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10 Guys On Online Dating Sites You Should Avoid* Created by List of X@Wordpress..

Berna, you had mentioned that you wanted to try out online dating to find your soul mate. I think it’s a great way to meet people, and you definitely should try it. But, as you know, you can’t always trust an online profile, and as a guy, I must warn you of a few types of guys you should stay away from based on their profiles…

1) The guy’s profile picture is his shirtless photo: Avoid: this guy is clearly so broke that he can’t even afford to buy a shirt>>

** It is my HONOR to present as my first GUEST POST(yay!) to y’all the awesome ONE & only , List of X! He’s my fave fellow W.P. blogger and someone I also feel comfy enough to call “friend”..As soon as I find pictures to accompany the rest of his list of 10, I’ll post the rest of his list. Always funny yet with a hint of REALness ; his lists have become infamous on WordPress….**

..Well, I was going to ad-lib on the 10 on the list..HOWEVER..It appears that many are waiting on this list..THIS is so so exciting! So without further delay here is the rest of the LIST from the ‘List of X’>>

2) The guy has a professional profile photo where he looks suspiciously like Brad Pitt: Skip, unless you are prepared to deal with his furious wife that looks suspiciously like Angelina Jolie.


Station BREAK..OMG I can’t go any further yet without saying one little thing..I think I just might have to deal with Angelina’s wrath IF I got the chance to spend an hour with BRAD PITT..OMG..Hate to think things like that; BUT just ONE hour and *ahem* Brad would be saying , “Angelina WHO???” Alright I’m finished day dreaming; moving right along>>

3) The guy is “looking for a serious relationship”: Be careful: that doesn’t mean that the guy wants to get married and have children. He may just be lacking any sense of humor.

4) The guy sends you a personal message consisting of “Hi” with three or more spelling errors: Edit him out: do you really want to let this guy write your life story with you?

5) The guy’s profile picture is a photo taken from a far away. Stay away: how could you expect to be close to that guy, if he can’t even convince his photographer to get within walking distance of him?

6) The guy put “having fun” as the only entry in the “Hobbies and interests” section: Run! The guy probably didn’t get specific about what he considers “fun” only because his idea of “fun” is illegal in all 50 states.

7) The guy’s profile photo shows him sitting in an expensive sports car. Steer clear of him: the guy is either a rich arrogant jerk, or was just caught stealing the car of some rich arrogant jerk.

8) The guy’s photo that was obviously cropped to remove another woman: the guy apparently spends all his time hugging a woman, and since you can’t be with him at all times, he’ll be hugging someone else when you’re not looking. Crop out his profile before it’s too late.

9) The guy’s only profile picture is a photo of his junk. Beware; the guy is former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

10) The guy is holding a gun in his profile picture. By the size of the gun, you can already tell that the guy is compensating for something, and it’s probably not the lack of security in his neighborhood.

BONUS because I didn’t want to waste ANY of List of X’s creativity!

The guy is wearing sunglasses in all his profile pictures: This may mean one of the three things: the guy is a vampire, or weed smoker, or always has to cover up the black eye from constant bar fights.

I’ve waited ALL day long figuring someone/ANYone would sound off on this topic while I was offline..Certainly someone out there has a good, JUICY story to share about an online dating experience? Or how about a nightmarish online dating incident? Anyone out there on the verge of taking the plunge by joining an online dating site??? Trying to save my comments until someone comments..So come on y’all sound OFF & share…