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DO Ask DO Tell?

Not too long ago I answered a question someone asked me..Ever had that happen? Random question, or so YOU thought? Asked by a friend or acquaintance; and when you answer HONESTLY but with tact(I try, I try..) you know almost immediately..YOURS was the WRONG answer!?! What I would truly like to know is this..WHY don’t folks who ask questions; give a multiple list choice of CORRECT answers??? I hardly ever mean to offend anyone..UNLESS I’m trying to offend someone on purpose..Which thankfully isn’t often. At all..Nevertheless I’m going to start following these tips from now on when I answer questions people ASK..Y’all ready for this? >>

First on the list is probably the hardest of all..Been in a situation when someone asks you a question & you aren’t sure IF they really want the truth or not? Is being honest always best in all given situations? When IS lying to someone , so as not to bruise their feelings, ever the right thing to do? When I find myself questioning how to answer someone’s personal question & I find myself pausing for reflection on how to answer? I do my best to DIVERT from even answering the question. Its times like those that my gift for gab comes in handy..>>

A very wise good friend of mine once advised me to NEVER ask him a question that I really didn’t want the answer to! Nevertheless folks from time to time will ask me a question that I know, in my hearts of hearts, that a..They won’t like my answer if I respond honestly b. It’s a trap! And knowing/feeling this from the onset I flat-out refuse to respond. No diversion. Just give ’em that look @ Did you really expect me to answer that question??? >>


From timetotime when someone I care about asked a question; I’ll give them a 2 second warning of what type of response I’m going to give..This gives them a chance to stop me before I even begin to respond..IF said person lets me begin to answer it’s at their own risk..I prefer to be answered honestly; even though the truth can sometimes hurt. I’d rather know then not know..Or I’d not have asked. But that’s just the way I see it

I’ll never understand why some ask questions they don’t really want the answer to..Not the honest answer anyway..Why ask? And WHY so often; do folks heap a guilt trip on a person for answering honestly? Especially when they asked the question in the first place??? *slapping forehead* Ask me NO questions & I’ll tell you NO lies(and give me the same in return..)

5 thoughts on “DO Ask DO Tell?

  1. Hi!
    I too am a straight shooter. The world seems to like sugar coating such as “pleasantly plump.” Another saying they passed away. Well yes they did pass away, but they died. Where they pass to, I hope heaven. There are so many other sayings but these are but
    a few. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks


    1. Hey there Slewriter! Welcome & thanks for the follow..Will come by to check out your spot also..As for being a straight shooter? Its called being honest..Sad thing is as humans, we, can have /take issue with honesty..Its why folks sugar coat things/beat around the bush/omit things, and LIE to one another..I find there are less misinterpretations /misunderstandings when one shoots straight from the hip..Last thing most people can say of me & probably you is they had to figure out what we were saying…I really take it as offense when I’m lied to. I learned that from my Daddy..Also? It has taken great effort to “not” bend the truth/omit/or lie when I know folks would prefer that. Thats where refusing to answer or diverting comes in handy. Why anyone would want to waste time “not” communicating fully I’ll never know..But if we lie to one another isn’t that , in essence, what we’re doing???


    1. Lol ! Wait till you see what the topic is..Probably not what you think ; but it is a topic heavy on my mind..Waving and welcome AJM 🙂 P.S. I fell out laughing when I found that picture…


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