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NO 2 people will ever perceive reality in the same way; it is IMPOSSIBLE. That is the ground level base of this topic. It’s a fact. Yet , as humans, for some reason we just can’t help trying to force things to fit. I’m beginning to believe that’s just a part of human nature that can’t be changed..

Perception= per·cep·tion

The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
The state of being or process of becoming aware of something in such a way.

realization – understanding – comprehension

…Here I go>>

Just exactly WHAT does the phrase “She/He thinks they’re ALL that” mean?!? Is it meant to be an observation of negative connotation? And how does the person professing this about another person; KNOW what the object of their comment thinks of themselves? Is it how the person they’re speaking of carries themselves? Is it how the person they’re speaking of dresses? And does such a comment become truth; simply because of someone’s perception about another? I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve heard this remark made about me..And I also can’t tell y’all exactly how many ways I could give less than a care! Personally..I take it as a compliment. Because I really DO think I’m all that & its taken many years to feel that good about myself. Truth be told I’m just getting started! (I’m a continual work in progress..) Translation: My reality is that equals great self-esteem earned from years of blood/sweat/tears/hard work on Self. But what about the many things that folks “perceive” about one another( or situations) ; that just might not be true? >>

In the middle of having a recent conversation with younger family members..A few comments were made in observation of how they viewed others..I asked, ” Did that person tell you that’s how they feel of themselves?” “OR is that your perception?” Which led of course to a far deeper conversation..It led me to wonder how often our own opinions/perceptions become what we BELIEVE to be truth. Clearly this could lead to many misinterpretations and/or misunderstandings; and even missed opportunities>>

Our perception of anything is based on our upbringing/our beliefs/our life experiences..That I believe to be factual. Can that be changed with conscious effort? In otherwards can we change how we look at things? For instance if one is trying to understand where someone else is coming from..Is that possible IF said person has never experienced what the person is trying to express? I’ve heard the saying @ Change the way you look at things to see things differently. But aren’t some things easier said than done?>>

My perception is my reality. Your perception is your reality..Is it necessary for the 2 to align neatly all the time? I’ve come to believe that it is NOT. As humans we often times try to CHANGE another’s mind on matters..Sway them to our viewpoint. That I think is called, A Debate. I love a good debate! BUT I’ve got a way, which I’m working on(as I said I’m a consistent work in progress..) of stating things(my opinionated Alphaness! opinion..) with such conviction; its as IF its Gospel. Or least that’s how I perceive that what I state can sometimes be perceived. Take that for a riddle! Honestly I don’t proclaim to know everything. Matter of fact there is ALOT I’ve still to learn/yearn to learn/hungry to learn…Becoming cognizant about perception regarding communication has me in a highly reflective mode/mood. How many past conversations would’ve gone differently had I (or the other person..) just agreed , quickly to disagree?!? I find myself doing it faster & faster these days..Having had heated debates with very good friends/loved ones to the point of almost NO return(or least from what I perceived..) isn’t something I relish. I’m glad that the adage @ Can’t teach an old dog NEW tricks; isn’t true! My belief? My reality? My perception of this Life Journey? We are never too old to learn new things..And that is one of the beautiful things about Life. Or least that is the way I see IT. What is your perception?