time…Rough on the body; but worth it!(and if you’re in good shape it can be done; even at 50 yrs of age)

UPdate= 1.5 weeks out from surgery I’m in FULL recovery mode..1st post-OP was just 2 days ago; my Doc says all is very well! My pathology report came in & the mass was NOT malignant. Yay! Note for anyone who is considering this surgery..I did have a fibroid on my uterus; that was NOT detected in the cazillion pre-tests I’d have pre-surgery..So please keep in mind things can be discovered once you’re opened up; that aren’t seen prior. My internal stitches are itching like crazy! I’m still using pain meds due to bowels still settling back into their rightful position…Other than that I’m riding it out , trying to get used to doing absolutely nothing, waiting on the moment I can return back to my highly active routine..

I’m about 50 hours out from my first ever surgery. The very day before surgery I read a blog post by a woman , Bonnie, who posted her pre & post op experience of same surgery I was to have! It soothed the last of fears I had prior to surgery..Fear of the unknown, even with intense prayer & preparation , is part of being human. I do hope that my words can help any woman who is to soon undergo this radical and innovative surgery. I won’t mince words; so if anyone is squeamish? Might want to stop reading now..Do keep in mind I’m still very medicated..And though it is my 1st time on prescription Oxycodone or Morphine? I’m highly(pun on words..) thankful for IT. >>

Here I go..

DISCLAIMER= Better late than never. I’m adding this disclaimer today after reading what I posted last night. I am NOT a doctor nor a health care professional. ALL comments I make here are based on my OWN personal experience of having undergone this surgery a mere 3 days ago…Every woman’s body, I am told, re-acts differently. Personally? I don’t believe it is possible for ANY woman to not feel pain after this surgery..After all of one’s internal organs have been “waded” through to get to female organs! And then those same organs are cut from the body & then pulled out of the body..Sounds painful just writing & reading it..I really DO have a high tolerance for pain..So imagine me saying that even with meds; it hurts. A hurt however that is rewarded tenfold in benefits though…

1st & foremost I’d like to “suggest” to any woman out there reading this..Consistency in getting annual GYN checkup /pap smear is highly important. Had it not been for going through 4 years of ASCUS pap smear readings(abnormal) , 4 years of labor type painful menstrual periods , and rounds and rounds of tests and tests, etc etc..The final diagnosis of a mass on my ovary might not have been discovered. Yet...

Furthermore one of the most personal decisions & toughest! I’ve ever made in my entire life was to have ALL of my female organs removed. It wasn’t a decision that I made lightly. It wasn’t a decision that I made overnight. It wasn’t a decision that I was able to grasp immediately emotionally ; even after I’d agreed to have the surgery. 50 hours post surgery? I’m IN pain..Yet I’ve no regrets that I’ve done all I can do to combat whatever the mass was on my ovary..I’ll have the pathology report by next Monday. Now onto the actual account of my surgery. I was told about ALL of the doctors/techs who would be present during my surgery(including my own GYN surgeon) but I never actually saw any of them…>>

IF you need this surgery and want to recover in HALF the time of conventional type hysterectomy AND Don’t want to be physically cut? Then THIS surgery is perfect. But also know that nothing is completely perfect..Prior to surgery I had a FLAT abdomen. When I came to from the anesthesia? My tummy looked like I was PREGNANT..That was the only thing no one had warned me of..My first thought was wtF happened to me??? I felt as IF I’d been beat UP..And whatever beat me up; I lost the fight! OMG..Let me explain a bit more what wasn’t explained to me prior..>>

With this surgery your female reproductive organs are severed and then exited through the vagina. Yep, it IS possible..MY worst fear pre-surgery in that regard? That my vagina would be ruined for life! My Doctor assured me that wouldn’t be the case. The vagina can expand to accommodate a baby’s body & the uterus deflates before exiting…After that I’m sure the fallopian tubes & ovaries are a piece of cake doing the same…Post-surgery? Vagina feels exactly the SAME as it did prior to surgery…Abdomen however is very, very tender..There is AIR that is put into the body to move the organs to the wayside during surgery…Must have been ALOT of air put inside me; my upper ribcage ? Felt like someone has continually kicked me for the first two days after surgery..Only today did that soreness ease up. Finally. The area especially under my tummy hurts..HURTS. Feels better if I support it with my hands when I walk…By the way; I WALKED hours after coming out of the anesthesia..I was warned the sooner I walked the better…It was a shaky walk; but I walked! And also? Be encouraged that the first urine after the catheter is removed WILL sting..But after that regular bladder activity quickly returns. The bowels & intestines though are an entire different matter>>

My intestines are taking the longest to flip back into place..They’ve formed a tight ball! Which is why it looked like I was pregnant post-surgery…With walking and stool softeners and gravity of sitting UP; they’re finally relaxing..I can hardly wait because the constipation is difficult. But it is something I was warned about..So tip to y’all? Start taking stool softeners pre-surgery. Also being fit helps..Stay hydrated! And drinking raw veggie drinks for fiber pre-surgery is wise..I began my fasting at 8 p.m. the night prior to surgery instead of the suggested time of midnight..When I could finally eat solids the day after surgery? Even a saltine cracker would’ve tasted good…

50 some hours post-surgery pain is subsiding. Worst pain is in lower tummy area. Intestines are still mid-relaxed & is causing the discomfort on the lower tummy area..3 entry points? Hardly visible at all…Bleeding? Very very faint at this point…Surgery was a total success! My GYN doctor/surgeon said I was FABulous. And I’m more than sure the pathology report on Monday will be negative..Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only)