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..I’m a life long avid reader & this is presently the #1 read on my GoodReads list..Highly recommended to me by a very new friend & I’ve yet to find any other than elevated reviews of it. Iyanla Vanzant long known for writing uplifting books for women(with spiritual overtones); has now unbeknownst to me(and I’ve read many of her books) written a book about Black Men. I’ll soon be posting my own review of the book here(once I’ve read it) ; but in the meantime, welcome anyone whose read it to drop their review here as well… Posting an overview of the book that I googled up and discovered on the Barnes & Noble website. I’d also like to extend an invite to any/all readers to check it out/read it..and we can compare notes after. Happy reading!

With her signature honesty, strong medicine insight, and heartfelt sincerity, Vanzant teaches Black men to recognize and tap the energy of their own spirits and honor the experiences of the millions of strong Black men and women who have lived before them. Recognizing the obstacles set down before Black men in the past and the forces that still try to keep the Black man down today, Vanzant uses a brilliant and transforming blend of ancient African spirituality, practical self-help advice, and contemporary faith to help Black men — and the women who love them — nurture the strength and power that are their birthright: the strength of a courageous history, their souls, and caring relationships with one another.