^ONE small reason I’m not sending President Barack Obama an invite to my 50th Bash^

Well its hardly a secret..Yep! the fabulous bash to celebrate my 50th Bday is inching closer & closer..The pace of preparations & planning & more planning is amping UP..IF I were anymore excited the butterflies will escape from my tummy & form a lovely fluttering cascade of color. Surprises are everywhere in the air; including relatives flying in I didn’t think would be able to make it..I’m WOWed by all of this. This will be the biggest party ever in my honor. And IF you can’t celebrate the BIG 5 0? Something just ‘ain’t right in your life; or least thats the way I see IT. My Daddy was joking around & said ‘ You’ve invited everyone & probably even President Obama! ‘ Hmmm let me chew on that for a minute..Being the 2nd biggest Obama cheerleader (Honorable 1st Lady Michelle is the first) alive on this Earth that I am..WHY don’t I send him one of my lovely elegant party invitations??? >> * COMING SOON so hang on tight. Its Saturday & time to go get my ‘doo’ done right!  Translation = hair appointment* Alright I’m back lets pop this cork…>>

Why is it that dares are always so tempting?

Actually I’ve got a 2fold reason why I’m not sending President Barack Obama an invite to my 50th..My feelings are a little hurt, indeed. I am after all his #2 cheerleader in the whole wide world. Wouldn’t that make it a no-brainer that I’d get an invitation to his 50th birthday party ? Well, one would think that! But I didn’t get one; not a smoke signal/not a phone invite/not even a message in a bottle.  >>

So some of y’all out there might be out there thinking..What would I say to President Barack Obama IF he came to my birthday party? Would I know what to say? Would I be tongue-tied or worse, faint? Would I truly dare to dance with the President of the United States? Well..the first thing I’d say, honestly? “Why didn’t I get an invite to your party President Obama? Don’t you knowwwww I’m your #2 cheerleader? ” And then? We would both just fall out laughing & laughing! >>

But the #1 reason I’m not sending President Obama an invite…>>

I’ve run out of invitations! They’ve all been written out; and I can’t invite the President of the United States to a party on a verbal or email or letter written invite. Or can I? Double -dare me? IF he is able to attend by some stroke of luck? I’ll allow him to make the very first toast to..ME. A girl can dream & when I dream I dream BIG and in living color. Until I read /write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4 ever sincere, Berna (the 1 N only)

6 thoughts on “^ONE small reason I’m not sending President Barack Obama an invite to my 50th Bash^

      1. Dale!!!!! Lol, lolllll Well, the only reason he’d have to pick me up off the dance floor? Because I’d try to amp UP my usual pace at dancing . I’d just have to show OFF for the President. Thats like a once-in-a-lifetime- opportunity. And? IF I amp up my dance pace anymore than it already IS? I’d knock myself out from over-heating/exhaustion and I might just break a body part(a leg or two) in the process. Ouch! Maybe an invite isn’t such a good idea after all..but the reason is coming soon as I can wrap up on this end


    1. Oh lawd! You must not know I sent my Pres.Barack Obama poem tribute STRAIGHT to the White House! I kid you not; dig back its in my archives here. And I don’t brag on my writing(although when I pen poems I’m in my zone..) however, I must say I put both feet into that one. And? I got a response from the W.H..It was around the time of the last Presidential Election..BUT anyways I digress badly. Just know when I do a “lol” I really am laughing. Coworker at work last week said my cheeks should hurt! from all the laughing I do..So the question is. Do you DOUBLE dare me? Don’t make me do it..Cause I will. Just wait till you hear my reason for not sending President Barack Obama an invite..Lol, lol!


        1. OOoo then we can post it on youtube! The dares are almost too much to resist..I do so love a challenge. Wouldn’t it blow everyone’s hair back IF President Obama & First Lady Michelle strutted into the party? Now that would truly B something to talk about for the next 50 years …


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