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I Am Not Trayvon Martin: Some Thoughts on White Privilege

I totally dig this write! I absolutely love the honesty seeping through the words..IF only all of us were this honest with ourselves regarding the Black/White thing in our country. This dialogue is far overdue…On both sides. WE can do this together. And for our children, ALL of our future generations, we must

the saltwater twin

A note about this post:
This is a blog about writing. Here, for the past 19 months I’ve documented the experience of working on my first book, The Saltwater Twin and Other Mythical Creatures. I’ve written about research, procrastination, setbacks, pep talks – basically held forth on whatever I’m thinking as I chip away at this manuscript. But sometimes something happens that sort of knocks everything else out of your brain and becomes all you can think about. A colleague of mine has a gardening blog. In a recent post, he reflected on a plant called Snow on the Mountain, green spaces, contemplation and privilege. And Trayvon Martin. So I’m taking a cue from him and allowing myself to express some thoughts that are currently crowding most everything else out of my brain.

Last Sunday morning saw a proliferation of hoodies on my Facebook home page…

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