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>> DARE 2 b DiFfErEnT<<

In a crowd
Be not afraid
To live life out LOUD~
Even if those around try to dim your light
Fight to remain uniquely YOU with all your might
Unapologetically comfy in your own skin
IN spite of it not being the color that is IN
Against all odds strive to be irreplaceable
Footsteps sure & backwards not traceable
BE not afraid
Dare to be different..
In a crowd the one to inquire and ponder
Let your creativity stretch and wander..
Even if those around you ALWAYS try to dim your light
Fight! ..in forward motion till naysayers are out of sight
Be the difference the world yearns to birth
1 life 2
DO yours …Express your 2 cents or pence worth
In a crowd the one others are drawn towards
Funny how it works out that way~
Seek excellence and not just for the rewards
Be not afraid
In a crowd full of fad-followed dark, stark styles & hues
Don your beloved BRIGHT colors right down to your shoes
Dare to be different..
Until the last note of your life’s song has been sung
Cherish the fact you sang as only U could have done
Be not afraid to speak out even when your voice shakes
Someone may need to hear the message your words make
In a crowd
Live life out LOUD~
Even though some will try to dim your light
Hang onto your dreams. Fight the good fight!
Dare to be different..