PLEASE join ME in signing on & joining the NAACP’s movement to get the D.O.J. to file civil charges against Zimmerman. It IS time to DO something progressive for ALL. If one of mankind goes down innocently; we ALL fall short..Please read my progressive Trayvon Martin post.


Trayvon-Martin-in-hoodieIt seems impossible that anyone may not know only hours ago George Zimmerman was found not guilty and cleared of all charges in the Trayvon Martin trial held in Florida.  Is seems impossible that anyone may not react with sadness, anger, disbelief, or any combination of the three.  It also seems impossible to know what to do in this moment that would counteract this miscarriage of justice and continued devaluation of the humanity of young black men in America. But if we consider the basics of what we know about Trayvon Martin, we can honor him by following his example and setting our own:

1. Act lawfully – no rioting or lashing out in anger – only defend yourself when you need to.  Refuse to reduce yourself to prejudice and unprovoked violence.  Both are the refuge of the cowardly and weak.

2. Get proactive. Write, email and tweet your local…

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