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..For those that know me and/or my treasured regular readers; U already know from reading the title this is going to be a good 1! Never one to disappoint I can promise you its well worth the..wait. ** Waited ALL day to finally B able to write this out. Here I go. Ready? I stay ready so  lets dig into this topic>>

…I was conversing with someone recently(and they’ll remain UNnamed..); that I’ve a high regard for. Very..anyways she was saying she hadn’t done something so that “they” (meaning everyone..) wouldn’t be able to say anything negative of her actions..Hmmmm, that infamous they. My first thought? SO WHAT if other people have something to talk about BEHIND your back? First of all, they’re going to do that regardless. There is never a right or wrong way to do anything; that ALL of any given group will agree with. Period. Its just the unspoken LAW  of the land. Can’t please all the people all the time ; so guess what I do now at the ripe age(and counting…) of almost 50 yrs old? I STOPPED being a people pleaser. And I usedtoB an awful big people pleaser but problem with that ? I forgot about pleasing or taking care of Self..everyone and I mean everyone else came first. From my sons, my exhusband, parents, my Man, my fiancé,  brother, friends, Boss, more friends, strangers, even our family pet! ..When the bottom floor finally fell from under my feet; I didn’t know who the heck I was. That is what can happen when one spends so much time pleasing everyone else first..I lost sight of me. And if it could happen to me back then..well y’all can figure the rest of that riddle . Yep, means it can happen to U also.  Real talk for real. Moving right along..>>

Not sure about y’all but I’m so tired, no tyeeeed, of folks saying untruths like ” I’m NOT one to gossip ; BUT…” and then before I can stay STOP..off they go about someone-else’s-business-that-I’m-sure-the-person-thought!-was-confidential-when-they-confided -in-them..First thing wrong with this picture ? THEY ARE,and I don’t care who it is, a LIAR. Because IF they weren’t one to gossip..they’d not be doing IT. Second of all IF you’re going to be a gossip-spreading-HATER; why not just man or woman UP; and admit it? Y’all ever find that the type of folks to deny something from the jump? (& voluntarily..) …are actually admitting quite the opposite of what they’re denying? Is it just me that notices this kind of stuff? I’m not done quite yet…>>

…Last time I checked we only get ONE chance to walk this Life Journey. ONE shot. ONE life to live out loud..This isn’t a trial run. We can’t rewind the tape! Can’t pause it either. Not a monopoly game(oooo I love that game) & we get to go back to start; to re-start. No do-overs. This is IT..so why oh why do we waste so much time, precious time, worrying about what other folks think?!? Pacing our pace or actions based on somebody else’s vision of what our lives should BE? That doesn’t even look right  in written word..let alone in real life. Been there , done that and it got me a load of somebody elses’ wishes/dreams/desires/goals. But what about me and mine? And yours? I finally decided when I die & move on to greener pastures..I want my motto to not have been I tried , but, she did IT. And that IT? Anything my heart desires and any goal I think I can stretch high UP on my tippy toes to reach for..My haters? (And everyone on the planet has them…) Can become my audience. I’ll even provide the popcorn. >>

…Honestly at this stage of the game, I gives less than a hot! dang about what other folks think about what I do/what I think/ what I say..And thats the censored version. I think in this life time far too much time is wasted. And a great deal of that wasted time on things WE can’t change. And IF we truly focus on BEing all we were created to B? Sincerely shouldn’t have a moment’s free time..to waste on worrying what others are going to think of our actions/decisions. It has become such a liberating feeling to be spontaneous in forward motion..For me. Without first taking into account what everyone else in my life would think first. Of course there are still a few things I’d like to do I’ll never do. My Daddy would have a fit. Lol, lol! But then again there are some things one should never do or act out. Some things are better left undone or for day dreaming about. It will leave me plenty to do when I reach those greener pastures…Well thats a wrap. Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna *the 1 N only*