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..These thoughts & this write are inspired by something beautiful, VERY, that happened to happen in my world yesterday..I think the title I’ve given it is misleading, indeed. It won’t be about anything that immediately comes to mind when reading the title. Trust and believe that>>

IF what you’re about to read doesn’t leave you with a warm & fuzzy feeling; then you’re probably DEAD. Now that I’ve got your full attention this is what happened yesterday morning; on my way to church; and totally unanticipated>>

..yesterday. Early Sunday morning..I was driving to church feeling pretty good! Was due to sing a duet with my Mom..Our very first duet! I’d admittedly practiced at home over & over & OVER..I’m sure my neighbors were sick & tired of me practicing that song. So anyways, I was driving along and then stopped at a street light. As I was approaching I saw a very young guy standing on the median..Right beside my car when I stopped at the red light. He was in his early 20s. Instead of holding up a sign that said will work for money or food; he was selling newspapers.(I think its a deal the newspaper has with homeless & gives it to them to sell instead of pan-handling) Now anyone who knows me knows I can NOT hardly walk past anyone asking for money..I’ve always been this way since way backinthedays when I first saw pan-handlers in Cali. I’m not one of those people who “assumes” they are scammers. I think the exact opposite. What IF they’re really hungry? What IF the money I give them will provide the only meal they’ll eat today???? And so whatever cash I have on me; I give . I also feel awful when I don’t have much to give. Which was the case yesterday morning! I only had 1 (one) dollar in my wallet. One rumpled UP wrinkled dollar..Plus I didn’t have alot of time to waste; I was after all at a red light. Dilemma! Do I just give him the single dollar I had? Or turn my head & act as if I didn’t see him inches away from my window?>>

I’ve got to tell y’all that red light seemed as IF it was never ‘EVA going to change to green. Lawd! It seemed like I had forever & a day to sit there trying NOT to make eye contact with him..Having an internal fight whether it would be an insult to give him my 1 rumpled , wrinkled dollar..Can’t even buy bubble gum with that anymore(can you?); let alone a meal. I began to wish I had more to give him. All of the what ifs were running through my mind. What IF that were one of my sons??? What IF it were one of my loved ones? What IF it were ME? I didn’t know what his circumstances were..Didn’t matter! Thoughts upon thoughts running rampant through my mind..Like, there are too many people in our country that neeeeed basics..FOOD isn’t a want. Shelter isn’t a want. Being needed & loved! isn’t a want..Those are needs for me; as well as any other human that exists. I had to make a choice. That frigging forever red light was forcing me to make a decision..And I wished, wished, with all my heart I had more to give than just one funky little dollar. I turned my head. I looked him square in his eyes..My heart melted. My soul cried silently..I sat there wishing I could jump, leap! out my car and give him a big hug..But I feared the light would turn green.>>

..Time seemed to stand still for a minute; as I reached into my purse. Slowly pulled my wallet out & grasped my one rumpled, wrinkled funky little dollar. Seemed like nothing..It was hardly enough! BUT it was all I had to give..I pushed my window to let it roll down..He came closer & I reached out toward him with that one buck in my hand. He reached to hand me the newspaper. I said nothing; just shook my head no. He looked shocked. I was shocked at that..Surely I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t taken the newspaper in exchange? He reached towards my outreached hand ; and; our hands touched. WE connected. For a brief moment in time..Connection with a stranger. He spoke and I realized he was shy..He said, “Is this JUST for me?” Whoa, did he mean my one little crumpled up dollar? Or did he mean the shared moment in time? Did he mean because I hadn’t taken the newspaper? So he could sell it still…I told him I wished I had more to give him! I told him I wished him all the good things he deserved. I told him stay strong for he was a loved child of God. And I was going to say so much more & then! the light changed to green>>

I truly hate to come off sounding like a cliche. Nevertheless the moral of this very true happening is..I think its better to give what little we have; than to not give at all. For what seems like so very little to us; could indeed be monumental to another in need. What IF that one simple act was enough to motivate that young man? What IF it gave him a glimpse of hope in an otherwise grey day or situation? I’d like to think that’s the case. And if that is the case then my one little crumpled UP & wrinkled dollar was worth its weight in gold… What would you have done in the same situation?