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HERE we are again..Another tainted moment in recent American history that SCREAMS out racial inequality..Another standSTILL moment in time when a vast majority of Black Americans are ANGRY; and in my opinion; rightfully so..This was not a case of it could’ve been right regarding either side’s actions..In this case there is only ONE truth..And Saturday the jury had information withheld from them(in the directions given to them by the JUDGE) that should’ve generated the “Guilty” verdict. Folks that don’t know the Black American experience personally; wonder WHY many Black folks have a bad taste in their mouth for police and the American justice system..Those same Black folks have NOT & can NOT forget the videotaped(thank YOU God) beatdown of Rodney King by a big group of police officers..Those same Black folks may have been profiled “while driving expensive cars with Black skin” and pulled over and terrorized by police officers..Those same Black folks have been on the inside of courts in America; sans expensive high-profile attorneys; and faced sentences far higher than their white counterparts (for same offense; same backgrounds) Many of those same Black folks haven’t forgotten when a Black man could be HUNG ; simply for looking at a White Woman..Yet a VAST amount of Black Americans seem to have (a) either forgotten all of the above & more.. or (b) because they’re too young to recall weren’t taught about it. In recent years there have been accounts of Black men being shot while handcuffed! And later it was said that he shot himself..WtF? I’ll never forget the look on POTUS’s good friend’s (a Harvard professor..) face when HE was arrested! trying to get into his OWN house..The look on his face that mirrored the words, “OMG no matter how much money I make & how lofty a position I hold; I’m still being treated like I’m worthless! ” When any of these gross incidents happen there is an immediate UProar from the Black community..Tons of plans /marches/agenda’s to make progressive changes in advancement of “the struggle” all come about. And then after a quick minute there is then again; silence /lack of unity & COMPLACENCY. How long will it take this time for America; specially Black America, to forget young Trayvon’s death? The clock is ticking. “Tick, tock…”