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..There ARE too many distractions now-a-days; not enough reading. Biggest culprit? In my humblest of opinion; it’s the ‘digital age’. Now onto why I feel this is unprogressive & problematic..>>

*****WE live in a very, VERY literage age..Yet…Only only 18 to 21% of the population qualifies as being highly literate.(According to the 5 yr study by the NAAL )*****

Mayhaps I should’ve begun this post with the story-behind-the-post..Very recently while attending a meeting; an attendee announced that in his opinion “people” just aren’t READING as much as they used to..And that different approaches to “reach” them needed to be set into action. Example he gave was ask any group of people WHAT exactly was posted on a billboard sign they drove by; and they simply wouldn’t know what it said…Well to that I say WHOA & WOW..You mean if that big arse billboard said ” DO NOT DRIVE ANY FURTHER OR YOU’LL DRIVE OFF THE EDGE OF THE PLANET AND PLUMMET HORRIBLY TO YOUR DEATH” Majority of folks wouldn’t “READ” that message? After having my socks blown off in disbelief at that statement though? I decided to google up the real stats on literacy in America..Personally I feel reading is SO important that I began reading to 2 of my 3 sons from the womb..In retrospect, and with what I know now? I wish I’d begun reading to my 3rd son just as soon. There WILL be a test at the end of this post so hopefully y’all are reading THIS..<>


2 thoughts on “*****READ*****

    1. Me too! It HAD to be discussed by someone Black whose in an influential position of power..Just had to be..All week I kept hoping/wishing President Obama would speak on IT..As its all many Black Americans have been able to think/speak/eat all week since “the verdict'(I’ve got my hand raised UP high on that point..) The Black & White issue in American didn’t happen over night; nor will it disappear overnight..Rome was not built in a day nor will this be mended in a day..Nevertheless until RACE is discussed openly & respectfully; and futhermore until the injustices against Black folks is acknowleged out in the OPEN..this issue isn’t going to get away. Many have tried to ignore & some have even lied to themselves to say racism no longer exists in America. Ignoring things doesn’t change things for the better and one would have to be blind, deaf, & dumb to believe racism is dead in America..What saddens me about it? So much work & progress was made back during the Civil Rights Movement! …And in the year 2013 we’re moving backwards. I’m hopeful that the grave gravity of Trayvon’s death & the very Nationally publicized trial will be the wall that stops the backwards motion..This is a progressive country is many , many ways that draws many people from other countries to live here! Far too ironic that some of the people who have helped to build this country on their backs/with their blood, sweat & lives still are part of a struggle to be considered equal..It hurts all of us as a country & it must stop


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