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the CountDown Begins..Farewell to my 40s

..When I woke UP this morning the 1st thought I had was..These are the last days I’ll be 40ish..I’m eager and oh so ready to experience my 50s. NEVER in this life journey did I, of all people, think I’d be capable of embracing my 50s. My story continues; and yep, we all have a story. A story behind all of our lives that makes us who we ARE. As I say good bye to my 40s? I realize how much GROWTH transpired over those 10 remarkable years. WOW, wow, and omg wow. Time really does fly when one is caught UP; living/learning/stumbling/leaping hurdles/crawling under stuff!/and making a way when NO ONE else saw a way around things..The past 2 years? Its moved at warp speed! Good thing after awesome happening upon mind-blowing positive miraculous experiences for me! Whoa, I’ve had to hold on to the imaginative handrail so I didn’t fall or slip..Its good. Life is so good when one opens their eyes & their heart and hands things/all things over to; God. There is no other way to express it. There is no logical explanation. But that is my reality. I stand. I stand. I stand. So the countdown begins to the day I make 50 years of age. I’m thankful , so thankful, for all I’ve lived/loved! so much loveeeee/learned/seen/heard; and last but not least I thank God for allowing me to give life to the most amazing sons a Mother could have. God gifted me with 3 awesome MEN who will love me forever..IF there is but one piece of unsolicited advice I can offer to young married women out there? Try hard to co-raise the same type of MEN you’d be proud to marry. Real talk for real..I could go on & on & on about that topic; but I won’t . Anyways farewell 40s! Goooood bye 40s . Waving bye bye to my forties..Feeling unexpected emotions! Until I read/write y’all again many thanks for reading me this past-not-even-a-year-yet-that-I’ve-been-blogging. I thank YOU and YOU for all that you’ve shared , WOW..y’all have made my blogging experience here on W.P. just beautiful. Very. Thank you sincerely. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 N only)



6 thoughts on “the CountDown Begins..Farewell to my 40s

  1. I’m not quite there yet but this was something I thought about. I’ll only be 25 this year, and for some reason the though I had after that was, that’s close to 30! And half way to 50! I have no idea what it was that frightened me, but you have definitely opened my eyes, there’s nothing to be afraid of, life doesn’t stop at 30 or 50, or 60! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


    1. I love it; love IT. One of my reasons for this blog? Is to share /enlighten from my personal, oh so personal life experiences/and mayhaps help young women out there along their journey…I mean who doesn’t like free real advice ? And soothes the nuturing wish I always had to have a daughter. After the 3rd son; figured it wasn’t going to happen. BUT the good news? Have since mothered many young women..Life is good that way as it allows us to find ways to fulfill our desires. You’re my middle son’s age..Beautiful young Sista you are! I’ve enjoyed your words/thoughts; far wiser than your years. And nope there is nothing to fear about aging…Though I once had much fear about doing it. Once you master living EACH moment to the fullest/living in the right-now? Aging become a by-product. Keep doing your thing & I’ll keep reading.. πŸ™‚


    1. Welcome mishunderstood! Love your nic btw lol..Very glad you enjoyed this write..Was from deep feelings felt about making it to 50..But I also wanted to give much deserved tribute to my 40s. For so long I’ve been able to say I was 40ish; you know? There was comfort in that after I got OVER the hump of turning 40..Jeeez that was a tough one; as was leaving my 20s..But 50s? Mayhaps part of making it to 50; is the nice smoothness with which its rolling on in. I am not sure I’ve ever anticipated a birthday as this one. And thats saying alot for me. I think I’m finally all grown up πŸ™‚ Sending you a virtual high 5^


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